2020 Connacht Rugby Challenges

To celebrate the launch of the new Connacht Rugby gear, Intersport Elverys set Connacht Rugby players Finlay Bealham, Tiernan O’Halloran, Shane Delahunt, Elizabeth McNicholas, Mary Healy and Nicola Friday a number of challenges. Check them out below.

Keepie Uppies

The guys too on the girls in this challenges. Find out how it went below.

Who Am I?

Intersport Elverys set Finlay Bealham, Tiernan O’Halloran & Shane Delahunt a “Who Am I” Challenge, and it took some longer than others to get the correct answer.

Sporting Charades

We set Finlay Bealham, Tiernan O’Halloran & Shane Delahunt a Sporting Charades Challenge, with some great results.

Check out all the Connacht Rugby gear, which is available online at Intersport Elverys HERE.

Brooks Running Shoes Review with Killian Byrne

At Intersport Elverys, we understand what is happening in the world of sport and running as one of them continue to grow in numbers – as more people are running, run more frequently and run for longer. We thought it would be good to share Killian Byrne’s of Irish Runner Magazine latest reviews of the Brooks Ghost and Glycerin running shoes, which featured in the latest Irish Runner Magazine issue. These are great running shoes  and a good chance for you, the runner to get some insight into how they performed when put into action. Some of Killian previous reviews have included the Nike React , the Asics Cumulus Knit and Hoka Speedgoat and the Brooks Adrenaline GTS

For those of you who don’t know, Killian is a Operation Transformation leader and a health and fitness advocate. He is a long time runner completing a number of personal triumphs including a 70.3 Ironman. Read about his experiences below.

Brooks Ghost 13

The Ghost 13, described as the ultimate ‘middle-of-the-road’ shoe, wants to please everyone by providing everything it can, and it doesn’t really disappoint.

Neutral, cushioned, responsive, and stable are some of the buzz words I would use to describe the Ghost 13. Although I found the overall cushioning to be less than you’d find in the Glycerin 18 or Brooks Adrenaline, after an initial ‘clumpy’ feel, I got very used to the firmness these shoes bring. A well-made upper provides plenty of ventilation and, with variants for narrow and wide feet, the Ghost 13 will appeal to many more people than similar shoes. The sole of these shoes is made from the ubiquitous DNA Loft foam and the Ghost 13 has a well-defined ‘tread’ in its outsole rubber giving a very solid run both on and off road. The Ghost 13 is a good shoe, less exciting than I’d hoped but very dependable. Male and female shoes available.

3 Brooks Ghost Running Shoes

Brooks Glycerin 18

I looked through my Glycerin 17 review before putting pen to paper here and it was like meeting a long-lost friend – the one you haven’t seen for years but can always depend on. Unlike the Ghost 13 (also reviewed in this issue), the Glycerin 18 seems softer, springy, more flexible, lighter and fast. In saying all that, I don’t think it’s any better a shoe, but it offers the wearer a different experience.

There’s a lot of comfort in the Glycerin 18 – it is plush with more midsole foam than its predecessor and a stiff heel cup offering a lot of protection when out on the road. The softer sole allows a good amount of flexibility and, as a result, some more spring that you might not find in other ranges or brands. They feel fast, light and comfortable, meaning you get a shoe to run a strong 5km but the same shoe will bring you out for a half marathon and more with little effort. I was never conscious of my shoe when out on the road but on grass, I certainly felt a lack of grip. I also felt the Glycerin 18 wasn’t as breathable as other shoes but the tight-knit seamless upper meant I always felt secure. It’s more of the same in the basic areas but what small changes were made have improved what was already a good trainer. Male and female shoes available.

3 Brooks Glycerin Running Shoes

What did you think of Killian’s product reviews? Have you tested any of these for yourself? Keep an eye out for more reviews from Killian Byrne.

See the latest in running HERE.

Runner running near the sea throughout Winter

Tips For Recovery and Injury Prevention

We’ve teamed up with Cavan LGFA and Collingwood AFL player Aishling Sheridan who is also a Certified Athletic Therapist & Trainer, Online Personal Trainer & Nutrition coach to help you with your recovery and injury prevention.

Aishling has a degree in Athletic Therapy and Training while playing a key role for Cavan LGFA down through the years. More recently Aishling did an impressive stint playing in the Australian Football League for Collingwood AFL where they made it to the final stages with Aishling also winning WAFL best first year player. She’s back playing with Cavan for the 2020 LGFA Winter season but will be looking to make a return to Australian football for a promising 2nd season.

Aishling certainly is familiar with training at a high level and has the degree and knowledge to aid her in getting the best results out of herself. We thought, as you may not be able to seek your coaches or physio’s advice as much as you’d like to, it would be good for Aishling to go through some tips on how to recover properly and prevent injury.

Aishling in the past has covered topics such as Benefits of HIIT with a workout to try and an At Home Bodyweight workout. Learn more from Aishling’s expertise below.

Do you ever find you’re constantly sore and tired after training or doing a workout or you’re always picking up niggles here and there and can’t understand why?

Below are some mistakes I made in the past when training and playing that might be off some help to you or even to a friend.

Aishling Sheridan in gym wearing Nike


I can’t emphasis enough how important recovery is when it comes to playing sports, lifting weights, going for a run and any exercise in general. If you find you don’t seem to recover as well as others below are some reasons which may be causing this:


I can’t stress how important nutrition is for recovery. Protein and carbohydrates will play a massive part in your recovery. Post exercise your meal should include at least (50-100g or 1-1.5g per kg/bw) of carbohydrates as this will help replenish muscle fuel stores. 20-40g or 0.3-0.6g per kg/bw of protein should also be included into this meal to help promote muscle growth and repair any tissue damage. If you’re on the go and don’t have time to make something, try pack a protein bar, protein shake or even chocolate milk as these can be quite handy till you get home to get a meal into you.

What you consume throughout the day will also play a vital part so I would recommend starting off with a well-balanced diet, add a protein source to every meal and don’t avoid any food group. If you want to be more specific you can find out how much you should actually be eating and work from there. I found this the most beneficial for me as I actually wasn’t eating enough food to help my recovery but also to fuel my performance. I always felt sore and tired and could never understand why until I started fueling my training.



Sleep is probably the most important factor when it comes to recovering from any sort of exercise and training. Sleep has important physiological and cognitive functions and lack of sleep has can have an effect on sub maximal, prolonged exercise. Everyone’s sleep schedule is completely different but here are some tips to ensure you are getting the best out of your sleep schedule.

  1. Make sleep a priority in your training schedule. Just like you track your weights session or running session make sure you track your sleep.
  2. Go to bed and wake up at the same times every day. Find yourself a routine that suits you. If certain times you have to be up later, make sure you account for this and get to bed earlier if needs be.
  3. Take daily naps if you don’t get enough sleep at night. I used to be sceptical about taking naps, more so as I felt less productive. I even remember one time I was injured, and it was in the lead up to our college football finals, from chatting to my physio he advised me to take naps to let my body recover and heal and it definitely helped. Especially as it was my final year and carrying extra stress it gave my body time to switch off for 20-30 minutes. Also, if you think of any of the elite athletes out there and their environments, they actually have areas where they train to allow them to get naps in.
  4. Don’t worry if you have one bad night of sleep, try to rectify it the next night.



A sensation of thirst indicates that you are already more than 1% dehydrated. This subsequently leads to a decrease in performance. If you’re trying to figure out do you drink enough water, then here you go: You should aim to drink at least 1 litre per 25kg body weight. So, if someone is 70kg they should be drinking at least 2.8litres, not including if they exercise. If you exercise you need to add 500ml on top of this per one hour of training a day. With exercise comes sweat and fluid loss, this is where it can really affect our recovery. You want to aim to replace the fluid you lost by 150%. If you don’t know how much fluid you lost when you exercise you can simply weigh yourself pre and post exercise. This was very big when I was playing and training in Australia as the heat led to excess sweat and therefore fluid loss. It was part of our schedule every training and game session to record how much fluid we lost and replace it as soon as we could with water and electrolytes.


These are all simple methods which you can do yourself and monitor yourself to ensure you are recovery from your exercise. Another factor is rest days which I will touch on below. Trust me it will make a massive difference once you are aware of it and put it into practice.


Injury Prevention

The next part I’m going to discuss is injury prevention. Now don’t get me wrong it is impossible to fully prevent any injury from happening but there are methods we can put in place to try minimising the chances of getting injured.


Warm Up:

Years ago, especially when it came to going for a run or even doing a gym session, I didn’t put time into doing a warmup. It was different with football as warms up were always included but if I was training on my own, I just wanted to get it done as soon as I could. Yep, I was wrong!! The warm up should gently prepare your body for exercises by gradually increasing your heart rate and circulation; this will help loosen the joints and increase blood flow throughout the muscles. Find something that helps you and the area you are training. If you’re in the gym and you’re getting ready to do a heavy squat, don’t just go straight in, do some warmup sets and build yourself up to that heavy weight. This applies to really all the heavy primary exercises. If you’re going to do some sprints or going for a run, don’t just go straight into it. Make sure you do some strides, stretches, changes of pace and ease yourself into your running. Also, another easy mistake, if you’re going up to practice kicking the ball and take shots, take it as your usual football session, complete a warm up, get your hamstrings ready and practice short kicking before you go full tilt on long distance.


Correct technique:

Incorrect technique is definitely one area especially when it comes to lifting which can lead to injury. Often people lift too heavy than what they are able for, don’t fully understand the exercise or are too afraid to ask for help which leads to incorrect technique and therefore the risk of injury. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help or even record yourself performing the exercise so you can fully see you completing it correctly. This applies for running, lifting weights and really any exercise that suits you. Ensure you have the correct technique, even though it might not be affecting you now it may come around in the future.


Proper Footwear:

You might not think this is important but in fact it can play a part in helping minimise the chances of sustaining an injury. Especially if you do a lot of running, correct footwear is so important for this. I used to wear any runners when going for a run on a hard surface and always found my joints ached after it and I always felt like I kept experiencing shin splints. It was until I realised, I needed runners with shock absorbers and support that I actually realised what may be causing this. The same thing applied when I was doing HIIT circuits as there is that high impact force.

When it comes to gymming, I found that I didn’t need as much support and more so a rigid heel so I could put my force through it as it provides more stability when lifting weights. Its why you probably see people in specialised weightlifting shoes, like every sport, there is specific necessities for it.

Intersport Elverys have a blog on this on How To Shop Running Shoes online. The shoes Aishling is featured in are the Nike SuperRep PRO which are a perfect training shoe suitable for fast paced exercises.


Listen to your body:

This applies for both recovery and injury prevention. Over training can be detrimental when it comes to your performance but also for your body’s ability to recover and heal. It’s something a lot of us go through especially if we have a goal in mind, but it can actually delay your chances of reaching that goal. My tips would be to schedule at least one rest day a week, listen to your body, if it’s still showing signs that it’s tired or sore then take additional rest. If you have a big match, training or you complete a tough session, make sure you are getting rest and recovery in.

Another thing I found are the years was suffering ‘niggle’ when training and trying to ignore it or train through it, or not giving it enough time to recover. When in the long run it actually has affected me more and led to bigger injuries than if I had taking a few days to let it heal. This is why it is so important to listen to your body, if it is showing signs that it is tired, sore or unable to perform to the best of its ability there’s a good chance your recovery needs work. And you need to look at your training.

Again, these are all mistakes I have made in the past and I’m sure others have too, the important thing is you identify them and try prevent them from occurring.

You can find all your running and training needs HERE and more useful advice from Aishling on her Instagram page – at_aish_fit

Rianna Jarret doing push ups outside on a court wearing adidas

Sport Makes It Magic at Intersport Elverys

Intersport Elverys have launched our new Christmas TV ad for the festive season, and it epitomises exactly what we’re all thinking at the moment.

The new ad features a young boy called Jack, writing his letter to Santa and reflecting on his sporting year gone by.  While disappointed to have been not able to play much sport this year, due to the restrictions we’re all experiencing, he puts himself in the shoes of his sporting heroes and is determined and positive that next year will be better.

With so many major sporting events taking place in the run-up to Christmas this year, including the All Ireland final, as well as football and rugby Nations Cups, Intersport Elverys predicts that sports will take centre stage this Christmas, and sports jerseys, clothing and footwear will top gift lists for 2020.

Starring in the ad are a range of Irish sporting heroes, including Intersport Elverys brand ambassadors, Brighton & Hove Albion and Ireland international footballer Rianna Jarrett, and Connacht and Ireland international rugby player Bundee Aki.  Rianna and Bundee are joined by players from the Mayo GAA Senior Ladies team and Dublin GAA Senior Men’s team members.

The new ad will launch on TV and online today (Friday November 6th). Check out the ad below!

Intersport Elverys is at the heart of sport through its support of Irish players, teams and sporting organisations.  As well as signing up its first female ambassador this year with Rianna Jarrett, the brand continues to invest heavily in Irish sports, including rugby, GAA and football.

The brand is the Official Sports Retail Partner of the IRFU and Connacht Rugby and is the exclusive retailer of all IRFU* and Connacht ranges.  It has also worked with Connacht and Ireland international Bundee Aki as a brand ambassador since 2016.  In addition, it is the Official Retail Partner of Dublin GAA and Tipperary GAA, as well as the main sponsor of Mayo GAA (Men’s & Women’s teams).

This year, Intersport Elverys also became the title sponsor of the FAI Summer Soccer Schools, and will exclusively retail the new Umbro Ireland kit, including the first ever Women’s range.

Anne-Marie Hanly, Senior Marketing Manager at Intersport Elverys, said: “We are very excited to launch our brand-new Christmas TV ad this year.  Because of Covid, we have so many sporting events condensed into the next couple of months, making it a Christmas like no other.    Intersport Elverys are so proud of our support of Irish sports.  No other Irish brand is so invested in our sports talent, and as official retailer to a range of Ireland’s top sporting teams and organisations, we have Christmas covered, whatever the sport!”

Rianna Jarrett is very excited to feature in the new Intersport Elverys Christmas ad: “Being part of the Intersport Elverys Christmas ad has been a really moving experience for me.  This year has been challenging for players and fans alike, and I think the ad shares the hope we all have that next year will be better.  I hope that the ad inspires everyone and provides some Christmas cheer, and I’m looking forward to continuing my role as brand ambassador for Intersport Elverys in 2021.”

Intersport Elverys is encouraging everyone to Shop Local this Christmas.  Order online at www.elverys.ie for home delivery.

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Shopping at Intersport Elverys During Level 5 Restrictions

Here at Intersport Elverys, we’re always happy to hear from our customers. We know shoppers need some clarification with certain services provided by businesses, during these uncertain times. To try and help, we conducted a Q&A with our valued customers, in order to answer any queries about shopping with us during Level 5 restrictions. Take a look below and see can they help you!

Q. I’ve placed an order for Click and Collect to my local store? What happens now?

A. If you have an existing order in or on the way to our stores, a member of our team will contact you as soon as it arrives to let you know how/when to collect safely, or to get your order sent to an address of your choosing free of charge.

Q. How long does it take for a response from Customer Service?

A. Based on the store closures and changes to Click and Collect guidelines in line with government restrictions, we’re experiencing a higher than usual level of queries. A member of our Customer Service team will reply to you as soon as possible. Please contact online@elverys.ie if your query is not answered below”

Q. Are your stores still open? 

A. Our stores will remind closed for the duration of the current Level 5 restrictions in line with government advice. You can shop safely with us as always at www.elverys.ie

Q. How long does it take to get my order?

A. Standard orders should be delivered in 1-5 working days with An Post

You can check the status of your order at:


Once dispatched for Home Delivery, you can track your order with An Post at:


Home Gym Items are delivered in 10-15 working days.

Q. I ordered multiple items and have not received all my order? 

A. Due to the size/weight/shape of orders, some items may need to be dispatched separately (such as orders with kettlebells, dumbbells etc…) so may arrive separately on different days. These orders would be dispatched from our Distribution Centre on the same day but may arrive separately from An Post.

Q. I’m looking to purchase a Home Gym Item, do you offer Assembly? 

A. In the interest of the health and safety of our customers and of our team members, we can’t offer Assembly in the current Level 5 restrictions. Home Gym items are available for doorstep delivery. For support with Assembly we have our Home Gym experts available to give help & advice via phone & video call.  To request a call back, just email your details to AssemblyHelp@elverys.ie.

Q. What is your current returns policy? 

A. We’re happy to extend our current returns policy so customers will have 30 days from when our stores reopen to safely return items to our stores or to our Distribution Centre. Please retain your proof of purchase.

Q. How do I return my purchase? 

A. For Online purchases, we offer free returns of standard orders via our partners in An Post. For details on how to do this, please visit www.anpost.com/Post-Parcels/Click-and-Post/Returns.

For store bought returns, these can only be returned through our store network. With our extended returns policy, we’ll be happy to look after you in any of our stores once we are back open after the current Level 5 restrictions.

Q. How long does it take to process my refund?

A. Returns are usually processed in the first few days they are received back but please allow up to 7 days for refunds to show up on your account. This depends on how long your bank or card issuer takes to process the refund on their side and it’s something we have no control over.

Q. Can I buy Intersport Elverys Gift Cards online? 

A. Yes, you can buy and use Intersport Elverys Gift Cards online. www.elverys.ie/store/elverys/en/c/GiftCards/p/GiftCards

Q. Can I use Intersport Elverys Gift Cards online? 

A. Our gift cards can be used Online and in stores, and our cards have no expiry date.

Q. Can I use One4All cards on your website? 

A. You can redeem up to €50 value on a One4All card on www.elverys.ie

Please note, One4All cards are treated as a debit/credit card, so you will not be able to use another debit/credit card for any balance. For this reason, we’d recommend only using One4All cards for purchases of €50 or less.

Q. I’ve received an incorrect item in my order?

A. In the unlikely event you receive the wrong items, please contact us straight away. The quickest way is to email online@elverys.ie or call 1850-438348 or 094-9020386.

Q. Can I use my student discount online?

A. We can’t currently offer Student Discount Online during Level 5 restrictions.

Q. I ordered a few items and I’m missing half my order. What should I do. No tracking number?

A. If one item was a Home Gym/Bulky item it would have been dispatched separately. Contact online@elverys.ie for more information on your order.

We hope this Q&A was helpful and answered some of your questions. If you feel you need to contact us directly, please send an email to online@elverys.ie. You can check out everything we have to offer HERE.

The Ultimate Guide to Home Workouts | Intersport Elverys

No gym? No problem! Here at Elverys, we’ve got you covered.

Working out at home can sometimes seem a little daunting or, dare we say it, uninspired.

It’s likely because we associate spending time at home with comfort, warmth, good food, Netflix and napping – all habits designed to help you relax and unwind.

That said, the gym is increasingly empty. Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, and working out from home is following suit. But where to start?

Our ultimate guide to home workouts will show you the A to Z of getting fit at home, from tips to make the most out of your environment to the best equipment for beginners and pros alike.

I want to build a home workout routine, but where do I start?

Preparation is key when it comes to working out at home.

Prioritise a space for home workouts

One of the best things about going to a gym is everything is set up for working out. You can get straight into your workout, no assembly required.

This is why it’s really important to designate a space for your home workout. Your mind will learn to associate this zone with energy and exercise, helping you get in the right mindset even if you’ve just left the couch.

If you have ample space, a shed or garage is the ideal place to host home workouts, or even set up a more permanent home gym. Alternatively, move furniture around in dining or sitting rooms, making as much space as you can.

Transform your environment into a home gym

Now that you have a workout zone, it’s time to bring the gym home. So, how can you motivate yourself to do a home workout and stick to a schedule? The same way a traditional gym does – by bringing in music and energy.

What music is best for a home workout?

Like fashion and food, it’s a personal choice. You’ll find plenty of high energy workout mixes online, from house to hip-hop. If it’s Motzart’s Requiem that gets your blood pumping, then go with that. It’s important to match the tempo of the music to the type of home workout you’re doing.

What do I need to workout at home?

Not a single thing! You can get a great home workout if you have a little space and time. Bodyweight exercises can often make the best home workout routines, effective for both losing weight and building muscle.

Start looking at your surroundings as potential workout equipment. Although we don’t recommend squatting the TV just yet, a standard chair can be used for dips, different types of push ups, step-ups and lunges, and a set of stairs is ideal for calf raises.

Of course, if you really love training and want to challenge yourself, investing in some home workout equipment is a great idea.

At home workouts for beginners: what you need

Want to commit to working out at home on the regular? Investing in a few pieces of equipment can seriously up your game, even if you’re a beginner.

  1.  Yoga or exercise mat: An exercise mat can help zone off your home workout space, as well as protect floors as you go!
  1. Resistance bands: One of the most minimal yet effective pieces of home workout equipment, resistance bands have a multitude of uses.
  1. Kettlebells: Simple yet effective, kettlebells come in a variety of weights so you can tailor your workout to your own needs.
  1. Pull up bar: Pull up bars slot neatly into your door frame to provide an effective and easy at home workout.
  1. Foam rollerFoam rollers are necessary for losing tight muscles post-workout, and preventing injury.
5 essential home workout items for a pro

Ready to take things to the next level? Splash out on bigger pieces of home workout equipment to make the most of your home gym.

  1. Treadmill: If you’re after a great cardio workout at home, a treadmill is the one for you. Treadmills help build stamina, strength and more, and the best part? You can do it in front of the TV.
  1. Dumbbells: Armed with a set of dumbbells and a proper home workout routine, you’ll be able to build muscle and strength in no time.
  1. Exercise bike: Row your way to fitness wherever you like on a high-quality rowing machine.
  1. Skipping rope: Simple but effective (it’s not a favourite of professional boxers for no reason), skipping ropes can give you a very effective cardio workout at home.
  1. Medicine ball: If you’re not one for working out alone, even at home, a medicine ball is a nifty piece of equipment that you can use with a workout partner.

So what is the best at home workout routine?

So you’re all set up – what now? Finding the most effective at home workout for you is based on a number of factors, like how much time you want to spend exercising and your current fitness level.

Try a few of our favourite home workouts below, and tailor them to fit your abilities if needs be.

Easy at home exercises to build core strength

The core works all day long at keeping the body upright. Too much time spent sitting or poor posture can lead to some muscles turning off completely or one side of your body becoming stronger than the other (your right, if you are right handed for example) – Balance is important here.

A strong core translates into practically every task your body performs. From walking and running, to good posture and breathing.

Plank and side plank

Girl performing plank on yoga mat at home

For the plank:

Keep your elbows under your shoulders and try to maintain a straight line from head to toe. It’s easy to drop the pelvis too low here or hike it up to high. Engage your core by consciously contracting your abdominal muscles.

For the side plank:

Lie on your side and use your forearm to support yourself while maintaining a neutral shape. Place your other hand on your hip. For a harder variation you can extend the arm above your head keeping it inline with the shoulders. Hold for 30-45 seconds, pause and repeat 2 more times. If that’s too hard, reduce the hold time and increase pauses between repetitions.

Russian twist

Fitness model in v-sit position at home, holding water bottle>

Sit up right with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Engage the core and raise your feet up so your back and thighs form a V-shape. Turn your torso from left to right using your hands to help maintain balance. You can add in weights here to make it more challenging, or even household items, like a water bottle.

The best lower body home workout exercises

These lower body exercises are great to get the blood pumping. If you’re a runner, supplementing runs with leg work can help you improve race times. See how many reps of each move you can complete in 30 to 45 second bursts, take a pause and repeat twice more.

Squats and lunges

Fitness model performing squat and lunge exercise at home

For the squat:

Position your feet just outside your hips with toes slightly turned out. For balance keep your hands straight out or close to your chest. Squat down to parallel and rise back up. Feel free to add in weights, a great addition to help build muscle at home.

For the lunge:

Stand upright with feet hip width apart. Extend your right leg out and move to a position where each thigh is at a 90 degree angle to each shin. Keep the trailing knee off the ground, return to standing and repeat on the opposite side.

Calf Raise

Model standing on toes working out at home

In a standing position, push up on to your toes, contracting the calf muscles and slowly lower back down. Keep a natural and relaxed posture throughout the move.

The best upper body home workout routine

Experiment with slow or fast paced movements in a controlled fashion. Go for 30 to 45 second bursts, pause, then repeat twice more for each exercise. Too easy? Go for a little longer. Too difficult? Take a longer pause between sets.

Press up

Model performing press up move

The original, classic press up: a staple of workout routines in every discipline. Place your hands a little outside your shoulders, keep the core engaged. For an easier option, balance on your knees instead of feet. Lower down to the floor gently and explode back up. For variations, play around with hand positioning, such as the diamond hand shape.

Single-arm shoulder press

Fitness model lifting water bottle above head

You can use a household item for this one such as a water bottle. Keep a neutral and relaxed upright posture. Make a 90 degree angle with your arm while holding the weight or bottle. Press upwards from the shoulder moving your arm to an almost straight position overhead. Return to the starting point and repeat. Keep a strong core to and place your free arm on your hip to support the upper body movement.

Bicep curl

Fitness model performing bicep curl with water bottle at home

Grab a comfortable weight and hold it with your palm facing forward at your side. Focusing on the bicep muscle, curl the weight upwards to the sky. Keep the elbow at your side lightly making contact with your torso. Return to the starting position and repeat.

How to craft the perfect home workout routine

To get an effective, challenging full body workout at home, pick two or three exercises from each of the core, leg and upper body sections. Mix and match as you please to find what suits you best – you’d be surprised how well the right combination of exercises can help build muscle at home.

Home workout FAQs

We have a few tips that can make working out at home a complete breeze!

Should you workout at home with a partner? 

Yes, if you can. A good workout partner can offer encouragement and really motivate you to push yourself. If you can’t have someone over, video calling can be just as fun and effective.

What’s the best time to do a home workout?

The best time to do a home workout is whatever time you have. If you used to attend a gym class, use that same time slot.

Make the schedule something you can stick to. We often start with the best of intentions, but telling yourself you’ll get up at 5.30 am to squeeze in a workout if you’re not a morning person isn’t the path to success. Be realistic when planning; a 20-minute at home workout is better than none at all.

Can you do cardio at home?

Laps of the sitting room? It’s a bit more fun than that.

You can get in a decent cardio workout at home in a limited amount of space. Check out our cardio workout at home to get started.

I don’t want to buy any equipment, what can I do?

Bodyweight exercises are the one for you!

Follow our bodyweight workout fitness professional Aishling Sheridan to get started.

I want to build muscle with an effective home workout, what do I need?

Lifting weights is one of the most effective ways to build muscle, and you can easily incorporate it into your home workout routine.

Invest in a set of dumbbells and follow our dumbbell workout. You’ll be stronger than ever in no time.

What should I wear to work out at home?

You might think exercising in your regular loungewear is fine, but to really get into the spirit of a dedicated workout at home, changing into gym wear is a must.

Arm yourself with a great sports bra, a comfortable gym t-shirt, and the perfect pair of leggings or joggers to get the most out of your performance.

What’s the best home workout without equipment for gaining muscle?

Yes, you can. When we think of growing muscle, we typically think of lifting heavy weights and really straining the body. If we don’t have the same tools available as we would in the gym, we need to be a little more precise with our workouts.

Slow down the exercise:

If you are using a low weight or resistance band, focus on reps at half or even a quarter of your usual pace. This increases the muscles time under tension greatly. You can still feel a burn with considerably less weight than you may be used to.

What’s great is that you can apply this technique with bodyweight exercises only as well. When performing a standard push up, go as slow as you can bear. You are forcing the muscles to adapt by doing this and this helps create growth.

Use gravity:

Another great technique is to focus on the downward movement or ‘negative’ portion of the exercise. We use gravity as the resistance here. With a push up, focus on the lowering movement; slowly lower your body to the floor and then explode back up. This is a new stimulus for the muscles involved.

This technique can be applied to any exercise from biceps curls to squats.

The ultimate home workout checklist

  • Set up a space: this is key.
  • Put on your best workout gear.
  • Choose your equipment – weights, bands, a chair, whatever!
  • Pump up the volume with an energising playlist.
  • Invite a workout partner.
  • Hydrate: water is your friend.
  • Go!

Here at Elverys, we know a thing or two about fitness. Get in touch with the team if you have any further questions on working out at home – they’re happy to help.

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