Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Football Boots

Here at Elverys, we pride ourselves on having a wide range of football boots from all the top brands to suit everyone. Whether you play football, GAA, or rugby, we will have something to suit your needs.

Having all the key information is vital when you are considering which are the best football boots for you.

Elverys has you covered if you need to get the perfect fit, too.

We offer a comprehensive foot measuring service in-store for adults and kids, to ensure that the football boot you pick fits like a sock. If you’d rather shop from home, we also have a comprehensive guide on how to measure your feet correctly yourself!

Below is all the information you need when selecting which football boots are best for yourself or your kids.

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Football Boot Types

It matters what pitch you typically play on when it comes to choosing the right football boot.

Whether you play on firm ground, soft ground, or Astroturf, we’ve got a comprehensive guide to choosing the best football boots for that surface.

Firm Ground (FG) Boots

Firm ground football boots are the most popular boot type sold.

They are designed to give maximum grip and comfort on natural grass pitches in dry to slightly wet conditions. These are perfect for summer when the ground is dry and firm, or even in winter when pitches tend to freeze over.

Players often ask if they can use firm ground football boots on Astroturf? The simple answer – Yeah, you definitely can!

While Astroturf boots are best for, well, Astroturf (more on that a minute), firm ground boots can get the job done. Especially if you play on firm ground more often and only need them for Astroturf every once in a while.

Firm ground boots usually have moulded studs -perfect for use on hard or dry surfaces. The studs are strategically placed to help relieve stud pressure on the foot.

With firm ground boots, studs come in all sizes, shapes, and patterns.

Two of the most popular stud types are conical and bladed.

  • Conical studs offer more mobility and quicker releases from the ground.
  • Bladed studs offer better traction because of a larger surface area.


Soft Ground (SG) Boots

Soft ground boots have aluminum studs in order to grip wet and muddy grass surfaces. They’re actually ideal for use in Ireland due to the unpredictability of the weather, and many grass surfaces stay soft all year round.

With soft ground football boots, there are two different kinds of stud configuration — the traditional 6-stud configuration and the modern mixed sole configuration.

  • The traditional 6-stud configuration uses 2 metal studs at the rear of the boot and 4 at the toe of the boot. For a long time, this was the best pattern for total traction on a soggy pitch. But the trade-off was the stud pressure it caused because of the distribution and the smaller number of studs.
  • The modern mixed sole configuration takes the standard firm ground sole plate and mixes in interchangeable metal studs to create even better traction and grip. Plus, it adds more comfort than the 6-stud configuration because the studs are more evenly placed!

Astroturf Boots

Football players playing on astroturf pitch with astroturf football boots

(alt-text: Football players playing on astroturf pitch with astroturf football boots.)

Can you use football boots on astroturf? Absolutely! Especially if you snag football boots designed specifically for astroturf.

Astroturf boots usually have a lower profile to keep you closer to the ground to prevent slipping on the turf. These are usually more cushioned than traditional firm ground and soft ground football boots.

They’re perfect for anyone playing five-a-side football with their friends. And they’re great for kids who play outdoors because they withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Other Considerations When Buying the Best Football Boots

Other than the type of football boot, there are a couple of other things you should consider.

How Wide Should Football Boots Be?

Most boots are made for standard-width feet, but some are made with wide or narrow feet in mind. If you’ve got a narrow or wide foot, make sure you get a football boot that’s tailored to your size. Find what fits your foot best.

What is the Best Weight for Your Football Boots?

Make sure the weight of the boot is suited for you and the position you play. If you rely on speed for your position, you may want to go with a lighter boot. But if you’re playing a defending position, you can get away with a slightly heavier one.

How Tight Football Boots Should Be

As you’re trying out new football boots, you’ll probably wonder just how tight football boots should be. Your football boots shouldn’t be tight so much as snug. You want to make sure your new boots aren’t cutting off your circulation, but you don’t want them to be slipping around your ankles, either.

A snug (not tight) football boot means you have some room to wiggle your toes, but not enough room that you feel like you’re falling out of them.

What Features Do My Football Boots Need?

Can the boot do something extra for you and your match? Do you need more control, and does it offer that? Do you need more intensity in your shooting, and does it help you with that? Figure out what features will help you based on your position, and find a boot that helps you do it!

What’s The Difference Between P1, P2, and P3 Football Boots?

  • P1 = top end on field boots worn by Nike and Adidas sponsored athletes
  • P2 = mid-level top end club player
  • P3 = entry level / part time player

What to Know When Buying Football Boots

Once you’ve considered which football boots are best for you, it’s time to get to buying. When you start the process of buying your next pair of football boots, it can be easy to get carried away and rush through the process.

So, to help you keep a level head while you pick out your next pair, we’ve got more advice to keep in mind.

Football player wears firm ground football boots on dry, hard pitch

Get a Boot That is Durable and Long Lasting

Make sure you get a pair that is durable and will last a long time through normal wear and tear, especially if you play often!

Don’t Buy The Coolest or The Most Colourful Pair You Can Find

The football boots that look the coolest are always tempting to buy. If you look better, you play better, right? Uh, no. Not necessarily true. Those boots might be the nicest on the pitch, but if they don’t meet your needs as a player, don’t buy them!

Get The Right Ones For Your Specific Position

Different positions will have different needs and features when it comes to football boots. Don’t snag a pair that’s made for strikers if you don’t play that position. You’ll need something geared more to what you do play. Find the right boots for what you play on the pitch so you can get the most out of them.

Don’t Just Buy What Everyone Else Has

Buy what’s best for you and what feels the most comfortable to you, even if your mates have something (or recommend something) completely different. Ultimately, you’re the one playing in them — not anyone else. Find what feels best for you!

Trust The Process and Don’t Rush Into Buying A Pair

Keep doing your research and trust the process of finding the right football boots for you and how you play. It’s easy to rush and buy the first pair you see or the ones that look the coolest. But if it doesn’t feel right, or even if you’re having trouble finding the right pair, the worst thing you can do is rush it and buy ones that don’t fit your needs.

No matter what type you need, we have a wide range for you to choose from.

And now that you have the information you need to find the best football boots for you, go ahead and buy your perfect pair!


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