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Intersport Elverys are pleased to announce our partnership with Cycle Against Suicide to help spread the message “It’s OK not to feel OK; and it’s absolutely OK to ask for help”.

Cycle Against Suicide beanie hats are now on sale in Intersport Elverys stores throughout the country. A portion of the proceeds from the sales will go to Cycle Against Suicide, to help promote its aim that “together, shoulder to shoulder, we can break the cycle of suicide on the island of Ireland.”

Over 800 people die by suicide in Ireland each year. That is 800 families and communities devastated; 800 lives cut short. Cycle Against Suicide aims to affect change by beginning a conversation about mental health in schools, businesses and communities throughout the island of Ireland.

The launch, which took place in Dundrum Town Centre on 17th November, saw Cycle Against Suicide Ambassadors; Ireland women’s rugby captain Niamh Briggs and former Dublin footballer, Jason Sherlock lend their support to the Cycle Against Suicide and Intersport Elverys partnership and beanie hat initiative.

Cycle Against Suicide founder Jim Breen said, ‘we are really excited to announce our partnership with Elverys Intersport. We are extremely grateful to them for their support and for helping us to spread the message of Cycle Against Suicide throughout the country.’

According to Intersport Elverys senior Marketing Manager Anne-Marie Hanly, “We are delighted to be in a position to support Cycle Against Suicide as they continue their great work. We have produced an exciting range of quality beanies, which carry the charity’s messages such as ‘it’s ok not to feel ok’. With €5 per item going to the organisation, together with our customers, we are helping them to reach out to some of the most vulnerable people across Ireland to combat suicide and promote better mental health.


Today FM producer and broadcaster Ann Gleeson is a familiar voice to many in the country and she, like thousands of others, will be taking to the streets of Dublin on the June Bank Holiday weekend for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon. Along with several of her Today FM colleagues, Ann has been in training for the big day for several months now, and she talked to about how her training has gone.

It’s not the first time the Tipperary native has taken part in the Women’s Mini-Marathon and she is looking forward to getting out again in a few weeks time.

“Loads of people you know are taking part in the run, it’s such a well run event. And not that the 5k is easy or anything but 10k is a good slog and it is a real sense of achievement at the end of it then. Last year I did it with Roisin, from here [Today FM], and we made a point of stopping at every marker sign and took pictures of everything – we called them the stations of the cross as we went around, so we made a real go of it. When I was asked this year I was delighted to get involved as it’s such a great thing to do.”

“I’m running for Epilepsy Ireland because two of my brothers suffer from epiliespy. Every time I have done the mini-marathon, I think I’ve done it three times now, and every time I have run for Epilepsy Ireland and obviously it is a charity close to my home and to my heart because of the two boys. It’s a much needed cause and whenever I can help them out I will.”

The popular presenter has fond memories of her first Women’s Mini-Marathon as it was a personal milestone for her.

“It would have been three years ago [that I ran my first]. I had been sick myself for a while and I did a couple of races then myself after I got better and that was the first 10k that I did. It was such a great buzz. I actually cried at the end of the first one as I was so emotional after doing it, after going through so much and being able to do a 10k… and plus I was wrecked tired!”

As an experienced mini-marathoner, Ann explains how you can get through the race even if you haven’t been able to train like a pro.

“Let’s say if you didn’t have time to get out and train, but were fairly fit, you could definitely at least walk it. I think, on the day, because there are so many people around, so many people to take part you can’t help but get into the buzz of it, the adrenaline kicks off then and there’s always something very special when there are so many out running with you. When you’re out of an evening running yourself you could kind of go ‘Will I stop now, I could just go home now..’ but when there’s so many people around you, when they are all going for it, they’ve taken their time to train and raise money and get the t-shirts made, some people wear costumes and stuff like that.. you do get swept up in the hype and it’s a great thing to be part of.”

“In general, I would be a frequent gym goer, I’d go to the gym four or five times a week anyway but in the last couple of months I’ve started to go out on a run on a Saturday and Sunday and even if it’s just 2k or 3k, it’s just to get into the swing of running. It’s very different to going into the gym and do a class for forty five minutes to going outside to consistently run – I think it’s harder to keep going, to discipline yourself to keep going, so like I said in the last couple of months I’ve only had a chance to go out at weekends to pound the pavement as they say, but it’s just to get used to it, to get used to the feeling of the consistent running.”

“I would be ok fitness wise from the gym, but there are times you’d say ‘It’s really dark outside’ or ‘it’s really cold’, but as long as you go out and do a little bit and you can come back in and say, at least I’ve done something then that’s good. There are times of course when you just don’t feel like it at all but as long as you keep it semi-regular at all, then that’s ok.”

She will have a slightly unorthodox run up to the event herself she explained but will be tucked up in bed early the night before she laughed.

“Well, the Forbidden Fruit festival is always on that weekend, so I might go to that on the Friday and Saturday but I might leave off the Sunday. You’d need a lot of adrenaline to kick a hangover and then run 10k so you’re better off taking it handy, getting a good rest. In the morning then it’s best to eat healthy, don’t do anything out of the ordinary, just have something basic – I would have a banana on a bagel and some porridge. Nothing too filling and nothing that you wouldn’t normally eat yourself.”

It’s all worth it though in the end according to the producer of The Louise Duffy Show on Today FM says.

“Once you turn that corner and see everyone cheering, and you cross the line, get your medal, it’s just something then that you can give yourself a clap on the back whether you’ve come through sickness or you’re just doing it for fun, or raising money for a loved one. It’s a nice thing to be able to look back and say ‘I’ve done this’, and you can look forward to the next year then. If you struggle in the middle of it, the uphill out the N11 and you think it’s longer than you imagined, but once you get to the end, no matter what you told yourself in the middle of it, you always go ‘I want to do that again tomorrow!!‘.”

You can donate to Ann’s fund-raising here 



Hayley Coleman is one of the most best known make-up artists in the country and will this year be running the VHI WMM for the first time. will be following her progress as she gears up the run on Monday June 6th.

It hasn’t been ideal training weather in the last couple of weeks but Elverys ambassador Hayley has still kept up the hard work ahead of the VHI Women’s Mini-Marathon as she explains.

“Because the weather is just so bad recently I really didn’t want to go outside! I did a 6k run on Sunday last but I have been doing more in the gym, strength & conditioning and that – it’s keeping me on my toes. I’ll try and get a run in over the weekend, but it is so horrible with the storms and wind… With the evenings getting a bit brighter though it will be a help, but overall training hasn’t been too bad, I’m getting on ok.”

She points out that despite the less than desirable conditions doesn’t mean that you need to shelf the training.

“Exactly. I was doing a lot of treadmill work and trying to get out on the road but the weather put paid to that. Having said that the weather has improved a bit and hopefully I’ll get a half an hour run in over the next couple of days to keep up my fitness. When the weather is that bad I try and push myself a bit more in the gym because it helps with the overall fitness really and that’s as important as anything. I feel myself getting fitter though when I do get out to run as well.”

With the knowledge that the better prepared you are for any event the better, Hayley has been wearing the Shock Absorber Max Sports bra and EVB Sports Leggings and she is delighted with how much protection and support they have provided in her runs.

“The Shock Absorber are amazing, very, very good. Some girls don’t wear sports bras when running and I think that is just ridiculous because they are so helpful. The EVB are great, they give you so much support in your core, they keep everything in – you’re not wobbling around,” she laughed, “but it really does help mentally as well when you know you have the right gear, it helps you when you’re getting out there to run.”

Read Hayley’s previous column here –

“The great thing as well is that you wouldn’t notice them, they are not intrusive at all. I’ve worn them for running and they really do help support your posture. The EVB are so great for that, and the Shock Absorber gives you such support as well. I’ve had people with back issues ask me about the EVB and I have to say I’d have no problem recommending them at all.”

“They’re black as well, you can’t go wrong – they are fashionable, and when they’re fashionable that’s also important ha!”

While the weeks are counting down to the big day, Hayley is not getting worried focusing on the event just yet.

“I’m not even thinking about it [June 6th] to be honest. I’m just looking to get fitter and starting to enjoy running more. It’s coming much easier, it’s not a chore any more, I’m enjoying it now, maybe it’s because I am getting better at it. When I miss a day I feel like I want to get out there and do something more. Running for me was difficult and I still do find it tough – it doesn’t come easy to me. Everything else isn’t too hard, but running is tough, but I feel as if I am getting better at it and that’s a great feeling.”

There’s still time to get involved with the 2016 VHI Women’s Mini Marathon – register now and keep up to date for tips and informaton on


Elverys are once again proud to be a partner of one of the biggest sporting and social events of the year – a carnival of fitness that has become one of the most important fundraising events in Ireland on an annual basis. The Women’s Mini Marathon, sponsored by VHI is a powerful movement that not only benefits charities countrywide but also provides an invaluable chance for women throughout Ireland to use it as a vehicle to get fit.

Gaining, and maintaining, fitness is not just about a single day which is one of the main reasons that Elverys have launched our #CommitToFit campaign this year. Outside of the big day at the start of June when we see up to forty thousand women descend on Dublin’s streets, we at Elverys know that in the months preceding, in every town and village, there are women on the streets and roads getting in shape to take on the challenge of completing the course, being committed to their fitness. Our SS 2016 range of activewear reflects this and we understand that a healthy and active lifestyle is vitally important for everyone. As ever in our long association with this great event, Elverys Intersport is ready to help in any way we can to ensure that everyone is prepared as best they can for the June Bank holiday.

If you’re unsure of what you need to do to get into shape, if you want to learn more about recovery, training techniques and nutritional advice to get your body ready for the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon, Elverys Intersport is here to help. With regular plans, suggestions and advice in association with the Evening Herald and on, we intend to make sure that not only are you taking part for a worthy cause but also that you’re learning lessons that will benefit your health and fitness regime long term.

We will be bringing you tips from experts and special contributors, including the fantastic Hayley Coleman, steering you in the right direction in terms of footwear, clothing and fitness accessories. Elverys Intersport also promises to guide you in the right direction when it comes to battling the elements – sun, rain, wind or sleet, we will have you ready for whatever is thrown at you during the next few months.

We’re looking forward to motivating you with fitness essentials and excite you with new technologies and we will do all this and much, much more between now and June, as you set off on the path to the finish line, of this most wonderful, and iconic of events!

Grab your Vhi WMM training range now at!