Our Top Inflatable Kayaks Ireland Review

If you’re in Ireland and looking to buy  inflatable kayaks, then look no further than this blog.

The absolute beauty of inflatable kayaks is being able to pack them up into a convenient bag afterwards, making them easy to move around.

Especially compared to a 12 foot long hard kayak!

As well as reviewing some of our most popular inflatable kayaks, we’ll also share some essential pieces of advice when buying.

We hope it will help you.

We’ve also compiled a review of Inflatable SUP Boards that you may like right HERE?

If not, read on.

inflatable kayaks ireland

Inflatable Kayaks Ireland: Buying Tips

Aim for Quality

There is a large amount of inflatable kayak options out there now, but one thing we really recommend is to not buy cheap.

Because you don’t want problems when you’re out on the water, right?

So don’t think buying the cheaper option here is better.

You pay for quality and you will get it in return.

Multi-layer inflatable kayaks

Single layer inflatable kayaks are to be avoided if you’re looking for longevity and reliance.

Inflatable kayaks with multiple layers offer much greater versatility than kayaks with just one layer.

Through the use of an outer fabric that protects against UV rays, abrasion, and punctures, they provide much greater protection.

This makes them an excellent option for leisurely recreational use in sheltered water where you’ll be paddling for more than a few hours. Additionally, there are variants that are excellent for adventures, river paddling, and kayak fishing.


We advise looking into investing in something a little more heavy duty if you want to explore outside sheltered water areas, such as bays, canals, and gently flowing rivers.

Maintaining the straight line of your inflatable kayak is another performance consideration.

Look into purchasing an inflatable kayak with a skeg if you want to stop going in circles all the time.

This tracking fin is comparable to that of a stand-up paddle board.

inflatable kayaks ireland


The seats on many of these inflatable kayaks may not initially look unpleasant, but they can quickly get grating and uncomfortable.

You’ll be glad you made the investment in firmer kayak seats when your back and bum thank you.

Alternatively, if you know you’ll be paddling more frequently, you can swap out the sitting for some stronger kayak seats.

Pump and paddle quality

Frequently, package purchases include a paddle and a pump as well.

In the short term, the pump might get by with these, but they are frequently of extremely poor quality. We strongly advise you to spend more money on a stronger paddle for longer paddles to ensure your safety.


Single layer, multilayer, and drop stitch inflatable kayaks won’t take up all the space in your house when they are not in use.

So these kayaks can be a smart choice to think about if your storage options are restricted.

Inflatable Kayaks Ireland Review

Aqua Marina Laxo 9’4”

1 Person

Price: €399

Designed for one person, this recreational aimed inflatable kayak is tough, versatile and perfect for the beginner.

You can explore lakes and rivers and is more suited to your shorter trips.

The AquaShell technology means it has a heavy duty shell for a real tough durability as well as having a handy splash guard on the bow to protect the cockpit.

There is an adjustable bungee system at the front too to keep any luggage you have secure, while it also comes with a backpack for storage!

Aqua Marina Memba 12’10”

2 Person


This luxury aimed inflatable kayak excels in tracking and speed with an extra-long waterline.

So if you’re looking for a longer distance adventure with a friend or loved on, this is for you.

The shell is tough as nails, while the low rocker hull design and high pressure drop-stitch deck lets it glide through water effortlessly, so you won’t be exhausted paddling!

It’s quite light weight too (13.4kg) and it is a dream to back away and transport.

You will get a backpack, hand pump and premium seats, while it also has a super-fast water draining system if you’re in whitewater or the ocean.

Aqua Marina Tomahawk Air-K 12’4”

1 Person

Price: €749

This is an absolute performance machine for the true adventurer!

The brand new design  gives the user speed, comfort and stability and is the perfect cruiser with a light load.

You will also be amazed at the design quality the Tomahawk Air-K offers, with its moulded v-shaped form under bow and stern for performance and manoeuvrability.

The spongy and adjustable seat and footrest is a brilliant touch to finish off a real gem of an inflatable kayak in Ireland.

You will actually be fooled thinking it is a traditional hard finish kayak when inflated given the stiffness and speed it offers.

Plus you can also get a 2-person version.


Inflatable kayaks have to be tried and we’re sure you might never go back once you do.

Have fun and stay safe on the water though!

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inflatable kayaks ireland

Our Inflatable Paddle/SUP Board Review Guide

We don’t want to exaggerate here, but we genuinely think the inflatable paddle board is one of the biggest game-changers in the business.

With it, you no longer have to worry about lugging around a 10-foot long board, roof racks or finding space at home to store your hard paddle board.

Plus, the technology being used nowadays make these extremely durable, even more so than the hardboard, lightweight and are brilliant for all levels.

They are also really, really affordable!

In this blog, we’re going to break down some of our favourite inflatable paddle boards by Aqua Marina and Fire Fly.

Before you start, you might enjoy our Ultimate Guide to SUP Boarding blog HERE.

We will find the right one for you!

inflatable paddle board

How are they made?

The inflatable paddle board first came about when SUP Boarding became global.

Two layers of polyester cloth are “drop stitched” together with countless polyester threads to create inflatable paddle boards.

The exterior surfaces of both sides of the material are then covered with an airtight coating.

Polyester fabric with a coating on both sides is the substance used for the SUP sidewalls. In order to create an airtight board, wide-seam tape is then adhered over each seam.


Inflatable Paddle Board Review

The Beginner Board: Aqua Marina Breeze 9’ 10”

Weight: 7.9kg (net)

Price: €389

The Breeze is an ideal inflatable paddle board for beginners and those looking to hit the water for the first time.

It is part of the All-Round range and the smallest model in that, with a capacity of about 100Kgs.

If you’re looking for a bigger version, there is the Vapor, Fusion or Monster to consider.

An easier ride is what this inflatable paddle board gives you, along with more space for luggage or you dog!

It even has a zip backpack and comes with a kit including a pump, paddle, backpack and safety leash.

Advanced Inflatable Paddy Board: Aqua Marina Beast 10’ 16”

Weight: 8.7kg (net)

Price: €549

The Aqua Marina Beast inflatable paddle board give you versatility, unrivalled quality and the best innovation.

These boards are designed for a multitude of conditions wit the shorter versions like the Beast suited to catch some waves!

While the longer models such as the Atlas and Magma are aimed at families who like to go together.

Of course you will get a kit will all the necessary accessories too.

Don’t be totally put off if you’re just a beginner too, but these are designed for paddle boarders of all levels.

Multi-Person Inflatable Paddle Board: Aqua Marina Super Trip 12’2”

Weight: 11.3kg (net)

Price: €579

These inflatable paddle boards are brilliant craic!

Part of the Super Trip series, you can share it with a loved one, friend, kid or even your pet!

At over 12 feet long, it is massive and gives you plenty of stability even with two people.

There’s also enough space to carry a load of belongings with you if you’re going on a long ride.

The Super Trip is surprisingly fast too, thanks to long parallel outlines.

The Kids Board: Aqua Marina Vibrant 8’

Weight: 5.6kg (net)

Price: €349

In case you didn’t know, kids love inflatable paddle boards!

Aqua Marina have designed this brilliant inflatable SUP board just for kids to cater for all their needs.

It’s smaller and lighter than a normal board, so they can transport and pack it away themselves.

It’s also ultra stiff and durable, important because, well, kids can be kids and all that.

The footpad on the surface has enough grip to make sure your child has solid underfoot resistance, helping them stay on longer and paddle with ease.

The Yoga Fan: Aqua Marina Dhyana 11’

Weight: 10kg (net)

Price: €539

You bet SUP Board Yoga is a thing!

And if you haven’t heard of it then you need to try it!

The Aqua Marina Dhyana gives you everything you need to do to de-stress and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of yoga on SUP board.

The platform can dock up to eight boards at one time so there’s no need to worry about floating away.

It even comes with a yoga board strap and crocodile grooving footpads for comfort and grip.

We know SUP board yoga is not easy, that’s why the board is extra large too.

The Pro: Aqua Marina Coral Touring 11’6”

Weight: 9.6kg (net)

Price: €599

If you’re a trekking enthusiast and experienced paddle boarder, this is for one.

The sleeker design lets this board cut threw the water at speed and has performance very much in mind.

You can cover long distances with the grace of a shark, while being able to ride waves or calm water in equal measure.

Naturally it’s one of the more expensive in the range, but you will be buying quality, performance and reliability.

It’s also surprisingly sturdy too.


We hope you will find the perfect inflatable paddle board for what you want in this list?

Before you go, we urge you to stay safe while you are on the water.

And of course, have fun!

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inflatable paddle board

SUP Boards Ireland: The Ultimate Guide

Summer is here and SUP Boards, or a paddle board, are all the trend in Ireland right now.

SUP Boarding has exploded in popularity over the past decade for a number of reasons.

Not least of all because we have some of the most beautiful and scenic beaches and rivers, it can be super relaxing and fun, or it can even be a brilliant workout!

Ever heard of SUP Board Yoga?

If you haven’t then it’s worth trying!

However, if you are here just to learn a bit more about SUP Boarding – where to buy them, which one to buy and why, locations or where to get lessons – then you are in the right place.

Sounds good?

We’ve also got some really cool video content below, or if you’re interested in Watersports, check out our Ultimate Guide to Watersports in Ireland blog.

Sup Boards Ireland

SUP Boards Ireland: Getting Started

Non-inflatable versus inflatable SUP Board

First things first, you need to decide whether you want an inflatable paddle board or a non-inflatable paddle board.

If you’re just starting off, then we highly recommend an inflatable paddle board or SUP Board because of sheer practicality and affordability.

Check out our Review Blog on the Best Inflatable SUP Boards right HERE. 

Non-inflatable or solid paddle boards are the higher-end, more expensive, and performance-focused SUPs.

Depending on the discipline being practiced, their shape will change, but because they are solid, they may be molded into the most streamlined forms and efficient rails.

While inflatable paddle boards or Sup Boards are becoming the most popular item on the market.

Since they are inflatable, there is no need for roof racks or a large garage, making it simple to store and move the board (simply in the car or in their luggage) to the closest body of water.

As the boards are inflated, they become more rigid. The top and bottom of the board are being pulled against each other by thousands of individual strands (aka drop stitching) woven into the inside as the air fills the chambers and it expands.

This intricate weaving keeps the boards incredibly light while yet giving them strength and rigidity.

Paddle Board/SUP Board Ireland shape and size

You must locate the appropriate size and shape for you while selecting a paddle board.

Your choice of paddle board should support you in the water and offer the proper amount of stability for your degree of expertise, prior experience, environmental factors, and general needs.

The size and weight limit of your board will affect this.

The length, weight, and height of the paddle board are used to calculate the volume in litres.

Simply put, your board can support more weight the larger its volume.

Why not consider a multi-person SUP Board like below.

Length/Width & Weight

A child, or someone who may be used to surfing are more suited to shorter boards because of how easy they are to move.

While if you want to do some yoga or exercise then a medium sized board is good.

If you’re adventurous and plan on going longer distances at faster speed, you want a long board that has increased stability.

We’ve got boards ranging from 9 to 12 foot, that cater for single and multi persons.

SUP Boards measure between 25-36 inches. The wider the board the easier to handle.

The larger the person the more stability you are going to need to avoid falling off all the time!

In terms of weight, the board and its load will impact the control of the paddle board.

So ask yourself:

  1. What weight am i?
  2. What gear will I bring?
  3. Do I want more than one person on the paddle board?
  4. Am I a beginner, medium or advanced paddle boarder or SUP Boarder.

SUP Board Accessories

You’ll also need a few bits and bobs to go SUP Boarding.

Thankfully, our SUP Boards come with a whole host of accessories to make your experience easier.

However, we also sell some of these individually if you need them.

Don’t forget accessories like:

  • A paddle – make sure to check if it’s the correct height
  • Strap (keeps the board attached to your leg)
  • Carrier bag to hold your inflatable sup and accessories
  • Pump
  • A life vest – safety first!
  • A dry bag to store all your valuables like a phone, wallet etc
  • A wetsuit – especially if it’s cold!

SUP Boards Ireland

Best SUP Board Locations in Ireland

We’ve got some of the most amazing beaches, rivers and lakes at our doorstep, which is stand up paddle boarding heaven.

Check out this blog from Ireland’s Adventure Magazine, Outsider, which ranks the top ten places to SUP Board in Ireland.

Should I get stand up paddle board lessons?

This is a common questions and we would recommend doing so if you want to maximise your experience.

You will have fun, the lessons are very easy and relaxed and you will learn some really important techniques.

There are loads of local Sup Board Schools at all the best locations, so do a quick Google to find one near you.

Just remember, SUP Boarding is harder than it looks, so don’t underestimate the value of some expert advice.


We think you’re now ready for the water!

We guarantee you will have fun, so check out our unbelievable range of SUP Boards HERE or below.

And of course, remember that water safety is so important.

If SUP Boards aren’t your thing but Kayaks are, check our this BLOG. 


SUP Boards Ireland



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Connacht Rugby, in partnership with BLK Sport, have revealed their new ‘Home’ jersey for the 2022/23 season.

The design of the new home jersey features an infinite sequence of large inter-connecting chevrons across the body. This perpetual design reflects the attitude of ‘Ambition Never Stops’ within the club; a mantra that sums up the desire for consistent positive transformation at every level in the Province.

The jersey is made with BLK’s Tricool Exotek fabric throughout the main body. It also features a lycra collar, BLK’s unique silicon gel logo application and slick taping details around the collar which reads “Engineered for Performance, Crafted for Sport, Issued to the Athlete.”

Tricool Exotek fabric was created exclusively for BLK to enhance athlete performance, whilst at the same time allowing for maximum player maneuverability.

Commenting on the new home kit, Head of Commercial and Marketing at Connacht Rugby Philip Patterson said:

“Ambition, alongside Belief and Community, are the three core values at the heart of Connacht Rugby. Reflecting our belief that Ambition never stops, we’re thrilled to partner with BLK and our exclusive retail partners Intersport Elverys to launch this dynamic Home jersey which pairs innovative technology with eye-catching design.”

Philip Staunton, Head Buyer Team Sports at Intersport Elverys said:

“We’re proud to have the latest offering from BLK exclusively across the provinces Intersport Elverys stores and online for Connacht supporters across the globe. Being based in the west of Ireland, Intersport Elverys can see first-hand the great work Connacht Rugby is doing in the community which resonates with our core values to be at the heart of sport. It is an exciting time to be a Connacht supporter and we’re looking forward to being a part of the ambitious journey this season beginning with the new home kit and redevelopment of the Sportsground”

Commenting on the new Connacht Rugby Home jersey, Cian O Higgins, Brand Manager at BLK Sport, said:

“We are excited to be launching the new Connacht Rugby ‘Home’ kit featuring BLK’s latest on-field developments. We have worked collaboratively with Connacht management to deliver a range both the players and fans will be enthusiastic about.”

The full Connacht Rugby range for the 2022/23 season is exclusively available in-store and online at Elverys.ie from Wednesday 20th July at 9.00am.

How to put a Grip on a Hurley like a Pro

Learning how to put a grip on a hurley correctly is one of the most important parts of your preparation.

It’s a skill in itself because making sure your grip is secure, tight and feeling comfortable in your hand is crucial.

We have enlisted the help of Dublin Camóige star, Ciara Tierney to demonstrate how to do it correctly.

As Official Retail Partners of Dublin GAA, we love our GAA.

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How to put a grip on a hurley

Step 1

Before using the new grip, remove the old one.

The hurley may slip in your hands while playing if the grip wears off over time from use. Peel the covering entirely off the grip by pulling one end of it away from the handle.

If the hurley feels sticky or looks to be dirty, clean it before adding the new grip tape.

With a cotton ball coated in alcohol, clean the ash.

Alternately, rub the hurley with a dampened towel that has been lightly soaped; then, using a fresh, damp washcloth or rag, remove the soap off the handle.

Step 2

Start by rolling out the tape or wrap and take ff the backing at the narrow end to reveal the sticky side of the grip.

Pull about half of the backing off first and make sure you start at the narrow/tapered end of the grip.

how to put a grip on a hurley

If you’re right handed, generally people will hold the tape in their right hand and the hurley in the opposite.

Some like to tuck the hurley underneath their left armpit for security or some will hold it vertically.

Step 3

With the tapered end, stick the grip about half way up the butt of the hurley and start to wrap the grip around the back or the top of the hurley towards the back of the butt with a little stretch in the grip.

Keeping a good stretch on the grip, you then want to overlap the point where you stuck it the hurley, before bringing it back around just below the top of the hurley.

Next circle you want to just slightly overlap the part where you started, making sure you keep a good stretch on the grip at all time.

how to put a grip on a hurley

Overlap around ¾ of the first layer as you work your way down the hurley.

The second turn overlap a half and gradually phase it out.

Step 4

Keeping a good stretch all the time on the grip, you want to barely overlap each layer of the grip as you circle it around the handle of the hurley.

The most important part here is to keep a good stretch on the grip and ensure you are barely meeting the grip already wrapped around.

how to put a grip on a hurley

Pull off the backing as you need to.

Step 5

When you have finished unwrapping the full grip on the hurley, get a little bit of insulation tape to the secure the end of the grip onto the hurley.

For a full-length grip, you will get comfort right up at the butt of the hurley thanks to the overlapping method.

Wrap the grip over the hurley handle as smoothly as you can; bumps or separations can interfere with your grip on the paddle and may impair your performance during a game.


Practice makes perfect in gripping your hurley.

So take your time and make sure it’s correct, because there is nothing worse than finding out it’s not when you’re in the middle of a match.

Check out our hurley grip range below.

how to put a grip on a hurley