The Best Winter Sports for Kids in Ireland 2024

Winter is nearly upon us and I know you are all thinking, what sports is there available for the kids to keep them active!

We know that when the winter comes and the evenings get darker, wetter and colder, there is the temptation from all to become that bit more sedentary, however, we believe now is the best time to keep moving.

Especially when you consider all the brilliant winter sports for kids you can do these days.

As parents, it’s our role to ensure that the icy outdoors doesn’t freeze our kids’ zest for physical activity.

It’s the perfect season to introduce them to a range of indoor sports that not only keep them engaged but also kindle new passions and build foundational skills.

Dive in with us as we unveil some top winter sports for kids in Ireland in 2023  that promise to light a fire of enthusiasm in every child’s heart.

Indoor Winter Sports For Kids

It can be tempting to let our children’s activity levels to wane when winter sets in, mainly due to the poor Irish weather.

Often times, kids can spend long hours on video games and what not, which means their physical activity levels drop considerably.

We are here to remind of all the amazing indoor sports kids can enjoy and you, as parents, can too.


Indoor pools offer refuge from the cold, but they also offer other benefits. Each lap your youngster completes in the pool is evidence of their tenacity and teaches them that persistence can make even the chilliest days seem comfortable.


More than just a game, this is a lesson in strategy and accuracy. Your youngster is learning patience and foresight as they go around the table, qualities that will be useful to them far beyond the game. While not exactly physically exerting, it will teach patience and mental capacity.

Table Tennis

Brilliant fun and quite the workout! The quick rallies of this game put your reflexes and agility to the test. But more than that, it’s a game that develops tenacity, teaching young players that perseverance and practise can help them overcome any obstacle.


Both these activities are a celebration of movement and expression. They remind our children of the beauty of discipline, and the joy that dedication to an art form can bring. And they are one of the best workouts around.


Behind every throw is a lesson in focus. As your child takes aim, they’re also learning the importance of setting goals and hitting them, one throw at a time. Darts gets huge around Christmas time too with the PDC World Championships taking place.

Indoor soccer

The passion for football knows no season. Indoor soccer gives our young ones a platform to keep their skills sharp, teaching them teamwork and adaptability as they navigate the quicker pace of the indoor arena. A lot of communities around Ireland run indoor leagues for kids these days, so it’s worth researching.


Basketball is a growing sport in Ireland and really comes into its own around this time of year. There are really competitive leagues if you want that, or more enjoyable ones. Basketball Ireland, our Official Partner, will give you all the information you need. Equally volleyball is just as enjoyable in terms of an indoor sport.


Remember, there is huge potential in sports this time of year to keep your little ones entertained.

Outdoor Winter Sports

Just because it can be cold outside, doesn’t mean there is no opportunity to enjoy some outdoor sports too.

Because you cannot beat getting out in that crisp fresh air.

Just make sure you dress appropriately.


Ireland’s rural and seaside pathways are breath-taking in the winter. Taking our kids on a winter walk is more than just a way to get them moving; it’s also a way to show them the value of nature, the importance of perseverance, and the pure wonder that our Emerald Isle holds beneath its winter coat.

 Ice skating

Gliding on ice is a rush like no other. Every failure and successful comeback teaches our children the value of tenacity. They discover that every obstacle can be overcome with practise and grit amidst the laughs and occasional stumbles.


Pedalling through the cooler months might seem daunting, but the stillness of winter offers a unique cycling experience. It’s about pushing forward, even when the paths are frosty, understanding that with the right gear and spirit, any journey is possible.


Winter runs, with the crunch of frozen ground beneath, can be invigorating. It’s not just about pace but about endurance, showing our kids that no matter the conditions, their strength and spirit can carry them through.


So, to sum it up, winter time does not mean it’s time to start slacking on the sports for your kids.

Who knows, it could present them a brilliant new opportunity or passion and it will certainly bring them plenty of joy.

Every week brings a new challenge or a new sport, and Intersport Elverys is here with you every step of the way to help.

Take a look at our website to see our wide range of sports gear and equipment for all your needs this Christmas.

Ultimate Guide to Irish Sporty Christmas Traditions

Intersport Elverys loves Christmas just as much as us Irish love our Christmas traditions.

And in Ireland, we have some of the best and renowned sport Christmas traditions there is.

Amongst the festivities, the eating and drinking and all that goes with Christmas, we have a rich history of sporting traditions to keep us entertained as well.

Christmas brings all our friends and family home and the sport ties our communities together!

In this blog, we’re going to list some of our favourite and most memorable.

Irish Christmas Sporty Traditions: The Wren (St Stephen’s Day)

The Wren is one of the oldest and most memorable Irish christmas traditions!

Taking place on St Stephen’s Day, December 26, it traditionally saw groups of Wren Boys donning straw suits and masks and working their way through the towns and villages. More recently, you’re likely to see Wren Boys (and girls) at your doors playing irish traditional music.

But what’s sporty about this, you wonder?

Well, originally, this tradition had a competitive spirit. Teams would compete in the hunting of the wren—a symbol of the old year.

Though the actual hunting has long been abandoned, the vigor, rivalry, and athletic undertones of this tradition remained for years, with communities striving to showcase the most lively and vibrant parades.

However, the parades are becoming fewer and far between now, with only a few communities still doing them, such as the Dingle Peninsula.

Irish Sporty Christmas Traditions: Gaelic football and hurling

There are fewer things more Irish than Gaelic football and hurling and even at Christmas we can’t get enough of it.

That’s because of the tradition, history and memories it represents.

Christmas is often the best time to reminisce on the great GAA days of the past and look forward to what the new year has to bring.

Not to mention getting some of the latest GAA jerseys, footballs and hurleys as presents.

Kids and adults alike love them!

But Christmas time is rife for Gaelic football or hurling charity matches across the country. They are less about the competition, although mind you that is often not the case!, but more about the craic and contributing to a good cause.

‘Legends versus Currents’, ‘Old v Young’ or ‘Veterans v Young Fellas’ are always the most popular types of matches and most often they are played on St Stephen’s Day, before a big celebration in one of the hostelries after.

That’s where some of the club’s biggest legends roll back the clock and dust off the boots to try their luck against the lads currently lining out in the club colours!

It can be legendary stuff!

Christmas time can also be a busy time for some clubs who find themselves in the final stages of the All-Ireland Club Championships and have the difficult task of trying to mind themselves and not over-indulge over the Christmas period.

And not to forget the legendary Poc Fada enjoyed by so many communities across the country, where participants compete to hit a sliotar over a distance with the fewest pucks.

Irish Sporty Christmas Traditions: Christmas Day Swim

We love a bit of hardship in Ireland what’s more difficult to running into freezing water on Christmas Day?

The Christmas morning swim is one of the most energising and exciting Christmas traditions that have developed in Ireland in recent times.

The old year is washed away and the new one is ushered in with a splash along some of our most frigid coasts, from the Forty Foot in Dublin to the beaches of Galway.

A tribute to the fortitude and togetherness of the Irish people, it is more than just a cool dip. It is a touching fusion of benevolence and athleticism because many people who take part do so for charity.

For instance, in 2019, a sizable gathering braved the water at Myrtleville Beach in Cork while raising money for nearby charity.

This act perfectly captured the holiday mood and, you don’t feel as guilty for over-indulging on the food and drink later in the day.

The GOAL Mile Christmas Tradition Run

The GOAL Mile is another fun custom that unites sport and the holiday season.

This event, which was started in 1982 by the humanitarian organisation GOAL, allows participants to walk, jog or run a mile on Christmas Day in order to raise money for a good cause.

What began as a modest project in Dublin’s Phoenix Park has since grown into a national phenomenon.

On Christmas morning, countless people lace up their running shoes and log their miles.

Running is such a fun and popular sport right now, and doing it with your friends and family whilst raising some money for a much-needed cause at Christmas time makes it even more enjoyable.

Horse Racing Fest

One of Ireland’s most popular sports enjoys one of its most famous festivals during Christmas time.

No festive season in Ireland is complete without the iconic Leopardstown Christmas Festival in Dublin, a four-day extravaganza that sees some of the finest horses and jockeys in action.

Then there’s the Limerick’s Christmas Racing Festival, another beacon of yuletide racing.

But beyond the races and their competitive thrill, these events are social tapestries. There’s the tradition of donning festive hats, the banter-filled betting queues, and age-old family traditions of attending the races.

And who could forget the sight of families reuniting, with generations spanning from wide-eyed children to tale spinning grandparents, all under the backdrop of the country’s most spirited races?

St Stephen’s Day Rowing

St Stephen’s Day in Ireland is not merely a land-based holiday; it is also a day when the River Shannon comes alive with rowing events.

The Shannon St Stephen’s Day Regatta is a well-known occasion that attracts teams from all across the nation who are all competing for the privilege of winning this coveted race.

Similar to this, the Limerick City Rowing Club regularly hosts its unique St Stephen’s Day races, where the best rowers in the city demonstrate their prowess in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

In addition, communities with long traditions of rowing, like Athlone and Killaloe, hold smaller-scale local events that are nonetheless incredibly important to the locals.

The events are always great fun, full of festive cheers and is testament to Ireland’s love of rowing, even in the freezing cold!


Is there any Irish sporty Christmas traditions that might take place in your hometown that we may have left out?

Feel free to let us know and share the Christmas spirit.

These sporting events are not to be taken for granted; they are communal gatherings, where we share happy moments and exchange great stories.

Intersport Elverys is here to help you in whatever way you choose to pass your Christmas time.

Check out our wide range below.

Why Starting Sports in Winter is a great idea

It might not seem a good idea initially, but starting sports in winter might be the best time of the year to do s!

Bear with us and we will explain why.

It’s always tempting to batten down the hatches when the days get shorter, darker and colder and say goodbye to outdoor activities.

But, starting new sports in the winter time is massively enjoyable, beneficial and has a world of opportunities for you and your family.

So don’t put away the running shoes and outdoor clothing just yet, because we’re going to delve deeper into winter sports in this blog.

It might be the motivation you need.

Starting Sports in Winter & Getting that Fresh Start

There’s something really refreshing for mind and body about a crisp winter morning.

As the year comes to a close, a new one starts just as quick and the feeling of new beginnings can be really motivational.

This changeover period frequently results in a spurt of inspiration, a drive to make resolves, and a desire to start on new adventures.

What makes sports any different?

The winter months provide an ideal setting for new physical ambitions, set new goals, and face obstacles head on.

Just as a youngster sees snowfall as a blank canvas for imagination, adults can see winter as the ideal season to try out a sport they’ve always wanted to do.

After all, there is no better time than the present, especially when it comes with the promise of a new beginning.

Best Winter Sports to Start

There is a wide range of winter sports to consider, so you’re in luck.

Intersport Elverys has a wide range of sports in our locker too, so whatever you need we are with you on this journey.

These activities not only give warmth, but also opportunity for skill development, social contact, and a little friendly competition. Here’s a taste of the vast world of indoor sports available this winter:

  • Basketball: Engage in fast-paced action, improve agility, and master the art of teamwork.
  • Swimming: Dive into heated pools and enjoy a full-body workout, benefiting from the resistance water naturally offers.
  • Table Tennis: Enhance reflexes and hand-eye coordination and experience the thrill of those rapid rallies.
  • Badminton: With its swift shuttlecocks and strategic plays, badminton is a delightful blend of power and precision.
  • Gymnastics: From floor exercises to balance beams, immerse in a sport that enhances flexibility, strength, and discipline.

These are just a few options, and the beauty of winter lies in the freedom to choose.

Whether you’re inclined towards team dynamics or solo pursuits, there’s an indoor sport waiting to captivate your interest and ignite your passion.

If you’re looking for sports for you kids, check out our Guide to Winter Sports for Kids HERE.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors: The Benefits

The appeal of winter’s cold air and glistening frost is not just a fairytale; it is also massively beneficial to the body.

Numerous studies and research have lauded the benefits of being outside, especially during the cooler months.

Here are some of the reasons why embracing the winter landscape may be extremely helpful to both the body and mind:

  • Enhanced Mental Well-Being: According to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, spending time outside, particularly in natural settings, can lead to lower stress levels and increased emotions of vitality.
  • Improved Concentration: Spending time in outdoors, even in chilly weather, can serve as a type of “natural medicine.” Walking in nature has been shown in studies to increase concentration and cognitive functioning, which is known as the “restorative effect” of nature.
  • Boost your Vitamin D: Outdoor exposure can aid with vitamin D consumption even in the winter. While the sun may be more reticent, its rays, when combined with outdoor activity, can lead to higher vitamin D levels, which are important for bone health and immune system function.
  • Burn more calories: In colder weather, the body works harder to regulate its temperature, resulting in a larger calorie burn during winter outdoor activities. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, cold weather can even activate brown fat, a form of body fat that burns energy and generates heat.
  • Better Sleep Patterns: Natural light exposure, particularly in the morning, can help reset our internal biological clocks. According to Sleep Medicine Clinics study, this shift can lead to more restful and refreshing sleep.
  • Social Involvement: Winter sports or group treks might serve as social outlets. According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, social connections, particularly in the context of pleasurable activities, relate to improved emotions of well-being and decreased symptoms of depression.

Less crowds, better coaching

Winter frequently sees a drop in the amount of people signing up for new sports or activities, but this might work to your advantage.

Starting a new activity or hobby during this season can provide some unexpected benefits:

  • Trainers or coaches can provide more focused, individualised attention with fewer people present. This not only offers a better learning experience, but also faster growth as your specific demands are met.
  • Better Deals: During the winter season, sports centres and clubs may make enticing offers and discounts to encourage participation. This can result in cost reductions for both classes and necessary equipment.
  • Improved Experience: Fewer people means a more relaxing atmosphere. Whether it’s a calmer swimming pool, a less frenetic dance class, or a less crowded skiing slope, the experience is enhanced when there’s room to breathe and move freely.
  • Bonding Possibility: In smaller groups, there is a greater opportunity of building intimate ties with fellow members. Shared hardships and accomplishments in a small group can result in long-lasting friendships.
  • Taking up a new hobby in the dead of winter may seem paradoxical, but the advantages are palpable. Winter actually provides a perfect opportunity to dive into anything new, from personalised instruction to economic benefits and a calmer study environment.

Get a head start on Summer

Sports and sports involvement come alive in the summer time!

But often the winter is the best opportunity to get a really good head start in your training in whatever sport you are taking part in.

So when the summer months roll around you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work.

  • Starting in the winter allows you to improve skills, stamina, and confidence over a longer period of time. When others are just getting started in the summer, you’ll be miles ahead, ready to take on advanced challenges or even competitions.
  • Summer Body in Winter: If you have fitness or body goals, winter is the ideal time to focus on them. Instead of rushing to get in shape a month before beach season, you’ll have been working towards your goals gradually and regularly, delivering greater and more sustainable results.
  • Outside Transition: Many sports and activities can be performed in both indoor and outside environments. For example, practising yoga indoors during the winter and then shifting to outdoor sessions in the summer can give benefits.
  • Mental Boost: Knowing you’ve used the colder months productively provides a distinct sense of accomplishment. This sense of accomplishment and positivity can provide a mental boost, establishing a positive tone for the rest of the year.
  • Seamless Seasonal Shift: Starting in the winter also avoids jarring seasonal transitions in your routine. Your activity becomes a year-round habit, resulting in increased consistency and dedication.


Winter offers a unique opportunity to start fresh and get ahead, whether it’s picking up a new sport or improving your fitness game.

By embracing winter’s offerings, you’re not just making the most of this season but setting yourself up for success in the coming months.

Don’t let the cold deter you; instead, see it as a chance to stand out, prepare for summer, and achieve those goals. Remember, every season has its advantages — it’s all about perspective.

And if you’re looking for the best gear or advice to kickstart your winter sports journey, Intersport Elverys got you covered.

Most Popular Christmas Gifts for Her | Gift Guides 2023

Buying for the woman in your life can be challenging, but lads, we’re all in the same boat and this Christmas Gifts for Her 2023 Guide will help.

We’ve all been thinking about what to put under the tree for that special woman or women in Christmas 2023, so here’s a look at some of the newest and best things from some of our favourite brands.

We also have a Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 2023 and a Christmas Gift Guide for Him 2023.

Gifts for her 2022

Gifts For Her: The Sports Fanatic


Have you picked out her GAA jerseys for the next season?

Maybe it’s your county, maybe it’s hers!!

If you don’t, don’t fret; there’s still time, and Intersport Elverys is here to assist you.

The new Tipperary GAA Women’s Fit Home Jersey has just landed and you don’t want to miss it!

The Mayo GAA range features the home, away, goalie and training ranges. So for your Mayo GAA fanatic fans, you have to check this out – it’s always a really fast seller at Christmas.

If she is a die-hard supporter of the Dubs , we’ve got you covered.

Check out their full range, including the jerseys, right HERE.

Kerry also has their own LGFA home jersey. If those jerseys and other training apparel don’t grab your attention, we have plenty more to choose from.

The Limerick home jersey is also really popular this year as the Treaty go for five-in-a-row in 2024.

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gifts for her 2023


We have some fantastic suggestions for presents for the women in your life now that the Rugby World Cup is over.

Ireland were incredibly unlucky this tournament, but did the country proud. As proud Retail Partners of the IRFU, an Irish rugby gift to that special women in your life would be really appreciated.

The IRFU’s training range, including this Training T-shirt, are not to be missed.

We stock everything from jerseys to jackets to training apparel and more for the Connacht Rugby team, including the brand new Macron Home and Alternate Jersey.

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There’s international jerseys, training ranges and equipment.

gifts for her 2023


We’ve got a great selection of football jerseys and apparel for her to find under the tree this year.

There has been a surge in demand for the brand new FAI home jersey. And after the Republic of Ireland Women’s National Football Team’s World Cup campaign this year, the interest in them is huge.

We also share this enthusiasm as the FAI’s official retail partners!

Check out their page for their whole selection of jerseys, training gear, and accessories.

We’ve got the national team covered, plus the Premier League’s Liverpool, Man United and Europe’s top teams and the Airtricity League.

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Gifts for Her: The Runner
Running Shoes

One thing that’s certain this year is that jogging and walking have caught on with the people, so a fresh pair of comfy running shows beneath the tree would be appreciated by many, especially her.

Our selection of top-tier running brands has everything you might want in a pair of runners, including comfort and durability.

We’re thinking along the lines of the trusted Brooks Adrenaline GTS or the ever-popular Nike Structure 25.

Hoka is a company that has been going from strength strength, and you can see their incredible selection by clicking HERE.

The ASICS Gel-Kayano 30, which replaced the great Kayano 29, is selling like hotcakes this season, and you should check out our other running shoes while you’re here.

Any of them would make an excellent present to kick off the new year on the right foot, and they’re all wonderful for running in the winter.

Browse the rest of our shoe inventory at the link provided below.

gifts for her 2023


Every runner, before venturing out into the elements, considers how they will stay warm, dry, safe, and visible on the route.


In addition, a woman will always have more confidence after shopping for new apparel.

For this reason, the following can make wonderful presents for the runner in your life.

She will breeze through her run with the ASICS METARUN MOCK NECK LONG SLEEVE TOP. This will keep her cool and comfortable in varying temperatures and it’s made from recycled content too.

She can run for miles in the rain without getting wet thanks to this Nike Fest Repel Running Jacket, and she’ll feel cozy and look great in this stylish Nike Dri-Fit Swoosh Half-Zip.

The Energetics Running Range is fantastic for running, yoga and lounging around the house because of its soft, cozy fabric.

Check out the full range below for an extensive collection, especially of LEGGINGS.

Running Accessories

Want to embellish your present with some extras? We have a variety of winter running gear to keep her safe and comfortable.

Try on this white Nike ASICS headband or this ION8 Recyclon 350ML drinking bottle that is made with the environment in  mind!

Another really useful piece of kit is this Energetics Smart Waistbag that will keep her all bits in one place while out running.

Or if snoods were her thing, this Nike option is really cool.

View All of Our Products HERE.

Gifts For Her: The Trainer 2023

Footwear & Clothing

For many, how they look while working out is just as crucial as getting in their regular workouts.

Motivate them to get in shape anywhere with cutting-edge training gear from leading manufacturers.

This holiday season, gift your favourite yoga enthusiast the best in training equipment from Body Logic, or give her a pair of these Nike One High Rise Leggings to make her stand out.

In terms of footwear, you cannot get better than the Nike Metcon 9 Training Shoes, available in black too.

But if you’re looking for something else, you can view our entire selection of training footwear HERE.

But that’s not all we have; if you want to see the full extent of our training offerings, go HERE.

Essentials for Training

We have a wide variety of training basics that can be adjusted to suit any training style, and we know that every training addict will greatly value these tools.

For those who place a premium on rest and recuperation, there is the Therabody Elite Massage Gun; for those who want to get their yoga on, there is the Bahe Synergy 3.5mm Dawn mat.

Or, this really cool Water Bottle Roller combo is a big hit.

You can get all the basics for our training range RIGHT HERE.

Training Tech

A smart watch or fitness tracker is quickly becoming a need for any regular gym-goer, runner, or active office worker.

The newest Fitbits go from the Sense 2, Versa 4, the Charge 5 and the Inspire 3, so they have one for all levels and needs.

The newest range of Garmin’s offer the highest tech across a range of budgets, from the Enduro 2 to the Forerunner, the Venu and the Vivosmarts.

Amazfit have also hit our shelves this year with some quality products, like the T-Rex 2, GTR 4 or GTS 4. 

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Gifts For Her: The Shoe for the Fashion-Conscious

We have several wonderful options for you to choose from if the recipient of your gift values form above function.

The Nike Air Max 270 will give her style, comfort and attitude and are hugely popular this year.

The Nike Court Vision is a classic that will never go out of style, drawing inspiration from the ’80s.

We’ve also got the adidas Park Street that give an iconic look and are also made from recycled materials.


Stocking Fillers

How about a trendy new Beanie like this McKinley Marwin or a Berghaus EDO Sand Dune?

heck out the full range of hats, gloves and scarves HERE.

A fresh pair of sliders or flip flops are also a good option?

Check out a full range of accessories HERE.


This 2023 holiday season, visit Intersport Elverys to learn about “The Heart of Sport.”

Our entire staff at Intersport Elverys hopes that this Christmas is filled with joy, peace, and enchantment for you and your loved ones.

Most Popular Christmas Gifts for Him | Gift Guides 2023

Christmas 2023 is almost here, and Intersport Elverys has everything you need to find the perfect gift for him.

If you need ideas, we have some of the newest and best goods from the top sporting brands in the world down below.

Plus, if you and him are sports people, here are some great gift ideas to get him very excited on Christmas morning!

It’s also impossible to beat our deals and huge discounts on some things from our FAI, IRFU, balls, shoes, and more!

Check out our other blogs for gift guides for kids and gift guides for her.

Gifts for Him 2023: The Sport Fanatic

There were huge crowds at the GAA again in 2023 as the Dubs reinstated themselves to the very top of the football world, defeating old rivals Kerry for the Sam Maguire.

While Limerick kept their strong grip on the Liam McCarthy Cup.

But believe it or not, the new season is almost here, and fans’ hopes will begin all over again!

We have GAA gear from all 32 counties here at Intersport Elverys, like hats and jerseys.

As well as that, we have all the jerseys from Mayo, Dublin, Limerick, Kerry, Galway and more.

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gifts for him 2023


The Rugby World Cup 2023 was insane!

Unfortunately Ireland couldn’t bring home the gold from Paris but they did our country proud. The IRFU range has been incredibly popular because of that, so you don’t want to miss out.

We also have replica jerseys and gear from a host of other top nations for you to check out.

And we haven’t forgot about the Six Nations, the Champions Cup, and the United Rugby Championship either.

We have the brand new Macron Connacht Rugby Home and Alternate jersey because we are their proud official retail partner. We also have all of their jerseys, jackets, training gear, and more, so everyone can get ready to cheer on the Westerners.

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gifts for him 2023


The Premier League has never been better, and Irish football is going in the right direction, despite our Euros disappointment.

We have a great selection of shirts and other gear for Christmas 2023.

These are some of our picks.

Irish football fans in 2024 must have the latest FAI shirt, in both home and away options. 

Additionally, the fresh FAI Training line is excellent for people who need clothing that they can use for sports or just strolling around the house and looking sharp.

We cover not only the national team, but also all the top Premier League teams, like Liverpool and Manchester United and much more. as well as some of the biggest teams in Europe battling it out for the Champions League.

Check out our whole football category HERE.

gifts for him 2023

Gifts For Him 2023: The Runner

Running Shoes

Running is booming right now and so many people would love to find a new pair of running shoes under the tree.

For runners, it’s important to get shoes that are comfortable and last a long time too! We have all of these things and more from the best running brands in the world.

Nike is leading the way in running, so check out their full incredible range HERE.

The Hoka Clifton 9 has changed the game this year with both its performance and its look. There are a number of different styles for you to choose from to help him stand out from the crowd, with Gore-Text and standard versions too.

So, the new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 and the Brooks Ghost 15 remain one of our most popular shoes year on year. If you haven’t felt the comfort of the Brooks range, you really should.

All of them are great for running in the winter and would make great gifts for him to start the new year.

This season, the ASICS Gel-Kayano 30 is flying off the shelves after taking the place of the great Kayano 29.

And, last but not least, the ON Running Cloudswift 3 is really stylish, with a cushioned, forward-rolling road shoe with dual-density Helion™ superfoam and a zonal knit upper for an inclusive fit.

Check out our whole selection of shoes HERE.

gifts for him 2023

Running Clothes

Everyone who runs thinks about being warm, dry, safe, and seen on the road before they go out in the cold!

A great gift for the runner in your life would be clothes that meet these needs and also look good.

The new Nike Repel Miler Running Jacket is built to take on wet weather with a water-repellent design and a hood. And it’s also Impact Choice, so it’s better for the environment.

For running in the winter, this Energetics Willard Blue Half-Zip is built for freedom of movement and warmth. Designed with runners in mind, it has a stand-up collar as well as thumbhole cuffs and a pocket on the chest for small essentials.

We’re selling out of the Nike Repel Challenger Running Tights, and ASICS Running has some great stuff.

And let’s not forget the Brooks Running Apparel, including their quality high-vis thermal clothing that is coming soon.

Make sure you check out our wide range to find a style that works for you by clicking the link below.

Accessories for running

Want to add some stocking fillers and cool gadgets?

We have a lot of really cool running accessories for him to get through the winter, like smartwatches, fitness trackers and more.

You’ll find more of them below.

Like this cool Under Armour Half Time Pom Beanie or these sleek Nike X3 Elite Sunglasses. 

The North Face lead the way in outdoors, and this Rodey Backpack will change his life. With roomy compartments and space for his laptop and smartphone, the Rodney Backpack is ideal for his daily commute. The reflective bike-light loop, water bottle tabs and shoulder-strap webbing create 360 degrees of reflectivity to make you more visible in low light.

Maybe he’ll appreciate these ASICS Thermal Ear Covering Headband for those frosty and cold runs.

All of our products can be found HERE.

Gifts for Him: The Gym Trainer

There’s a lot of men out there who love to hit the gym; and love to look good and feel good while at it 🙂

The newest Nike Metcons 9 are the best training and gym shoe for him because it keeps his feet stable and lasts a long time. These are perfect for weightlifting too.

To look flash, this The North Face Quarter-Zip Fleece in green is suitable for all sorts of training, indoor and outdoor.

If you want to complete the look for him, you should consider these Nike Mens Taper Joggers in grey – an old reliable but a quality product.

Our whole line of useful clothes can be seen HERE.

Training Essentials

The tools that make training possible will be appreciated by everyone who does it.

No matter how someone trains, we have a wide range of training basics that will work for them. F

For those who really want to get better, get the Therabody Elite Massage Gun or a more traditional roller?

If he’s into his boxing, why not gift him a boxing bag, we have a great selection for all price ranges. Boxing is an unbelievable cardio workout.

This is where you can find all the training gear you need HERE.

Tech He Can Wear

Smart watches and fitness trackers are slowly becoming something that everyone who goes to the gym, runs, or works out needs.

The newest Fitbits go from the Sense 2, Versa 4, the Charge 5 and the Inspire 3, so they have one for all levels and needs.

The newest range of Garmin’s offer the highest tech across a range of budgets, from the Enduro 2 to the Forerunner, the Venu and the Vivosmarts.

Amazfit have also hit our shelves this year with some quality products, like the T-Rex 2, GTR 4 or GTS 4. 

Look at all the cool wearable technology we have right HERE!

Gifts for the Stylish Him


You can find a lot of great items here if you’re shopping for someone who prizes style over function.

The Nike Air Max 97 features the original ripple design inspired by Japanese bullet trains, the Air Max 97 lets him push his style full-speed ahead.

Whether he’s headed to a weekend hangout or running daily errands, he can do it in style with these adidas Breaknet 2.0 shoes. The clean silhouette gives you a classic look that works with any outfit.

And then there’s the Nike Court Vision Low Next Nature Shoes FRESH OFF THE COURT! In love with the classic look of ’80s basketball but have a thing for the fast-paced culture of today’s game. They are the shoes for him.

You can find a lot more stylish sneakers HERE.


Some of them trainers need cozy and stylish hoodies and other parts to go with them.

The North Face have some incredible pieces this Christmas and this Numbur Synthetic Jacket is a must for him. c

This McKinley Cherpa Fleeze has a full zip build with a stand-up collar and chin guard plus elasticated sleeve hems and hem to help keep warmth in.

There’s also these trendy adidas AEROREADY Essentials Stanford Open Hem Embroidered Small Logo Tracksuit Bottoms.

Our whole line of clothes can be found HERE.

Stocking Fillers

There are plenty of them for him to relax in and fill his Christmas stocking with too

These adidas Aqua Sliders in black are great for after training, swimming, the beach or even just walking around the house.

And you absolutely cannot go wrong with some new jocks and socks!

We’ve got you covered on both.

We have a great range of SAXX Kinetic boxers for him to choose from.

There’s also these Nike Crew Cushioned socks in white.

You can get some cool items HERE.


We Get Ideas from Sports! Are you sure?

If you’re shopping for your Dad, this Ultimate Gift Guide for Fathers this Christmas will ease your pain.

We at Intersport Elverys hope you and your family have a wonderful, safe, and happy Christmas 2023.

Check our the full range of Gifts for Him HERE.

Most Popular Home Gym Christmas Gifts 2023

This Home Gym Christmas Gifts Guide will help you give that special someone in your life the gift of a well-equipped home gym in 2022.

We understand that it might be difficult to justify the high cost of home gym equipment, especially at the holiday season.

That’s why we’ve added a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option utilising Humm. You can use this to buy our Home Gym equipment and spread the cost over a period of time that works for you!

And with the many options we provide for Home Gym equipment, it can be of tremendous assistance.

As an extension of this, we also maintain a Gifts Guide for Her blog and a Gifts Guide for Him blog.

Here are some of the best products and lowest prices on the web.

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023

Home Gym Christmas Gifts: Cardio Machines


The treadmill is the workhorse of any respectable home gym.

The great thing about having one in Ireland is that you can work on your cardio anytime, regardless of the weather.

The ProForm Sport TL is an excellent option to get your home gym started.

For the real premium option, the NordicTrack C1750 has an impressive 14” HD Touchscreen and an amplified premium sound system which will make your interactive training experience feel more immersive than ever.

The AutoAdjust™ technology allows you to focus on your workouts and let your 1750 treadmill adjust your incline, decline, and speed automatically.

There is also our best-seller, the NordicTrack EXP 5i which is incredibly affordable and really powerful in terms of performance.

It has tonnes of cool features, is portable, and only costs €40 a month with humm (currently, that works out to be €1,199).

Check out the full range of NordicTrack Treadmills HERE.

Our full range of treadmills are below.

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023

Exercise Bikes

Instead of a treadmill, you may use an exercise bike, spin bike, or the dreaded assault bike to get in shape!

They’ll provide a great workout for very little room.

All fitness levels can benefit from the RotoCycle SP-250 now on sale for just €299 or or pay €59.80 through Humm with 4 Fortnightly payments. 

It’s an excellent, no-frills cardio equipment that requires minimal upkeep. To learn more, see our video, “How to Buy a Spin Bike,” right here.

IF you want something with a more premium feel, the The NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle is the latest model of the Commercial indoor Bike Series by NordicTrack with an impressive 22-inch full HD touchscreen, providing access to high-energy iFit trainer-led workouts streamed to its crystal-clear display.

If assault bikes are your thing, the new and improved Rotocycle T2000 X Air Bike comes with a lot of innovations, relating to comfort, stability, durability and overall function. There’s currently 33% off and it’s available for €799.

For optimum space saving, the ProForm 210 CSX Upright Bike will allow you to improve endurance, increase calorie burn and improve muscle tone.

In addition, iFit technology provides added fun to your training thanks to live classes, guided workouts around the planet or the possibility of virtual bicycle races.

Check out the full list below.

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023

Stationary Bikes/Rowers

The full-body workout that he or she will get from rowing or cross-training is unbeatable.

The NordicTrack RW700 Rower will automatically adjust the resistance as you enjoy world-class On-Demand training sessions with elite iFIT trainers. It’s a really elite machine.

You can get this for only €56 per-month too through humm.

The new ProForm Sport 5.0 cross-trainer is equipped with the versatile iFit® workout app, resulting in extensive workout possibilities.

The ProForm Sport 5.0 cross-trainer not only provides a high level of workout comfort but allows you to have a smart and motivating workout. Thanks to its solid and high-quality design, workouts on the cross-trainer are extremely fun.

There is also the NordicTrack SE71 Cross-Trainer SpaceSaver allows you to power through your toughest workouts with reduced impact. Climb high, run far, and push hard with less wear and tear.

Push the pace or take it easy, with the 22 digital resistance levels, it’s as simple as pressing a button.

Cross-trainers stand out from the crowd of cardio machines because of the special care they take of your body and the safety they provide for your joints.

Read on for the complete list of rowers HERE.

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023: Weight Training Equipment

Invest in a good weight bench and get ready to pump some iron for some real strength training.

Injuries are another common problem that may be avoided by using one, making them a valuable addition to any home gym.

For just €169, you can have this versatile and durable Rival B2 Weights Bench, which currently has 24% off.

It’s a professional multifunctional bench for intense and versatile strength training. The weight bench is a real all-rounder.

There is also the Rival Olympic B6 Weights Bench that has some extra features and is on sale for only €299. It will provide you with various exercises, such as perfect biceps curl, bench press, bench press, abdominal muscle training, leg exercises.

This multi-purpose weight bench from Rival, the B9, is presently 37% discounted and available for just €99 per month.

It serves as a bench, a place to sit while you work out, and a place to store your fitness gear.

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023


A multi-gym is the best choice for people who have limited space in their homes but yet want to get the most out of their exercise equipment.

These implements are capable of delivering full-body blows.

This fantastic Rival Multi-Gym 1.0 Weight Station offers 30 distinct exercises for just €299.

In addition to working your lats, back, chest, legs, and arms/shoulders, you may also use the Rival Multi-Gym 3.0 Weight Station.

It’s available for a low monthly price of only €99.

We all know that space is at a premium in these multi-gyms, which is why we’re excited to offer our Wall Mounted Pulley Station, which provides all the benefits of a cable machine without the need for the room.

And for you serious home gymers, the Multi Gym 5.0 weight station is a serious piece of equipment to hit your full body with heavy weights and in quite a compact space.

Check them all out in the link below.

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023


Weights are the foundation of any fitness facility or routine.

You must get some form of weight training equipment, be it dumbbells, barbells, plates, or anything else.

Fortunately, our selection is extensive and of high quality, and it caters to people of various shapes, sizes, and skill levels.

Any beginner can afford this Rival 20 kg Dumbbell set, which retails at just €55 can get you started for very little.

You can match them with this 50kg set of vinyl barbells to complete the set. If you’re looking to up the weight, there is a 100kg Olympic set right here for a very affordable price.

But that’s not all.

Kettlebells are wonderful for a whole-body workout, and you can see our full selection of them here, along with our barbells and dumbbells.

Learn more about all the available weights HERE or further down.

Home Gym Gifts Accessories

A few inexpensive details can also make a home gym.

This PTP Resistance Multi System allows you to get a really good resistance bands workout at home. But you can also take it on the road and make sure you don’t miss a workout!

For the full works, don’t miss this incredible PTP Resistance Platform System that allows you to perform free weight exercises in the comfort of your own home. You can also customise the resistance levels wit the tubes, anchor points and bar, so you can add in squats, lunges, deadlifts, bent over rows and more.

Think of it as a portable squat rack.

There’s also this PTP Microband combo pack that will help joint stability and muscular strength, ideal for hips, legs, glutes and shoulders.

It is portable and compact enough to hang on a door at home or take with you on the road.

The Bahe Essential Yoga mat will make your yoga workouts more pleasant, and the PTP Ab Sculpt Wheel will help any gym-goer develop an incredible core.

Read more about all the available add-ons at the link below.


We hope that you will be Inspired by Sport in 2023, and that you will have the finest Christmas ever.

See our full Home Gym Range HERE.