Hayley Coleman is one of the most best known make-up artists in the country and will this year be running the VHI WMM for the first time. Elverysblog.com will be following her progress as she gears up the run on Monday June 6th.

It hasn’t been ideal training weather in the last couple of weeks but Elverys ambassador Hayley has still kept up the hard work ahead of the VHI Women’s Mini-Marathon as she explains.

“Because the weather is just so bad recently I really didn’t want to go outside! I did a 6k run on Sunday last but I have been doing more in the gym, strength & conditioning and that – it’s keeping me on my toes. I’ll try and get a run in over the weekend, but it is so horrible with the storms and wind… With the evenings getting a bit brighter though it will be a help, but overall training hasn’t been too bad, I’m getting on ok.”

She points out that despite the less than desirable conditions doesn’t mean that you need to shelf the training.

“Exactly. I was doing a lot of treadmill work and trying to get out on the road but the weather put paid to that. Having said that the weather has improved a bit and hopefully I’ll get a half an hour run in over the next couple of days to keep up my fitness. When the weather is that bad I try and push myself a bit more in the gym because it helps with the overall fitness really and that’s as important as anything. I feel myself getting fitter though when I do get out to run as well.”

With the knowledge that the better prepared you are for any event the better, Hayley has been wearing the Shock Absorber Max Sports bra and EVB Sports Leggings and she is delighted with how much protection and support they have provided in her runs.

“The Shock Absorber are amazing, very, very good. Some girls don’t wear sports bras when running and I think that is just ridiculous because they are so helpful. The EVB are great, they give you so much support in your core, they keep everything in – you’re not wobbling around,” she laughed, “but it really does help mentally as well when you know you have the right gear, it helps you when you’re getting out there to run.”

Read Hayley’s previous column here – http://bit.ly/1MrzlCm

“The great thing as well is that you wouldn’t notice them, they are not intrusive at all. I’ve worn them for running and they really do help support your posture. The EVB are so great for that, and the Shock Absorber gives you such support as well. I’ve had people with back issues ask me about the EVB and I have to say I’d have no problem recommending them at all.”

“They’re black as well, you can’t go wrong – they are fashionable, and when they’re fashionable that’s also important ha!”

While the weeks are counting down to the big day, Hayley is not getting worried focusing on the event just yet.

“I’m not even thinking about it [June 6th] to be honest. I’m just looking to get fitter and starting to enjoy running more. It’s coming much easier, it’s not a chore any more, I’m enjoying it now, maybe it’s because I am getting better at it. When I miss a day I feel like I want to get out there and do something more. Running for me was difficult and I still do find it tough – it doesn’t come easy to me. Everything else isn’t too hard, but running is tough, but I feel as if I am getting better at it and that’s a great feeling.”

There’s still time to get involved with the 2016 VHI Women’s Mini Marathon – register now and keep up to date for tips and informaton on Elverysblog.com http://bit.ly/21z6LWo


Hayley Coleman is one of the most sought after make-up artists in the country and will this year be running the VHI WMM for the first time. Elverysblog.com will be following her progress as she gears up the run on Monday June 6th.

She may be one of Ireland’s most popular make-up artists and social media bloggers, but Hayley Coleman admits that she is a novice when it comes to her running career. The Mayo native is looking to change all that however as she prepares to take on her very first Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon this June and is hoping to encourage other first timers to join her on her journey.

To give herself the best chance of taking on the challenge Hayley dropped into her local Elverys Intersport where she had her Footbalance done and she pointed out that came as a revelation to her but it has already paid dividends.

“It was all really, really new to me. Before this I always just went in to the shop and picked a pair of runners that looked nice! I never really knew anything about the Footbalance. I had heard of it, but I was probably too shy to ask when I went in to the stores.

I learned a lot from it though – I wouldn’t have known that my feet were so different, I wouldn’t have thought that at all. The guys in there were a great help too, they really know their stuff,” she added when she found out she tended to over pronate on her right side.”

Since then though it has helped her to feel more comfortable as she stepped up her training.

“You’d notice it straight away – I went out running in my old trainers recently because the ground was mucky and I didn’t want to run my new ones but I definitely noticed a difference almost immediately. There is so much more bounce with the Footbalance insoles, there is way more cushioning and it is completely different now.”

“They do make a massive difference from what I can see. The comfort, the support… my feet feel like they are more upright rather than caving in as they used to be. There is so much more support – I feel like I can even run faster!”

With the correct footwear chosen and her gait analysis done Hayley believes that having a goal – in her case finishing the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon in June – is the perfect way to ensure you get out there and get training.

“Absolutely – it’s like you have someone behind you telling you not to give up and giving up is something I would do! It is pushing me on though and it’s giving me a goal, I have a time I would like to do it in and that’s what I’m trying to get towards as well. That little thing behind me – I’m telling myself at the moment that I *have* to do it rather than just wanting to do it. I’ll try and schedule it into my day and push myself to do it.

Lately I’m doing 5k three times a week and that’s on top of gym work. I think you need to be able to build strength and an overall fitness regime. I wouldn’t be an athlete. I find it hard to train, I’m not someone who will say I love exercise. I’d love to sit down and eat a burger and chips everyday but I know once I do my run I feel better and I’m, achieving something.”

I haven’t a plan yet, at the minute I’m just trying to train better and do the right things. People ask how do you find the time but there will always be an hour at some stage in your day. I have a young son who is five years old, he’s a bundle of energy and I have to work, but I try to think of it as work and fit it into my weekly timetable.

I do enjoy it when I get out there, the feeling afterwards, you feel great, and I do love it. I just need a kick at times but I do love it when I get out there then!”

You can follow Hayley’s progress on her own social media channels as well as on Elverysblog.com and you can register to run the 2016 Vhi WMM here – http://bit.ly/21z6LWo


Elverys are once again proud to be a partner of one of the biggest sporting and social events of the year – a carnival of fitness that has become one of the most important fundraising events in Ireland on an annual basis. The Women’s Mini Marathon, sponsored by VHI is a powerful movement that not only benefits charities countrywide but also provides an invaluable chance for women throughout Ireland to use it as a vehicle to get fit.

Gaining, and maintaining, fitness is not just about a single day which is one of the main reasons that Elverys have launched our #CommitToFit campaign this year. Outside of the big day at the start of June when we see up to forty thousand women descend on Dublin’s streets, we at Elverys know that in the months preceding, in every town and village, there are women on the streets and roads getting in shape to take on the challenge of completing the course, being committed to their fitness. Our SS 2016 range of activewear reflects this and we understand that a healthy and active lifestyle is vitally important for everyone. As ever in our long association with this great event, Elverys Intersport is ready to help in any way we can to ensure that everyone is prepared as best they can for the June Bank holiday.

If you’re unsure of what you need to do to get into shape, if you want to learn more about recovery, training techniques and nutritional advice to get your body ready for the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon, Elverys Intersport is here to help. With regular plans, suggestions and advice in association with the Evening Herald and on Elverysblog.com, we intend to make sure that not only are you taking part for a worthy cause but also that you’re learning lessons that will benefit your health and fitness regime long term.

We will be bringing you tips from experts and special contributors, including the fantastic Hayley Coleman, steering you in the right direction in terms of footwear, clothing and fitness accessories. Elverys Intersport also promises to guide you in the right direction when it comes to battling the elements – sun, rain, wind or sleet, we will have you ready for whatever is thrown at you during the next few months.

We’re looking forward to motivating you with fitness essentials and excite you with new technologies and we will do all this and much, much more between now and June, as you set off on the path to the finish line, of this most wonderful, and iconic of events!

Grab your Vhi WMM training range now at Elverys.ie! http://bit.ly/1MBVRbE


With over a century of experience, Brooks are one of the go to brands when it comes to running knowledge and quality.

They are a brand who know running and the mechanics to make you run better, and in greater comfort. This year they have launched the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16, a superior shoe that could transform the way you run.

The Adrenaline, in both men’s and women‘s, offers a variety of different technological advances including BioMoGo (Bio-Degradable Midsole) DNA cushioning that dynamically adapts to every step and stride. The Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) guides the body back into its natural motion pattern while the full-length Segmented Crash Pad (which we discuss more below) accommodates any foot landing and delivers smooth heel-to-toe transitions – leading to less stress on your foot as the updated V-Groove folds deeper inward to absorb and disperse impact outward. Add in a conformable saddle with adjustable eyelets pulls from the heel to wrap the midfoot in a secure fit. All in all, sounds like a secure and comfortable fit!

The Segmented Crash Pad customizes your foot’s lay-down to provide amazing cushion and smooth heel-to-toe transition throughout the run.


A key component of maximizing your run is to provide the smoothest possible heel-to-toe transition. The Segmented Crash Pad is one technology we use to achieve this goal.

Shaped like a caterpillar, the Segmented Crash Pad is a midsole made up of independent, yet fully integrated shock absorbers. As your foot strikes the ground, the segments work together to customize your individual lay down to provide the right amount of cushion and seamless heel-to-toe transition for you – making the most of all that effort you put into each stride.


Brooks DNA is an innovative and uniquely adaptive cushioning system. By adapting to your specific weight, pace, gait and running surface, DNA offers customized cushioning and adds a spring to your step.

Traditional cushioning takes a one-size-fits-all approach, but we know that each runner is different. Brooks DNA was developed to continuously tailor the level of cushioning to your specific needs – even as they change during the run.


Check out the Brooks revolution for your feet in selected stores or online today http://j.mp/ElverysZoomStructure


parkrun Ireland announce official partnership with Intersport UK & Ireland! 

parkrun Ireland, who deliver free timed runs at 40 locations around the country each weekend, is proud to announce that it has commenced a three year partnership with international sporting goods retailer Intersport.

Since the first parkrun in Ireland was established in the grounds of Malahide Castle in 2012, parkrun Ireland quickly developed into one of the country’s leading providers of grassroots physical activity.
Intersport is a retailer of performance sports equipment and apparel with more than 58 affiliated retailer stores in Ireland, and are a trusted source of expert advice to sports consumers.

Intersport’s mission ‘Sport to the People’, recognises its customers’ passion for sport and the essential role that the community plays within sport and physical activity.

Intersport’s investment will assist with the establishment of new parkrun events while supporting existing event teams with essential kit. Additionally, Intersport will be providing exclusive offers to parkrun Ireland’s rapidly expanding community, which currently stands at 75,000 registered participants and is growing fast.

The hugely successful RTÉ programme Operation Transformation, which helps get sedentary adults active, will this season include sessions that are capable of being completed at local parkrun events.

Operation Transformation camera crews will attend various parkruns around Ireland and feature some participants on the show.
parkrun Ireland’s Country Manager, Matt Shields said:
“parkrun Ireland and Intersport are kindred spirits that put local communities at the heart of everything they do. We are proud to be associated with an organisation that has a wide-reaching network of local independent retailers, which will provide a huge benefit to our rapidly growing community of parkrunners.”
“It’s crucial to parkrun Ireland that we only partner with organisations that share our passion for breaking down barriers and making it possible for everyone to take part in physical activity, and Intersport certainly share this vision.”

General Manager of Intersport UK & Ireland, Tom Foley added:
“parkrun has been a key player in promoting running as an accessible participation sport to the expanding community of runners throughout the UK and we are very happy to see this expand and grow in Ireland too. The parkrun model of local volunteers delivering weekly runs to people of all ages and abilities in their local community fits perfectly with the Intersport philosophy.

We are excited to see this partnership come to life and develop these running communities further together – encouraging more people to get their running shoes on.”
parkrun Ireland has been identified as a key initiative by Healthy Ireland as part of the National Physical Activity Plan, which it is expected to be published early in 2016.

parkrun Ireland is considered to have further potential for enhancing the health of communities all over Ireland and works in tandem with Sport Ireland, who support the establishment of new events through their network of Local Sports Partnerships, and with other key local stakeholders such as Athletics Ireland, local authorities and public agencies.
Healthy Ireland is about building mutually-reinforcing and integrated strategies to encourage, support and enable people to make better choices for themselves and their families.

parkrun Ireland and other Healthy Ireland supported initiatives aim to empower individuals and communities to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

Get in gear for your parkrun Ireland participation this year with the new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16