The gym. It can be a tough place to go – it can be tough to motivate yourself to head along, it can be tough to find space for yourself, it can be intimidating in a number of ways. So if the gym doesn’t appeal to you and you think you need something different, what can you do?

Well, the good news is that you don’t even need to leave the house to reach your fitness goals. The ‘Home Gym’ is the answer to your prayers and is the perfect accompaniment to a busy lifestyle. Here we look at some of the reasons why working out at home is the perfect way to move your fitness to the next level.

You dictate what you need in your gym

Sometimes you can walk into a gym knowing exactly what you want to do and what machines you need – and sometimes those machines aren’t available for the hour or so you intend to spend there. It’s frustrating and it’s why having your own personal spinning class or treadmill ensures that you never have to wait for the equipment to be free. In many gyms, the equipment choices were made based on cost rather than effectiveness. At home, people have the option of using high-quality equipment that works for them.


Your home gym – where you are in charge!

We know more and more of how to train right, and what is good for us and how to achieve the right results. Having the correct form is hugely important when doing any exercises, especially weights, and having the time and space in your own home allows you time to get the correct posture and form to make sure that your exercises count every time. You don’t need to worry about anyone watching, are waiting for you to finish with the weights etc. It’s your gym, you’re the one in charge!

Home offers a place that fits your program

Do you go to the gym and end up spending as long finding a parking space, getting room in the changing room, finding equipment, talking to a friend or acquaintance, and at the end of your hour realising you’ve barely managed to get any real work done? Working out at home cuts out all of these issues and means that your workout is a straight up workout. You dictate the pace and intensity and distractions are cut to the bare minimum! At home, no one will disturb you while you are exercising. You’ll be able to remain focused and have a faster, more productive workout.


Tailor your workout

If you have a specific gym routine you can find it interrupted time and again by other patrons. With a home gym, as pointed out before, you won’t have these issues. You can plan a circuit for yourself – take your cardio on the treadmill, use a chair for your dips, press ups require no equipment, a medicine ball brings another host of possible exercises… all of a sudden with the minimum of fuss you have a huge range of circuits and exercises that you can put yourself through. It might be in your own house but it need not be boring.

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