Our Inflatable Paddle/SUP Board Review Guide

We don’t want to exaggerate here, but we genuinely think the inflatable paddle board is one of the biggest game-changers in the business.

With it, you no longer have to worry about lugging around a 10-foot long board, roof racks or finding space at home to store your hard paddle board.

Plus, the technology being used nowadays make these extremely durable, even more so than the hardboard, lightweight and are brilliant for all levels.

They are also really, really affordable!

In this blog, we’re going to break down some of our favourite inflatable paddle boards by Aqua Marina and Fire Fly.

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We will find the right one for you!

inflatable paddle board

How are they made?

The inflatable paddle board first came about when SUP Boarding became global.

Two layers of polyester cloth are “drop stitched” together with countless polyester threads to create inflatable paddle boards.

The exterior surfaces of both sides of the material are then covered with an airtight coating.

Polyester fabric with a coating on both sides is the substance used for the SUP sidewalls. In order to create an airtight board, wide-seam tape is then adhered over each seam.


Inflatable Paddle Board Review

The Beginner Board: Aqua Marina Breeze 9’ 10”

Weight: 7.9kg (net)

Price: €389

The Breeze is an ideal inflatable paddle board for beginners and those looking to hit the water for the first time.

It is part of the All-Round range and the smallest model in that, with a capacity of about 100Kgs.

If you’re looking for a bigger version, there is the Vapor, Fusion or Monster to consider.

An easier ride is what this inflatable paddle board gives you, along with more space for luggage or you dog!

It even has a zip backpack and comes with a kit including a pump, paddle, backpack and safety leash.

Advanced Inflatable Paddy Board: Aqua Marina Beast 10’ 16”

Weight: 8.7kg (net)

Price: €549

The Aqua Marina Beast inflatable paddle board give you versatility, unrivalled quality and the best innovation.

These boards are designed for a multitude of conditions wit the shorter versions like the Beast suited to catch some waves!

While the longer models such as the Atlas and Magma are aimed at families who like to go together.

Of course you will get a kit will all the necessary accessories too.

Don’t be totally put off if you’re just a beginner too, but these are designed for paddle boarders of all levels.

Multi-Person Inflatable Paddle Board: Aqua Marina Super Trip 12’2”

Weight: 11.3kg (net)

Price: €579

These inflatable paddle boards are brilliant craic!

Part of the Super Trip series, you can share it with a loved one, friend, kid or even your pet!

At over 12 feet long, it is massive and gives you plenty of stability even with two people.

There’s also enough space to carry a load of belongings with you if you’re going on a long ride.

The Super Trip is surprisingly fast too, thanks to long parallel outlines.

The Kids Board: Aqua Marina Vibrant 8’

Weight: 5.6kg (net)

Price: €349

In case you didn’t know, kids love inflatable paddle boards!

Aqua Marina have designed this brilliant inflatable SUP board just for kids to cater for all their needs.

It’s smaller and lighter than a normal board, so they can transport and pack it away themselves.

It’s also ultra stiff and durable, important because, well, kids can be kids and all that.

The footpad on the surface has enough grip to make sure your child has solid underfoot resistance, helping them stay on longer and paddle with ease.

The Yoga Fan: Aqua Marina Dhyana 11’

Weight: 10kg (net)

Price: €539

You bet SUP Board Yoga is a thing!

And if you haven’t heard of it then you need to try it!

The Aqua Marina Dhyana gives you everything you need to do to de-stress and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of yoga on SUP board.

The platform can dock up to eight boards at one time so there’s no need to worry about floating away.

It even comes with a yoga board strap and crocodile grooving footpads for comfort and grip.

We know SUP board yoga is not easy, that’s why the board is extra large too.

The Pro: Aqua Marina Coral Touring 11’6”

Weight: 9.6kg (net)

Price: €599

If you’re a trekking enthusiast and experienced paddle boarder, this is for one.

The sleeker design lets this board cut threw the water at speed and has performance very much in mind.

You can cover long distances with the grace of a shark, while being able to ride waves or calm water in equal measure.

Naturally it’s one of the more expensive in the range, but you will be buying quality, performance and reliability.

It’s also surprisingly sturdy too.


We hope you will find the perfect inflatable paddle board for what you want in this list?

Before you go, we urge you to stay safe while you are on the water.

And of course, have fun!

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