February 24, 2020

Wherever You Take Running | Intersport Elverys

At Intersport Elverys we understand what is truly happening in the beating heart of sport. Wherever you look, you find people taking sport to Incredible places and running as one of them continues to grow in numbers everywhere you look. It is Ireland’s 3rd most popular activity with 7% of the Irish population taking part. We’re rooted in the running community, with an aim to empower the runner to perform at their best wherever the run takes them. From the road to the hilltop, to running 5K’s and beyond we share your passion for running. Whether you run to beat your personal best or just for fun, we have everything you need across our product, advise, service and enthusiasm.

We know, every runner like every run is different. We provide the enthusiasm and advice to find the perfect running shoe to suit your feet and lifestyle. Some run to go further, some run to go faster and some run because it makes them feel free, alive and happy, whatever your reason to run get what you desire from Intersport Elverys.

With this campaign, we’re going to take people on an amazing journey through some of the most unique and interesting running communities in sport— connecting Intersport Elverys with the true stories of those taking the sport to new places. We aim to build an emotional connection with our customers by inspiring them with the extraordinary places people take running. You’ll hear stories from adventure runner Niko Zeigert about how he found his heart of running. You’ll hear from local runners in the Irish community and see our passion for running showcased through Irish events throughout the year, all while delivering the latest ranges from Nike, adidas, ASICS and more as well as offering an In-store experience that won’t be matched across the running scene.

See the latest in running HERE. Free delivery on standard delivery’s when you spend €60 or more.