July 26, 2022

SUP Boards Ireland: The Ultimate Guide

Summer is here and SUP Boards, or a paddle board, are all the trend in Ireland right now.

SUP Boarding has exploded in popularity over the past decade for a number of reasons.

Not least of all because we have some of the most beautiful and scenic beaches and rivers, it can be super relaxing and fun, or it can even be a brilliant workout!

Ever heard of SUP Board Yoga?

If you haven’t then it’s worth trying!

However, if you are here just to learn a bit more about SUP Boarding – where to buy them, which one to buy and why, locations or where to get lessons – then you are in the right place.

Sounds good?

We’ve also got some really cool video content below, or if you’re interested in Watersports, check out our Ultimate Guide to Watersports in Ireland blog.

Sup Boards Ireland

SUP Boards Ireland: Getting Started

Non-inflatable versus inflatable SUP Board

First things first, you need to decide whether you want an inflatable paddle board or a non-inflatable paddle board.

If you’re just starting off, then we highly recommend an inflatable paddle board or SUP Board because of sheer practicality and affordability.

Check out our Review Blog on the Best Inflatable SUP Boards right HERE. 

Non-inflatable or solid paddle boards are the higher-end, more expensive, and performance-focused SUPs.

Depending on the discipline being practiced, their shape will change, but because they are solid, they may be molded into the most streamlined forms and efficient rails.

While inflatable paddle boards or Sup Boards are becoming the most popular item on the market.

Since they are inflatable, there is no need for roof racks or a large garage, making it simple to store and move the board (simply in the car or in their luggage) to the closest body of water.

As the boards are inflated, they become more rigid. The top and bottom of the board are being pulled against each other by thousands of individual strands (aka drop stitching) woven into the inside as the air fills the chambers and it expands.

This intricate weaving keeps the boards incredibly light while yet giving them strength and rigidity.

Paddle Board/SUP Board Ireland shape and size

You must locate the appropriate size and shape for you while selecting a paddle board.

Your choice of paddle board should support you in the water and offer the proper amount of stability for your degree of expertise, prior experience, environmental factors, and general needs.

The size and weight limit of your board will affect this.

The length, weight, and height of the paddle board are used to calculate the volume in litres.

Simply put, your board can support more weight the larger its volume.

Why not consider a multi-person SUP Board like below.

Length/Width & Weight

A child, or someone who may be used to surfing are more suited to shorter boards because of how easy they are to move.

While if you want to do some yoga or exercise then a medium sized board is good.

If you’re adventurous and plan on going longer distances at faster speed, you want a long board that has increased stability.

We’ve got boards ranging from 9 to 12 foot, that cater for single and multi persons.

SUP Boards measure between 25-36 inches. The wider the board the easier to handle.

The larger the person the more stability you are going to need to avoid falling off all the time!

In terms of weight, the board and its load will impact the control of the paddle board.

So ask yourself:

  1. What weight am i?
  2. What gear will I bring?
  3. Do I want more than one person on the paddle board?
  4. Am I a beginner, medium or advanced paddle boarder or SUP Boarder.

SUP Board Accessories

You’ll also need a few bits and bobs to go SUP Boarding.

Thankfully, our SUP Boards come with a whole host of accessories to make your experience easier.

However, we also sell some of these individually if you need them.

Don’t forget accessories like:

  • A paddle – make sure to check if it’s the correct height
  • Strap (keeps the board attached to your leg)
  • Carrier bag to hold your inflatable sup and accessories
  • Pump
  • A life vest – safety first!
  • A dry bag to store all your valuables like a phone, wallet etc
  • A wetsuit – especially if it’s cold!

SUP Boards Ireland

Best SUP Board Locations in Ireland

We’ve got some of the most amazing beaches, rivers and lakes at our doorstep, which is stand up paddle boarding heaven.

Check out this blog from Ireland’s Adventure Magazine, Outsider, which ranks the top ten places to SUP Board in Ireland.

Should I get stand up paddle board lessons?

This is a common questions and we would recommend doing so if you want to maximise your experience.

You will have fun, the lessons are very easy and relaxed and you will learn some really important techniques.

There are loads of local Sup Board Schools at all the best locations, so do a quick Google to find one near you.

Just remember, SUP Boarding is harder than it looks, so don’t underestimate the value of some expert advice.


We think you’re now ready for the water!

We guarantee you will have fun, so check out our unbelievable range of SUP Boards HERE or below.

And of course, remember that water safety is so important.

If SUP Boards aren’t your thing but Kayaks are, check our this BLOG. 


SUP Boards Ireland