Our Top Inflatable Kayaks Ireland Review

If you’re in Ireland and looking to buy  inflatable kayaks, then look no further than this blog.

The absolute beauty of inflatable kayaks is being able to pack them up into a convenient bag afterwards, making them easy to move around.

Especially compared to a 12 foot long hard kayak!

As well as reviewing some of our most popular inflatable kayaks, we’ll also share some essential pieces of advice when buying.

We hope it will help you.

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If not, read on.

inflatable kayaks ireland

Inflatable Kayaks Ireland: Buying Tips

Aim for Quality

There is a large amount of inflatable kayak options out there now, but one thing we really recommend is to not buy cheap.

Because you don’t want problems when you’re out on the water, right?

So don’t think buying the cheaper option here is better.

You pay for quality and you will get it in return.

Multi-layer inflatable kayaks

Single layer inflatable kayaks are to be avoided if you’re looking for longevity and reliance.

Inflatable kayaks with multiple layers offer much greater versatility than kayaks with just one layer.

Through the use of an outer fabric that protects against UV rays, abrasion, and punctures, they provide much greater protection.

This makes them an excellent option for leisurely recreational use in sheltered water where you’ll be paddling for more than a few hours. Additionally, there are variants that are excellent for adventures, river paddling, and kayak fishing.


We advise looking into investing in something a little more heavy duty if you want to explore outside sheltered water areas, such as bays, canals, and gently flowing rivers.

Maintaining the straight line of your inflatable kayak is another performance consideration.

Look into purchasing an inflatable kayak with a skeg if you want to stop going in circles all the time.

This tracking fin is comparable to that of a stand-up paddle board.

inflatable kayaks ireland


The seats on many of these inflatable kayaks may not initially look unpleasant, but they can quickly get grating and uncomfortable.

You’ll be glad you made the investment in firmer kayak seats when your back and bum thank you.

Alternatively, if you know you’ll be paddling more frequently, you can swap out the sitting for some stronger kayak seats.

Pump and paddle quality

Frequently, package purchases include a paddle and a pump as well.

In the short term, the pump might get by with these, but they are frequently of extremely poor quality. We strongly advise you to spend more money on a stronger paddle for longer paddles to ensure your safety.


Single layer, multilayer, and drop stitch inflatable kayaks won’t take up all the space in your house when they are not in use.

So these kayaks can be a smart choice to think about if your storage options are restricted.

Inflatable Kayaks Ireland Review

Aqua Marina Laxo 9’4”

1 Person

Price: €399

Designed for one person, this recreational aimed inflatable kayak is tough, versatile and perfect for the beginner.

You can explore lakes and rivers and is more suited to your shorter trips.

The AquaShell technology means it has a heavy duty shell for a real tough durability as well as having a handy splash guard on the bow to protect the cockpit.

There is an adjustable bungee system at the front too to keep any luggage you have secure, while it also comes with a backpack for storage!

Aqua Marina Memba 12’10”

2 Person


This luxury aimed inflatable kayak excels in tracking and speed with an extra-long waterline.

So if you’re looking for a longer distance adventure with a friend or loved on, this is for you.

The shell is tough as nails, while the low rocker hull design and high pressure drop-stitch deck lets it glide through water effortlessly, so you won’t be exhausted paddling!

It’s quite light weight too (13.4kg) and it is a dream to back away and transport.

You will get a backpack, hand pump and premium seats, while it also has a super-fast water draining system if you’re in whitewater or the ocean.

Aqua Marina Tomahawk Air-K 12’4”

1 Person

Price: €749

This is an absolute performance machine for the true adventurer!

The brand new design  gives the user speed, comfort and stability and is the perfect cruiser with a light load.

You will also be amazed at the design quality the Tomahawk Air-K offers, with its moulded v-shaped form under bow and stern for performance and manoeuvrability.

The spongy and adjustable seat and footrest is a brilliant touch to finish off a real gem of an inflatable kayak in Ireland.

You will actually be fooled thinking it is a traditional hard finish kayak when inflated given the stiffness and speed it offers.

Plus you can also get a 2-person version.


Inflatable kayaks have to be tried and we’re sure you might never go back once you do.

Have fun and stay safe on the water though!

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inflatable kayaks ireland