February 11, 2020

Wherever You Take Training | Intersport Elverys

Wherever you look, you find people taking sport to Incredible places. At Intersport Elverys we understand what is truly happening in the beating heart of sport, and aim to show that wherever you take sport, we have the enthusiasm, advice and products you need.

We’re passionate about training tailoring to a number of different avenues from the pitch to the gym wherever it may be. Every training, every workout wherever it takes you is all about performance and training in the right gear that performs like you do is everything. You get back what you put into your workout and your gym gear should assist in the process. From footwear, clothing and accessories to everything home gym we have what you need to boost your training wherever it takes you.

We’re going to take people on an amazing journey through some of the most unique and interesting communities in sport— connecting Intersport Elverys with the true stories of those taking sport to new places. With this campaign, we aim to build an emotional connection with our customers by inspiring them with the extraordinary places people take sport. You’ll hear stories from weightlifter Emma-Jane Smith and youth trainer Foysol Miah about how they found their heart for training all while delivering the latest ranges from Nike, adidas and Puma.


adidas kicks off 2020 by inviting the world to reimagine sport, challenging old stereotypes and celebrating movement of all kinds. The versatile collection features both performance and streetwear, with each piece created to inspire the athlete in all women, however they choose to play.


Nike’s SuperRep family of footwear is built to serve the performance needs of class-based fitness athletes. Each unique silhouette — including the debut shoe, the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep — responds to the specifications of a particular type of workout, be it a boot camp or spin class.


The PUMA Zone XT was inspired by the zone where progress happens, that moment when the heart-rate speeds up, making the body burn fat most efficiently, also boosting endurance and increasing your metabolism. The Puma LQDCell centers around performance training, positioning the shock-absorbing compound in strategic locations underfoot to improve stability, softness and absorption without an excess of added bulk and weight.

From footwear, clothing and accessories to everything home gym we have what you need to boost your training wherever it takes you.

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