September 18, 2020

FootBalance – 100% Custom Insoles

Developed by medical professionals in collaboration with doctors, physiotherapists, podiatrists and professional athletes, FootBalance provides a personalised, professional foot analysis and 100% customised insoles, delivering natural foot alignment and a perfect fit every time in under 10 minutes.

FootBalance 100% custom insoles support your feet properly in a neutral position aiding a balanced stance and correct body posture, addressing a wide range of issues caused by foot misalignment.

Fitted by experts in selected Intersport Elverys stores, FootBalance 100% custom insoles provide:

  • Natural arch support and foot & ankle alignment
  • Customised comfort & the perfect fit
  • Enhanced performance
  • Better overall foot health


  1. Using FootBalance’s patented technology, Intersport Elverys’ in-store experts will assess your feet and the effects they have on your total body alignment.

2. FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles are individually moulded to your unique feet, ensuring you get the correct amount of support and comfort for your active lifestyle.

3. Intersport Elverys staff will use the information from your free foot analysis to recommend the right shoe for you.

4. Your FootBalance 100% Custom insoles will then be fitted to the shoe that has been expertly recommended for you, ensuring the perfect fit!

At INTERSPORT Elverys, staff are committed to offering expert advice and recommendations while helping you every step of the way. Call in-store when we re-open and get your FREE FOOT ANALYSIS in under 10 minutes.