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Not only are we giving you the chance for some extra excitement during Ireland’s three group games with our cracking Fantasy Football game, but, with thanks to our good friends at Umbro Ireland, the top scorer in for each Irish match on our Fantasy game will win a Irish jersey SIGNED BY THE ENTIRE 2016 SQUAD!!

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Runners up prizes will include the adidas Euro 2016 Official Match Ball and much more!!

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Hayley Coleman is one of the most sought after make-up artists in the country and will this year be running the VHI WMM for the first time. Elverysblog.com has been following her progress as she gears up the run on Monday June 6th.

We caught up with our Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon ambassador Hayley Coleman over the weekend as she geared herself up for her first Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon as the big day finally arrives.

Hayley has been hard at work getting herself race ready over the last number of months but she did meet a bit of bother recently as injury threatened to sideline her from the race. However, as she explains, she eased the pain with rest and recuperation.

“For the last two weeks I was carrying an injury in my lower back and it held me back a small bit so I have been doing smaller amounts. I’ve just been trying to keep myself ticking over without injuring myself further. I took a few days off because it got to a stage where it was very sore but the last week it improved and I was able to get back doing small amounts, just making sure I am ready for the race.

I’m feeling great now though and hopefully I’ll be able to do it in an ok time. The last week was just about getting myself as ready as I can before I run so it’s been good.”

The beautiful weather the country has experienced recently was a world away from the rainy conditions of when Hayley and thousands of others set out on their preparation for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon 2016 and that presents its own difficulties she said – albeit nicer ones!

“It’s quiet hard running in the heat – you have to make sure you’re well hydrated. I find anyway I can get dehydrated quickly but I make sure to take plenty of water on board before. It is nice though to run when it’s dry without wind and rain battering your face!”

“I normally don’t run with a water bottle anyway, I make sure I’m hydrated before my runs and on Monday there will be water stations along the way as well if I’m feeling like I need to get some water on board.”

It’s been a long road since Hayley started out but she admits that the fun element of the race has allowed her to work her training around her life and work.

“I was away last weekend so that threw my training a bit, but it allowed me not to start focusing too much on the race either. At the end of the day it’s not a competition, and you don’t want to start worrying about it. I’ve been as good as I can but I have allowed myself a few treats – you have to enjoy it all as well. I won’t go out over the weekend though , that would completely ruin me,” she laughed, before adding, “but I’ll be as good as I can and get as much rest as possible.”

Already looking ahead to this evening and her recovery after the event Hayley sung the praises of her foam roller once again – and advised her fellow runners to get their hands on one if they can. She also emphasised the importance of a proper warm-up ahead of today’s race.

“The foam roller I’m living on at the moment! With my back and glutes I need to use that before and after training. Sometimes I wasn’t warming up enough so that’s something that I’ll certainly make sure I do before the race is warm-up properly! It’s one thing I’d say to everyone doing the race, don’t start without a warm-up, it could be the difference between you finishing today or not. But certainly the foam roller has really helped. It’s great and it’s something I know I’ll be using on Monday night!!”

Elverys Intersport wishes everyone taking part in today’s Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon all the very best of luck on this wonderful occasion!


Denis Hurley is one of the top GAA writers in the country and is a keen student and pre-eminent voice on the history of jerseys in the GAA

We don’t have access to any figures yet, but we’d be fairly confident in saying that Dublin top the county jersey sales charts – the combination of population and success sees to that.

Capitalising (pardon the pun) on this, not since 1998 have the Dubs had a shirt which has lasted for more than two years and twice in that time, 2009 and ’13, have jerseys lasted for just a year due to sponsor changes.

Unsurprisingly, given the marquee status of the county, O’Neills have almost always given Dublin something different. Year zero for GAA shirt ‘design’ is 1991, when extra lines were added to counties’ sleeves. Dublin did share that with a lot of other counties, but the jersey introduced in 1994 was something out of the ordinary and, while it would be copied by Clare, that wasn’t until 1998, when the Dubs had moved on.

Since then, pretty much every other strip worn by the Metropolitans has been in a style not utilised anywhere else – even the pedestrian-looking 2010 offering had unique shadow-striping. A very similar look featured on the just-departed 2014-15 kit, but that may have had something to do with the suddenness of AIG’s replacing Vodafone as sponsors and, in any case, the shade of blue – close, if not identical, to AIG’s – was a new departure.

Dublin created a lot of hype around the launch of the latest kit, and we must say we loved touches like the acknowledgment of what has gone before with the #drawnfromhistory hashtag.

While the flashes on the sleeves are the same as those featured on a lot of new O’Neills jerseys this year – Cork, Galway and Down sport them – the uniqueness comes from the collar, in two senses: most counties have been going for what O’Neills call the ‘Mandarin neck’ (basically a crew neck with an insert) of late, and secondly it’s a totally new style of collar, with the ‘v’ being shallower than seen before.

It’s the colour configuration which has drawn the most comment, though – white has usurped navy as the secondary hue on the jersey, harking back to before the 1970s, when sky blue and white were the county colours. It’s a fairly fresh look – if a bit Manchester City!

The shorts are the usual navy while the socks are also that colour (they have alternated between navy and sky blue in the past while), and white is only used for text. If the retro look was the idea, then white shorts and sky blue socks would have been a logical, if radical, approach (see pic 2).

Alternatively, they could have kept the usual look, with navy more prominent than white on the jersey (pic 3), but this would have been too safe, tried and trusted. If they were set on white for the collar and stripes on the jersey, then perhaps the best compromise would have been extending the Jack and Meg White (White Stripes, get it?) look onto the shorts and socks (pic 4)?

t’s certainly different and new, as we would expect from the Dubs, but certainly one that has caught the eye already this summer!

Check out more from Denis on Twitter @museumofjerseys and on his brilliantly detailed website prideinthejersey.com

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It is almost time to put all the training of the last number of months into practise at the Vhi Women’s Mini- Marathon. But before you do, you get the chance to double check you are really race day ready. The coming days are your final opportunity to grab last minute accessories and apparel you may need. Not only can Elverys expert staff offer you advice but they can provide free services that will help you to make the most informed and appropriate choice.

Remember if there is something missing from your active wardrobe, fix it sooner, not later. You have trained hard enough to be entitled to enjoy the experience in both comfort and style.

Treat your feet right

No two feet are the same so when you pop into Elverys Intersport make sure to talk to our Fitness Experts about Gait analysis which will allow our staff recommend footwear to best suit your individual needs for free. We also offer foot assessment and customised insole moulding from Footbalance. These insoles are 100% custom-fit, with individual moulds made of each foot. They can provide support and added comfort during any activity.

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Don’t compromise

Chaffing, pains, discomfort, sagging breasts, embarrassment – why put yourself through it when you really don’t have to? Exercising without a sports bra or in the wrong size sports bra can be highly distracting and ultimately affect your training. With only skin and tissue in the breasts you cannot re-shape or tone the area once damaged. It is irreversible. Elverys carry the Shock Absorber sports bras, which has been research proven to reduce bounce and subsequently protect the breast and its supporting structures. Exercise in confidence, comfort and style after you have a free sports bra fitting. Staff will be on hand at all registration days to provide advice and sizing.

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Weather dependent

With weather never a certainty (despite the glorious last few days, you just never know on the day!) it is important to always cover every possibility. A lightweight rain jacket with breathable vents should be a staple in every active ladies wardrobe – the ProTouch Madeline (in race day pink!) is an ideal jacket that isn’t too heavy should the sun break through. A baselayer or undergarment will ensure temperature regulation and may provide some compression also. Compression elements provide increased blood flow improving performance and aiding recovery – like the 2XU range which looks stylish as well as  helping you stay injury free. By keeping temperature stable and staying dry you are protecting your body against not only the elements but sickness also.

Accessorize your ensemble

Accessories are always important as well and with our Ultimate Performance Waterbottles, Nike headbands, hats and sweat bands to keep hair off your face, shade eyes from the sun or just give a sporty look to your outfit we have every detail taken care of. Add in our lightweight media armband to secure your musical accompaniment and you’re all set!

Best of luck to everyone involved in Monday’s Vhi Mini Marathon, looking forward to see you all at the finish line!!