June 15, 2018

FootBalance for Running

One question we always get asked in store is ‘what exactly is FootBalance?’.

Essentially, it’s a 100% customised insole that we specially mould to your feet, it’s 100% unique to you. It actually adjusts your alignment from your feet up through your entire body improving full-body movement whether you are walking to work or doing your long run on Sunday. FootBalance improves your performance by correcting your posture and reducing impact through your body. Easing plantar fasciitis and shin splints, FootBalance is a must if you suffer from injury and a go-to for injury prevention. It’s a quick and easy process to get moulded by one of our experts in selected stores. 

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to your feet:

Arch type
  • Collapsed arch: leading to poor foot function and are commonly associated with overpronation foot type. This arch type can lead to instability and poor shock absorption causing pain and increasing susceptibility to injury.
  • Low arch: lead to excessively poor foot motion, instability and minimal shock absorption, and if untreated can fall further into a collapsed arch.
  • Normal arch: good shock absorbing ability but can still be at the risk of overpronation particularly if your arch types differ from right to left foot.
  • High arch: often too rigid or inflexible which increases supination through foot motion. This results in poor shock absorption, much of which is then transmitted up the kinetic chain into the leg, hip and back.

Foot type
  • Overpronation: foot rolls excessively inward, distributing weight unevenly across the foot. Commonly known as having flat feet, this foot type is commonly associated with increased risk of injury.
  • Underpronation/Supination: the least common of the three foot types. This foot type vastly reduces the body’s natural shock absorbing capability. Highlighted by an external rotation, pushing the body’s weight along the outside of the foot.
  • Neutral: where your foot and ankle maintain a straight line. Weight is distributed evenly across the forefoot and down through the heel.


When running, knowing your foot type and arch type and support both with our FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles while greatly improve your health, performance and long-term enjoyment of the sport. FootBalance 100% Custom Sports Insoles support your feet over those long miles of unforgiving surfaces and increase shock absorption giving you better endurance, energy return through the flexible insole and injury prevention.

The impact of each foot striking the ground in running is equivalent of three to five times of your body weight – or more! As you run this is repeated at every step, which can cause stress injuries, pain and excess wear on joints. Plantar fasciitis, shin splints and runner’s knee are common injuries that occur from impact.

Get the most out of your Run with FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles.

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