I hope the clean eating and exercise plans that have gyms heaving every January are still being maintained as we head deeper into February. For regular ‘gymmers’, January is met with a sigh of “here we go again”. Sunglasses are optional as gyms nationwide are swarmed with eager new clients dressed head to toe in spanking new gear, with colours ranging from black to neon and every print & pattern in between. Then February arrives and the peak times suddenly begin to resemble less and less like a sports themed nightclub plugging with protein shakers instead of alcohol! By the time the Spring rolls around normality usually ensues.

Unfortunately, for many, the fervour they tackle January with is often diminished by the time they hit Spring.  We’ve all heard the stories.  “I was up at six am four mornings this week at the gym, then I went out running every evening” and their new diet has rendered the need to chew redundant – as they juice everything possible in their Nutribullet! I certainly admire their enthusiasm… but it’s not smart. It simply isn’t sustainable, and exposure to such increases in exercise training in short periods of time increases the risk of injury. Strained muscle coupled with poor sleep and inadequate nutrition… “ah sure, the gym wasn’t for me anyway!”



I often get asked