Connacht Rugby Announce Renewal of Retail Partnership with INTERSPORT Elverys

Connacht Rugby are delighted to announce that INTERSPORT Elverys is to continue as official retail partner of Connacht Rugby for the next 2 years.

INTERSPORT Elverys is a recognised market leader and innovator in sports retail and our retail network in the Irish market now stands at 51 stores, with a fully integrated omnichannel strategy. And a member of IINTERSPORT – a vertical retail organization with over 6,000 retail stores in 57 countries.

With access to all the leading sports brands, along with an understanding of our local customer like no other, we are able to provide the best advice and value for those who are passionate about sport and fitness at all levels.

INTERSPORT Elverys have a steadfast tradition in backing sport at all levels, from grass roots events and organisations to elite teams and athletes. And commenting on this partnership extension, Anne-Marie Hanly, Senior Marketing Manager said “our brand is one of the biggest supporters of Irish sport and will always be ahead at the beating heart of sport. Connacht Rugby Club has an incredible fan base and while the season ahead will be different, we are committing to bringing a fantastic experience to supporters”.

The new Connacht range for the upcoming season is now available to purchase exclusively in stores and online at

Commenting on today’s announcement, Gavin Duffy Partnership Manager at Connacht Rugby says:

“We are delighted to announce the renewal of our retail partnership agreement with Elverys Intersport for the next two seasons. We have worked very closely together since 2016 to bring a new and exciting on-field, training and leisure range to Elverys stores and online every season. This season is no different and we look forward to developing our partnership further over the next two seasons.

You can get all your Connacht Rugby gear in-store (when they reopen) or online at INTERSPORT Elverys HERE.

What It Takes | Make Your Fitness Journey Great

Whether you train at home, on the pitch or in the gym; by yourself or with team mates, we understand what it takes to be at the top of your game.

Make your fitness journey great and explore our range of functional training wear and fitness equipment from Nike, adidas, Under Armour and Puma.

At Intersport Elverys we understand what is truly happening in the beating heart of sport and the importance of consistent training for any sport or competition continues to grow significantly.

What It Takes

Through Intersport Elverys ambassadors we aim to bring to life the training element for any athlete that leads to success in sport.

This will be showcased through engaging video stories, photography and informative blogs highlighting the journey athletes go through that people don’t typically see to get the best out of their training for their respective sport or competition.

Hear from Rianna

Watch our chat with brand ambassador and Irish footballer Rianna Jarrett.

What It Takes | Hear from Bundee

Watch our chat with brand ambassador and Irish rugby player Bundee Aki.


Explore our range of training wear and fitness equipment HERE

FootBalance Insoles: All You Need To Know

At Intersport Elverys, we’re delighted to offer FootBalance – a professional foot analysis and custom insoles service.

FootBalance empowers you to move, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Find out what stores provide Football Insoles and Measuring HERE. 

Find out all you need to know about FootBalance below.

FootBalance: The Analysis – Click HERE

footbalance insoles

FootBalance: The Insoles – Click HERE

FootBalance: The Research – Click HERE

footbalance insoles

FootBalance: Quickfit Insoles – Click HERE

footbalance insoles

FootBalance: 100% Custom – Click HERE


We’ve also other FootBalance blogs for you to check out.

FootBalance for Football

FootBalance for Running

FootBalance for Everyday

To take a look at what we have to offer, check out the Intersport Elverys website HERE.

Or, check out our video below for more information on how FootBalance works.


OS1st – Find Out More

OS1st® is a high-quality support and compression brand, that combines orthopaedic support with the power of medical grade compression.

OS1st offers condition specific products for a number of different joint and muscle problems, such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints and Achilles tendonitis.

OS1st´s precise graduated compression surrounds joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments with anatomically correct zones for enhanced circulation. In addition, it supports and stabilizes joint structure, improves performance, speeds up your recovery and helps to prevent injuries.

OS1st products are comfortable and easy to get on as well as offering support and pain relief for any time of day and for any activity or sport.  OS1st® has also developed a breakthrough design that provides the support of a kinesiology taping treatment without the inconvenience of its temporary and binding nature. K-Zone® Technology is found in AF7® Ankle Bracing Sleeve and DS6® Decompression Sleeve.

All OS1st products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

OS1st Benefits

PAIN RELIEF: Medical grade orthopaedic support to prevent pain and relieve muscle stiffness and soreness.

RECOVERY: Reduces the time it takes for muscles to repair themselves.

CIRCULATION: Promotes excellent circulation and improves venous return and oxygenation to working muscles.

COMPRESSION: Provides the right amount of compression for each body part.

EASY FIT: Offers easy-on fit and comfort.

Shop all you need HERE, at Intersport Elverys.

FootBalance – The Research

Scientifically Designed with Your Health & Comfort in Mind

An independent research by the University of Jyväskylä Finland and University Salzburg Austria confirms that FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles have the potential to prevent injuries. FootBalance constantly looks to build on our background in physiotherapy.

Independent research confirms: FootBalance 100% insoles have the potential to prevent injuries

Finnish FootBalance 100% custom moulded  insoles reduce the most common foot misalignment, overpronation, which increases susceptibility to pain and injuries during walking and running. This is the main conclusion of an independent research study carried out by the scientists of the University of Jyväskylä and the University of Salzburg.

The research has been published in the globally respected publication the Journal of Biomechanics in March 2017.

The effect of FootBalance 100% custom insoles was noticed during walking and running, though in running much greater loads are placed upon the foot and lower limbs.

The research results can be considered significant as over 75% of the population suffers from some form of foot misalignment, increasing the risk of various foot related injuries. Often the support offered by the standard insoles in running shoes  is not enough to correct the effects of overpronation.

Insoles improve overall body alignment

Pronation is a normal movement that occurs during walking and running. It is the body´s natural way to absorb shock and adapt to uneven surfaces. In overpronation the feet and

ankles can rotate too far inward and the feet´s own shock absorption mechanism does not work properly. This exposes lower limbs and the whole body to various injuries, such as shin splint, plantar fasciitis and problems with the Achilles tendon.

FootBalance 100% custom insoles are now proven to correct the effects of misalignment by forefeet overpronation. When feet are supported in correct alignment, also the position of the knees, pelvis and hips are corrected, thereby providing a solid foundation for the entire body.

The dynamic support of FootBalance 100% custom insoles enables the foot´s natural movement

Comparing with traditional stiff orthotics, FootBalance 100% custom insoles are dynamic: they aid the foot´s natural movement. Therefore, the foot´s own shock absorption works as intended and the body does not absorb the shock as is the case when using rigid orthotics.

The dynamic feature of FootBalance 100% custom insoles is essential especially in running, as with every step the lower limb joints receive the impact equivalent to three times the body weight – for example a person weighing 90 kilos, the impact is 270 kilos.

FootBalance was established by physiotherapist and innovator Erkki Hakkala in 2003.

His vision was to develop custom moulded, high quality insoles that improve foot health and reduce foot related pains and make them available to all.

FootBalance´s innovative concept; a comprehensive foot-analysis and individually moulded insoles made directly on-site, has attracted a great deal of interest worldwide. After its commercial launch in 2007, FootBalance has grown from a domestic Finnish company into an international player, whose insoles are currently sold in more than 50 countries in 2000 sport stores and medical clinics.

Get more information on the Intersport Elverys website HERE.

FootBalance – Custom Insoles

Your feet are the foundation of your body and often pain and discomfort stem from incorrect alignment of the feet.

It’s widely accepted that there are three different foot types; overpronation, supination and neutral, and on top of that three different arch types; low arch, normal arch and high arch.

It is also quite common for people’s feet to differ from right to left. The insole you choose should meet your specific needs and goals whether you use them for performance, posture alignment or simply comfort reasons.

Once you have had your feet analysed in one of our stores it’s time to choose your FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles with the help of one of our in-store experts.

Tested by 50 doctors and 5 physiotherapists with over 3000 patients before launching there are a number of different insoles to meet your personal needs in regards to your daily activity or a type of footwear sizes.

FootBalance Custom Insoles

First we have 100% BALANCE custom insole. Our best seller is a great all-round model offering great shock absorption and comfort with medium cushion and moderate stiffness. 100% BALANCE is an ideal insole for running and other sport activities.

100% BALANCE NARROW has the same benefits as 100% BALANCE but is specifically designed for narrow feet and footwear.

100% IMPACT insole offers superior shock absorption via heel & forefoot PORON® XRD™ inserts. This insole is ideal for high impact activities and for feet that require increased cushioning. Featuring a stiffer core designed to give more support for individuals with excessive overpronation.

100% CONTROL is a perfect choice for those who want stiffer support with a minimalist feel. A slim and tapered insole designed especially for tight-fitting sports shoes, such as football and cycling shoes. Features stabilizing heel cup for pressure off-loading and increased energy transfer.

Technical features