Your Essential Guide for Kids’ Summer Camps

Summer Camps are the absolute highlight of the season for parents and children, and that time of year is nearly upon us once again!

With so many options to choose from – FAI Summer Camps, GAA Camps, rugby camps, or whatever your child is into – finding the right camp that will help your child make new friends, enjoy new experiences and develop new skills, is easy.

So, while we’ll let you decide on what camp to send your kids to, we’ll do the hard work and help ensure they have everything they need to make their experience as fun and enjoyable as possible with our essential guide.

Sound good?

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If you’re a parent new to summer camps, or a veteran, read on to make sure your kid is ready for what could be the best experience of their lives.

Summer Camps Backpack

Probably the most important item for your child’s summer camp week. 


Well, it’s going to need to store all their essential items, which might include football boots, wet clothes, money, food and whatever else.

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And don’t forget:

– kids get excited, so it will probably get its fair share of abuse. That means their current school bag might not fit the bill either!

So, consider these three key aspects:

  • Compartments: Multiple storage areas are the best. You want compartments big enough to fit clothes, shoes, a towel at the very least. Then smaller exterior pockets for essentials like money, hand sanitiser, sunscreen, tissues, mobile phone and charger. 
  • Durability: a week at a summer camp will test even the toughest backpack, so one made of a sturdy fabric or nylon with tough zippers will make it through the week
  • Bottle holder: hydration is so important when kids are active in the sun all day, so you want to make their access to their water as easy as possible. An exterior bottle holder is a huge help

Waterproof jacket

We don’t need reminding that a standard day in Ireland can experience four seasons of weather in a matter of hours. 

So, while the forecast might predict sunshine for the week, don’t forget that the weather experts can often be wrong and it’s super important to be prepared for a washout. 

Fail to prepare and all that.

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A light, durable and waterproof jacket is an essential piece of clothing for the backpack.

Change of clothes

Speaking of clothing…

Even with a jacket, there’s no guarantee your child will stay clean and dry – kids will be kids!

So don’t forget to pack an extra set of clothing, plenty of socks and underwear and a spare towel, so if things do get a bit messy, you will have no concerns.

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Running shoes

Your child will be clocking up quite the mileage throughout the week, so a comfy pair of running shoes is a must. 

The likes of Nike, ASICS, Skechers and adidas have a wide variety of running shoes and trainers that will be able to handle the thrills and spills of an Irish summer camp.

It’s always a good idea to back two pairs as well!

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Backpack essentials

Don’t forget these items either – you’ll thank us later!

  • Sun protection: the Factor 50 and a pair of sunglasses will help for the endless hours your child will spend in direct sunlight
  • Insect repellent: the midges love summer time, so either wipes, spray or an insect repellent wristband will save your child of stress
  • Toiletries: a basic first-aid kit, hand sanitizers and mask, tissues and wet wipes may all come in useful
  • Water: at least two bottles, and freeze one the night before so it can melt throughout the day. And try and avoid surgery drinks 
  • Lunch and snacks: if the camp doesn’t provide food, high energy, nutritious bites that your child enjoys will keep them fuelled. 
  • A plastic bag: this is crucial to put wet clothes or dirty shoes into 

summer camps backpacks

And don’t forget to label all your kids’ items too with permanent marker!

Conclusion Summer Camps Fun

We really hope this guide to Irish summer camps will give your child the best experience they can have and make the experience more relaxing and enjoyable for you too. 

If we’ve let anything out that you think should be included, let us know in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you.

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