Stay Motivated this Winter with Louise Shanahan | WeRun

As part of Intersport Elverys WeRUN , we asked Irish runner and 800m athlete Louise Shanahan to bring us through some of her tips for staying motivated throughout the cold Winter months. Have a read below on what she recommends.

It is that time of year when motivation can start to waiver and excuses can start to creep in, “It is too cold… too dark… too wet…”. Everybody struggles with motivation from time to time but it is important to not let those good habits start to slide. So, what can you do to help you stay motivated? Well, here are some of my top tips for staying motivated this winter.

Set Goals

Sometimes winter training seems like it is never going to end, as the days get shorter and you spend more and more time running in the dark you can easily start to lose motivation. Setting goals is a great way to give focus to your training. Your goal can be anything from running 5K without stopping to making an international vest. Write your goal down, plan how you are going to achieve it and don’t forget to celebrate when you do!

Track Your Progress

Training diaries are great for keeping a record of what you have completed. They keep you accountable and are a very useful tool to look back on to find what works for you. Training diaries also act as a permanent record of your accomplishments. If you are struggling for motivation, a quick look back through your training diary can remind you of how far you have come and give you that little push you need to keep going.

Find a Training Partner

Training partners are great because not only do they make runs more enjoyable but they also keep you accountable. Knowing that someone else is waiting for you is a great way to get yourself out of bed in the morning or off the couch after a long day of work. Training partners can also drive you to the next level by pushing you on when the going gets tough. My fastest reps are always the ones where I am either chasing someone or else running my heart out trying not to be caught! (Extra Tip: Training partners are also great for a post run coffee and chat!)

Small Bits Often

We have all tried to introduce a new habit and found that we went all in for the first week and then never did it again. Whether it is getting out for a run, some strength and conditioning or good recovery habits, the benefits come from consistency over time. Try to start with frequent small manageable bits that you can maintain over weeks and then months, rather than exhausting yourself in the first week and then never doing it again!

Try a New Route

Running the same loop around your house can definitely start to feel monotonous and don’t even get me started on out and back runs. Finding a new running route can add a bit of excitement to your runs and it also offers you an opportunity to mix things up by running a small bit further or adding in a hill. If you are struggling to find a new route, try running your normal loop in reverse, – surprisingly it’s quite different!

Look Good Feel Good

This one might seem strange but there is something about wearing some shiny new gear that just makes you feel good. I believe that looking good gives you more confidence and confidence is a great tool for running fast! I love getting new running gear and I am always super excited to try them out on a test run ASAP. This doesn’t only apply to new gear. I often try to save my favourite items of running gear for the bigger sessions in the week. Knowing that I am wearing my favourite running top gives me confidence and puts me in a great position to smash my session! If you are looking for a confidence boost or just fancy some new gear have a look in your local Intersport Elverys store.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you stay motivated this Winter and help you keep on track for all your running goals!

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Tips for Winter running with Asics FrontRunner Jonathan | WeRun

As part of Intersport Elvery’s WeRun we had Asics Frontrunner Jonathan Kenneally bring us through some tips to remember when running this winter. Have a read through below where you’ll be sure to learn a thing or two when prepping for your next run.

Things to remember when running this winter

It is that time of the year when day light is hard to come by when training but you still have to get out there and do it. You really need to put some thought into your route, clothing and expectations. Here are some tips to make sure you are ready for winter running.

Light up

When I talk about lighting up I don’t mean just a headlamp but also the clothing you are wearing. Even if you are running on footpaths you should make sure you are seen. It is important to wear Hi VIZ clothing such as a vest and flashing lights. ASICS also have great reflective winter kit which means everyone will see you as you go out and enjoy your run.

Layer up

Weather is going to be very changeable over the coming months so you need to be prepared for all conditions. When you get your kit ready make sure you know what it is going to be like outside. The last thing you want to be is too cold or even too hot. When the weather gets colder I usually wear a few light layers so when I’m starting out I’m not too cold and as the session goes on I can take off the layers as I warm up. Its good to have a hat and gloves ready as well. I always find I enjoy my run more when I can feel my fingers. During cool down it is important to make sure you keep warm and put back on the layers as needed.

Warm up

Warming up should be part of every session you do but that isn’t always the case. You could be short on time and you want to get a session done or maybe it is a light session so you are taking it easy. But when it comes to winter it is extra important that you make sure you are well warmed up. The last thing you want to do is go straight into a tough session cold. Take an extra few mins to loosen out and get your body ready for what is to come. Some jogging, dynamic stretching and of course layer up.

Be careful

During the summer months you have a lot more options where you can run. When it comes to winter you need to think about your route. Try find somewhere that is lit up and safe to run on. A well lit area will mean you are seen but you can also see clearly where you are going. The last thing you want to do is trip over a cracked pavement or debris on the road which could mean your winter training is spent nursing an injury rather than enjoying your training. Maybe find a track, a walkway or a city route where there are lots of footpaths and choice. Watch out for leaves on the paths and wear the appropriate shoes so you don’t slip. During winter months you may have to alter your run due to flooded paths or icy conditions so have a Plan B just in case. Always listen to weather warnings, if its not safe to go out there will always be another day to get your run done.

Find a race

Just because its winter it doesn’t mean you don’t have to race. There are less races out there but to keep things fresh look out for local races that are on over the weekends. There are plenty of Parkruns around the country that could break up a training block on a Saturday morning and can even be incorporated it into your session.

Enjoy it

But the most important thing is to go out and enjoy yourself. It may be hard to get out of bed when the alarm goes off and its raining outside or you sit down on the couch before your evening run and get comfortable but you will look back on your winter running and remember the tough sessions in the cold, wet and windy weather and know it was all worthwhile. Why not bring a training partner out with you. It will not only make your run more enjoyable but will also mean you are less likely to stay on the couch!

Hopefully some of these tips will help you stay safe and run with a smile during your winter sessions.

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