October 31, 2023

Most Popular Home Gym Christmas Gifts 2023

This Home Gym Christmas Gifts Guide will help you give that special someone in your life the gift of a well-equipped home gym in 2022.

We understand that it might be difficult to justify the high cost of home gym equipment, especially at the holiday season.

That’s why we’ve added a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option utilising Humm. You can use this to buy our Home Gym equipment and spread the cost over a period of time that works for you!

And with the many options we provide for Home Gym equipment, it can be of tremendous assistance.

As an extension of this, we also maintain a Gifts Guide for Her blog and a Gifts Guide for Him blog.

Here are some of the best products and lowest prices on the web.

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023

Home Gym Christmas Gifts: Cardio Machines


The treadmill is the workhorse of any respectable home gym.

The great thing about having one in Ireland is that you can work on your cardio anytime, regardless of the weather.

The ProForm Sport TL is an excellent option to get your home gym started.

For the real premium option, the NordicTrack C1750 has an impressive 14” HD Touchscreen and an amplified premium sound system which will make your interactive training experience feel more immersive than ever.

The AutoAdjust™ technology allows you to focus on your workouts and let your 1750 treadmill adjust your incline, decline, and speed automatically.

There is also our best-seller, the NordicTrack EXP 5i which is incredibly affordable and really powerful in terms of performance.

It has tonnes of cool features, is portable, and only costs €40 a month with humm (currently, that works out to be €1,199).

Check out the full range of NordicTrack Treadmills HERE.

Our full range of treadmills are below.

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023

Exercise Bikes

Instead of a treadmill, you may use an exercise bike, spin bike, or the dreaded assault bike to get in shape!

They’ll provide a great workout for very little room.

All fitness levels can benefit from the RotoCycle SP-250 now on sale for just €299 or or pay €59.80 through Humm with 4 Fortnightly payments. 

It’s an excellent, no-frills cardio equipment that requires minimal upkeep. To learn more, see our video, “How to Buy a Spin Bike,” right here.

IF you want something with a more premium feel, the The NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle is the latest model of the Commercial indoor Bike Series by NordicTrack with an impressive 22-inch full HD touchscreen, providing access to high-energy iFit trainer-led workouts streamed to its crystal-clear display.

If assault bikes are your thing, the new and improved Rotocycle T2000 X Air Bike comes with a lot of innovations, relating to comfort, stability, durability and overall function. There’s currently 33% off and it’s available for €799.

For optimum space saving, the ProForm 210 CSX Upright Bike will allow you to improve endurance, increase calorie burn and improve muscle tone.

In addition, iFit technology provides added fun to your training thanks to live classes, guided workouts around the planet or the possibility of virtual bicycle races.

Check out the full list below.

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023

Stationary Bikes/Rowers

The full-body workout that he or she will get from rowing or cross-training is unbeatable.

The NordicTrack RW700 Rower will automatically adjust the resistance as you enjoy world-class On-Demand training sessions with elite iFIT trainers. It’s a really elite machine.

You can get this for only €56 per-month too through humm.

The new ProForm Sport 5.0 cross-trainer is equipped with the versatile iFit® workout app, resulting in extensive workout possibilities.

The ProForm Sport 5.0 cross-trainer not only provides a high level of workout comfort but allows you to have a smart and motivating workout. Thanks to its solid and high-quality design, workouts on the cross-trainer are extremely fun.

There is also the NordicTrack SE71 Cross-Trainer SpaceSaver allows you to power through your toughest workouts with reduced impact. Climb high, run far, and push hard with less wear and tear.

Push the pace or take it easy, with the 22 digital resistance levels, it’s as simple as pressing a button.

Cross-trainers stand out from the crowd of cardio machines because of the special care they take of your body and the safety they provide for your joints.

Read on for the complete list of rowers HERE.

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023: Weight Training Equipment

Invest in a good weight bench and get ready to pump some iron for some real strength training.

Injuries are another common problem that may be avoided by using one, making them a valuable addition to any home gym.

For just €169, you can have this versatile and durable Rival B2 Weights Bench, which currently has 24% off.

It’s a professional multifunctional bench for intense and versatile strength training. The weight bench is a real all-rounder.

There is also the Rival Olympic B6 Weights Bench that has some extra features and is on sale for only €299. It will provide you with various exercises, such as perfect biceps curl, bench press, bench press, abdominal muscle training, leg exercises.

This multi-purpose weight bench from Rival, the B9, is presently 37% discounted and available for just €99 per month.

It serves as a bench, a place to sit while you work out, and a place to store your fitness gear.

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023


A multi-gym is the best choice for people who have limited space in their homes but yet want to get the most out of their exercise equipment.

These implements are capable of delivering full-body blows.

This fantastic Rival Multi-Gym 1.0 Weight Station offers 30 distinct exercises for just €299.

In addition to working your lats, back, chest, legs, and arms/shoulders, you may also use the Rival Multi-Gym 3.0 Weight Station.

It’s available for a low monthly price of only €99.

We all know that space is at a premium in these multi-gyms, which is why we’re excited to offer our Wall Mounted Pulley Station, which provides all the benefits of a cable machine without the need for the room.

And for you serious home gymers, the Multi Gym 5.0 weight station is a serious piece of equipment to hit your full body with heavy weights and in quite a compact space.

Check them all out in the link below.

Gym Christmas Gifts 2023


Weights are the foundation of any fitness facility or routine.

You must get some form of weight training equipment, be it dumbbells, barbells, plates, or anything else.

Fortunately, our selection is extensive and of high quality, and it caters to people of various shapes, sizes, and skill levels.

Any beginner can afford this Rival 20 kg Dumbbell set, which retails at just €55 can get you started for very little.

You can match them with this 50kg set of vinyl barbells to complete the set. If you’re looking to up the weight, there is a 100kg Olympic set right here for a very affordable price.

But that’s not all.

Kettlebells are wonderful for a whole-body workout, and you can see our full selection of them here, along with our barbells and dumbbells.

Learn more about all the available weights HERE or further down.

Home Gym Gifts Accessories

A few inexpensive details can also make a home gym.

This PTP Resistance Multi System allows you to get a really good resistance bands workout at home. But you can also take it on the road and make sure you don’t miss a workout!

For the full works, don’t miss this incredible PTP Resistance Platform System that allows you to perform free weight exercises in the comfort of your own home. You can also customise the resistance levels wit the tubes, anchor points and bar, so you can add in squats, lunges, deadlifts, bent over rows and more.

Think of it as a portable squat rack.

There’s also this PTP Microband combo pack that will help joint stability and muscular strength, ideal for hips, legs, glutes and shoulders.

It is portable and compact enough to hang on a door at home or take with you on the road.

The Bahe Essential Yoga mat will make your yoga workouts more pleasant, and the PTP Ab Sculpt Wheel will help any gym-goer develop an incredible core.

Read more about all the available add-ons at the link below.


We hope that you will be Inspired by Sport in 2023, and that you will have the finest Christmas ever.

See our full Home Gym Range HERE.