Guide to finding the best smartwatch for women

Ladies, if you think a smartwatch is designed solely for exercising, then read on and we’ll prove you wrong.

In fact, modern features on smartwatches make them just as beneficial to your general health and wellbeing than for exercising alone.

The newest generation of smartwatches can give you all the technology you need or want, along with all the panache that will make you stand out from the crowd, with slim profiles for smaller wrists, sleek designs and bold colour palettes. 


best smartwatch for women


With that in mind, this blog will take the hassle out of buying and help you find the best smartwatch for women, whatever your lifestyle or goals.

Plus, as well as all the exercise-focused features covered in our best smartwatch for running blog, our recommended watches boast useful features like:


  • Menstrual tracking 
  • Stress, heart rate and sleep monitoring
  • Breathing exercises 
  • ECH sensors and skin temperature readers
  • Electrodermal activity sensors 



As you might have read in our ultimate guide to choosing the best smartwatch blog, Garmin and Fitbits are a bit like Facebook and Instagram, built for the same purpose but appeal to two very different people.

At Intersport Elverys, we believe that Fitbits might just be the best smartwatch for women, but hey, that’s just our opinion.


If you value it, here’s why:


Best smartwatch for women (overall): Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is elegant, beautiful and packed full of wellness and exercise features to suit every budget and every need.

It’s also available in a variety of colours with interchangeable bands to match whatever outfit you choose – so don’t worry about your style being cramped!

And with a multi-day battery life, you won’t be wasting loads of time searching the house top to bottom for the charger on a regular basis!


best smartwatch for women

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to the Versa; catering for your athlete with plenty of sports features, but really coming into its own with its wellness options:


  • Guided breathing sessions to help you find moments of calm throughout your busy day
  • Female health tracking to log periods, track your cycle and gauge ovulation 
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking
  • Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa Built In plus built in music experience
  • Interchangeable straps allowing you to find a colour that suits your outfit
  • Fitbit Pay, allowing quick and easy contactless payments


Best smartwatch for women (premium): Fitbit Sense

While the Fitbit Sense is the most expensive watch of the brand’s range, it offers the best options for both fitness tracking and health and wellbeing features.

Not only does it have an FDA-approved ECG sensor and blood oxygen reading, but the Sense can also measure electrodermal activity and skin temperature too – amazing!

Plus, it has a built-in GPS if you decide to go for a spontaneous run and it’s waterproof if you decide to venture for a dip.


best smartwatch for women

There’s more too:


  • Stress management tools give a more holistic approach to your lifestyle
  • Your skin temperature sensors logs and tracks your results each night 
  • Heart rate notifications to inform you when your heart rate is high or low
  • Sleep Stage and Sleep Score to give in-depth sleep analysis 
  • Notifications for calls, texts, calendar events and apps
  • Voice assistant software and hands-free calling



Best smartwatch for women for value: Fitbit Inspire 

While not packed with the top-tech like its big sisters, the Fitbit Inspire is still punching way above its weight in terms of what it offers. 

As well as tracking steps, sleep and heart rate using the built in PurePulse sensor, it has accurate lifestyle features like menstrual and sleep tracking and a whopping 10-day battery life.

Plus, it has the neat little feature where it doesn’t have to be worn on your wrist and can be clipped onto your clothes instead.


What about these:

  • Menstrual health tracking 
  • Guided breathing sessions for daily mindfulness sessions
  • Friendly reminders to get up and move throughout the day
  • Smartphone notifications 
  • All day activity tracker, sleep score and swim tracker


Final thoughts

We hope you found this blog informative and goes to helping you pick the right smartwatch for you.

We’re also eager to hear your thoughts on what you think is the best smartwatch for women. So let us know if you’ve taken the plunge and purchased a smartwatch on

There’s a whole range of leading brands to choose from, and they’re almost guaranteed to change your life. So check them on the graphic below and find one that works for you.


best smartwatch for women