October 31, 2023

The Best Winter Sports for Kids in Ireland 2023

Winter is nearly upon us and I know you are all thinking, what sports is there available for the kids to keep them active!

We know that when the winter comes and the evenings get darker, wetter and colder, there is the temptation from all to become that bit more sedentary, however, we believe now is the best time to keep moving.

Especially when you consider all the brilliant winter sports for kids you can do these days.

As parents, it’s our role to ensure that the icy outdoors doesn’t freeze our kids’ zest for physical activity.

It’s the perfect season to introduce them to a range of indoor sports that not only keep them engaged but also kindle new passions and build foundational skills.

Dive in with us as we unveil some top winter sports for kids in Ireland in 2023  that promise to light a fire of enthusiasm in every child’s heart.

Indoor Winter Sports For Kids

It can be tempting to let our children’s activity levels to wane when winter sets in, mainly due to the poor Irish weather.

Often times, kids can spend long hours on video games and what not, which means their physical activity levels drop considerably.

We are here to remind of all the amazing indoor sports kids can enjoy and you, as parents, can too.


Indoor pools offer refuge from the cold, but they also offer other benefits. Each lap your youngster completes in the pool is evidence of their tenacity and teaches them that persistence can make even the chilliest days seem comfortable.


More than just a game, this is a lesson in strategy and accuracy. Your youngster is learning patience and foresight as they go around the table, qualities that will be useful to them far beyond the game. While not exactly physically exerting, it will teach patience and mental capacity.

Table Tennis

Brilliant fun and quite the workout! The quick rallies of this game put your reflexes and agility to the test. But more than that, it’s a game that develops tenacity, teaching young players that perseverance and practise can help them overcome any obstacle.


Both these activities are a celebration of movement and expression. They remind our children of the beauty of discipline, and the joy that dedication to an art form can bring. And they are one of the best workouts around.


Behind every throw is a lesson in focus. As your child takes aim, they’re also learning the importance of setting goals and hitting them, one throw at a time. Darts gets huge around Christmas time too with the PDC World Championships taking place.

Indoor soccer

The passion for football knows no season. Indoor soccer gives our young ones a platform to keep their skills sharp, teaching them teamwork and adaptability as they navigate the quicker pace of the indoor arena. A lot of communities around Ireland run indoor leagues for kids these days, so it’s worth researching.


Basketball is a growing sport in Ireland and really comes into its own around this time of year. There are really competitive leagues if you want that, or more enjoyable ones. Basketball Ireland, our Official Partner, will give you all the information you need. Equally volleyball is just as enjoyable in terms of an indoor sport.


Remember, there is huge potential in sports this time of year to keep your little ones entertained.

Outdoor Winter Sports

Just because it can be cold outside, doesn’t mean there is no opportunity to enjoy some outdoor sports too.

Because you cannot beat getting out in that crisp fresh air.

Just make sure you dress appropriately.


Ireland’s rural and seaside pathways are breath-taking in the winter. Taking our kids on a winter walk is more than just a way to get them moving; it’s also a way to show them the value of nature, the importance of perseverance, and the pure wonder that our Emerald Isle holds beneath its winter coat.

 Ice skating

Gliding on ice is a rush like no other. Every failure and successful comeback teaches our children the value of tenacity. They discover that every obstacle can be overcome with practise and grit amidst the laughs and occasional stumbles.


Pedalling through the cooler months might seem daunting, but the stillness of winter offers a unique cycling experience. It’s about pushing forward, even when the paths are frosty, understanding that with the right gear and spirit, any journey is possible.


Winter runs, with the crunch of frozen ground beneath, can be invigorating. It’s not just about pace but about endurance, showing our kids that no matter the conditions, their strength and spirit can carry them through.


So, to sum it up, winter time does not mean it’s time to start slacking on the sports for your kids.

Who knows, it could present them a brilliant new opportunity or passion and it will certainly bring them plenty of joy.

Every week brings a new challenge or a new sport, and Intersport Elverys is here with you every step of the way to help.

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