It is almost time to put all the training of the last number of months into practise at the Vhi Women’s Mini- Marathon. But before you do, you get the chance to double check you are really race day ready. The coming days are your final opportunity to grab last minute accessories and apparel you may need. Not only can Elverys expert staff offer you advice but they can provide free services that will help you to make the most informed and appropriate choice.

Remember if there is something missing from your active wardrobe, fix it sooner, not later. You have trained hard enough to be entitled to enjoy the experience in both comfort and style.

Treat your feet right

No two feet are the same so when you pop into Elverys Intersport make sure to talk to our Fitness Experts about Gait analysis which will allow our staff recommend footwear to best suit your individual needs for free. We also offer foot assessment and customised insole moulding from Footbalance. These insoles are 100% custom-fit, with individual moulds made of each foot. They can provide support and added comfort during any activity.

Elverys have a range of technical socks with a variety of features to suit all – padded, seam-free, odour treated, compression, ventilated or braced arches. Elverys also carry the very popular  Hilly-1000 Mile-Pro Touch Running socks that help to reduce the likelihood of blisters. Moisture wicking technology in the range helps to keep your feet dry and cool.

Don’t compromise

Chaffing, pains, discomfort, sagging breasts, embarrassment – why put yourself through it when you really don’t have to? Exercising without a sports bra or in the wrong size sports bra can be highly distracting and ultimately affect your training. With only skin and tissue in the breasts you cannot re-shape or tone the area once damaged. It is irreversible. Elverys carry the Shock Absorber sports bras, which has been research proven to reduce bounce and subsequently protect the breast and its supporting structures. Exercise in confidence, comfort and style after you have a free sports bra fitting. Staff will be on hand at all registration days to provide advice and sizing.

Add to this the brilliant EVB range of sportswear for women and you will be secure and ready to take on the world.

ProTouch, the exclusive to Intersport range, is designed with all ladies in mind – every shape, size, height and fit can be catered for. Let our friendly and helpful staff find what best suits your activity, style and shape. Not only stylish but practical too – the ProTouch range of t-shirts, tights & Capri pants offers smart features including moisture wicking fabrics, anti-chafe flat seams, high waist bands and feminine designs. With the Nike Dri-Fit Essentials and Asics Running Apparel ranges also available in store, there is no shortage of fashion friendly and practical clothing on offer for race day.

Weather dependent

With weather never a certainty (despite the glorious last few days, you just never know on the day!) it is important to always cover every possibility. A lightweight rain jacket with breathable vents should be a staple in every active ladies wardrobe – the ProTouch Madeline (in race day pink!) is an ideal jacket that isn’t too heavy should the sun break through. A baselayer or undergarment will ensure temperature regulation and may provide some compression also. Compression elements provide increased blood flow improving performance and aiding recovery – like the 2XU range which looks stylish as well as  helping you stay injury free. By keeping temperature stable and staying dry you are protecting your body against not only the elements but sickness also.

Accessorize your ensemble

Accessories are always important as well and with our Ultimate Performance Waterbottles, Nike headbands, hats and sweat bands to keep hair off your face, shade eyes from the sun or just give a sporty look to your outfit we have every detail taken care of. Add in our lightweight media armband to secure your musical accompaniment and you’re all set!

Best of luck to everyone involved in Monday’s Vhi Mini Marathon, looking forward to see you all at the finish line!!