June 7, 2018

Thinking of heading out this weekend for a run?

Whether you’re heading to your local parkrun or thinking of getting out for a long run this weekend here’s your guide for all things running.

As a runner or walker you know footwear selection is key, and having had your gait accessed in one of our stores you can be confident that the shoe you chose is right for you. Race day is the perfect opportunity to lace up the lighter shoes in your wardrobe if you are looking to push the pace and set a new PB. And if you are taking part for the sheer fun of it run, jog or walk in the shoes you are most comfortable in.

Once you are comfortable and confident in your footwear it’s time to choose your running gear. Think lightweight and breathable as exam weather has brought out the sun! General running rule is that if you are warm walking in your running gear you may be wearing too much. Just keep this in mind, you don’t want to reach 3 kilometres into your run and have to rethink your outfit. Also while you’re out there please spare a thought for those indoor studying.

Be sure to wake up early the day of the run and start your out with a light stretch. Once you get to the track, park or where ever you are running spend 10-15 minutes warming up utilising mostly dynamic stretches with a few static stretches where needed. If your muscles are very tight from your last run or work out break out the foam roller and roll those muscle knots out.

It’s generally recommended to eat two hours before a run but this will differ from person to person, so this is something to think about before the day before the run. You won’t want to try something new nutrition wise, especially if you’re racing! Stick to what works for you. Finally ensure you’re keeping yourself hydrated before, during and especially after your run to avoid cramps or fatigue in the exam weather heat.

As Associated sponsors of the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon and parkrun our staff are experts on all things running and are on hand to answer any question you may have during you next visit in store.

Happy running!


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