Interview: Galway GAA’s Jason Flynn Speaks with Intersport Elverys

The long-awaited All Ireland Senior Hurling Final is finally upon us and what a matchup it promises to be. Galway take on Waterford as the Tribesmen look to bring home Liam for the first time since 1988.

As part of our #WherePassionsUnite campaign, we caught with Galway player, Jason Flynn, to get his take on growing up playing hurling and what his hopes are for the upcoming final.


So Jason, what would it mean to you to win an All Ireland?

“It would be huge. It would be a dream come true and make all the sacrifice worth it. I’ve imagined going up and lifting the trophy ever since I got a chance when I was minor in 2011, going up the steps and looking back on that, you kind of feel you got a chance to do it already and why not be able to go and do it again.”


Do you believe that you can win the All Ireland?

I do believe we can win one yeah, you have to believe you can win one at the end of the day. If you don’t believe it, there’s no point you being there. You want to make all the poor days and defeats worth it and going through the hard days training which is hard when you’re a GAA player. We’re amateurs at the end of the day and we have to get up for work on a Monday morning so definitely the belief to go on and do it needs to be huge.”


What do you get out of hurling? What’s the big motivator for you to play from your own perspective?

“Ever since I was a young lad at 14, 16, 17 years old I always wanted to play for Galway and that was always my dream. Look, it means an awful lot obviously to play for my club and for my county and I suppose I am the first to play from my club in a long time for Galway and that’s a privilege in itself, it’s a huge honour.

I was the youngest in the family so as the  brothers and sisters got older they headed off and I was left on my own but I can remember pucking at the back of the house, against the wall having my own little All Ireland finals! When we were younger we’d have our own matches thinking we were these Galway greats, which are good memories to have.”


It must be great to have older brothers almost looking up to their younger brother a small bit watching you playing for Galway?

“It’s huge and my sister was a big camogie player as well and it’s great for her as well. My father was a big GAA man, he was a big influence of me when I was younger, coaching me when I was in National School. So I was very lucky to have him with me the whole time and to see a smile on his face is one of the most pleasing things that I look forward to seeing after a game.”

it’d be funny like if you played badly in a game or something went bad you’d nearly feel like you let them down in a way, even though you’re not at all, they’re still proud as punch of you.


What do you think about when you think of the sacrifice that can come with the game and the other people in your life that might make sacrifices?

I’d say the people closest to you will always know what it feels like, they miss out on a lot because it’s such a big commitment when you’re gone 4, 5 nights a week training. When your friends are going off on nights out and enjoying college life, you miss all that. I know I wouldn’t swap it for the world because I am delighted to be where I am. It’s just you miss out on all the good times you might have with your friends and family but just for the love of hurling and wanting to win the All Ireland and I suppose we’ve been crying out for it in Galway for a long time and just the want to win with the group of players we have in Galway we want to prove and back it up and try win the All Ireland.”


What is it for you that motivate you to be able to balance football and work life and continue constant training?

“The love of the game I suppose and we all believe hurling is the best sport in the world. I’m a huge hurling fanatic and always have been and don’t have the same love for any other sport. We have to get up on a Monday morning after a big game on a Sunday and get on with life again. Other sports have the luxury of not having to go to work and that, but look it’s a privilege at the end of the day to play for your county”


Are there any particular regrets that you might have when you look back on your career that stand out or you feel you wish you done differently?

“I don’t have a defining moment but definitely any given day when you might not be working hard enough and not giving it your all…. just one day if it doesn’t go your way but them days happen to everyone, were all human… You use that as motivation if you had a bad game you’d use that the next day and you’d work twice as hard and you wouldn’t let it happen again and you’d have no regrets about it the next time”



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