The Ultimate Guide to a Basketball Court 2024

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the word right now, with more and more people taking to the court for some action.

One of the major draws to the game is the ability to play it on a basketball court either inside or outside.

In a country like Ireland where the weather is, well, temperamental at best, this makes the game playable all year round!

Plus, you can play with two or ten people and have just as much fun with both.

Indoor basketball courts are typically made with hardwood, while outdoor courts are made from concrete or asphalt.

Basketball Court


What are the dimensions of a basketball court?

The National Basketball Association, also known as the NBA, has the biggest basketball courts of any local or international league.

28 metres in length and 15 metres wide (94Ft x 50Ft) are the exterior measurements. As its name implies, the half court line is situated halfway between either end line.

A tip-off circle with a six-foot radius sits in the center of the half court line and is frequently adorned with the home team’s logo.

In Ireland, FIBA regulations state the same, however local federations have the authority to approve courts which fall within lengths of a minimum 4m in length and 2m in width.

basketball court

The roof of the arena or court must be no lower than 7m while there should be a 2m distance between the court perimeters and the spectators.

A total area of a basketball court is 420m2, for both indoor and outdoor.

For regulations on how high a Basketball hoop should be, check out this blog.

In Ireland, FIBA also state that a game can be abandoned if there are condensation issues on the court and the home may potentially lose the game.

Basketball Court Markings

The line markings must be 50mm wide and in a color that contrasts with the playing surface, according to FIBA.


The sidelines, which span the length of the court, serve as a marker for the court’s outer perimeter. They are 28m long on a court that is full size.

Baseline and Endline

The ends of the court that run behind the goals are referred to as the baseline and endline, respectively. Usually, they are 15 meters long.

Depending on the strategy a team is using, several phrases are used. The attacking end of the court is referred to as the baseline, and the defending end is referred to as the endline.

Center court

This point on the court represents halfway through a game and serves as the offensive playing area.

The mid court line would be 14 meters from each endline on a full-sized court.

Center circle

The center circle, which is used for the opening tip off, is 3.6 meters in diameter.

Three-Point line

The arcs that delineate a range’s edge from each hoop are the three point lines.

Three points are awarded for scoring from outside of this line. The line is normally 6.75 meters from the basket but may vary based on the level of the game.

Free Throw Line

A player must stand at the free throw line, which is marked 4.6m from the backboard, in order to fire free throws.

Free Throw Circle

The size of the center circle and the free throw circle are identical (3.6m in diameter).

In order to make a free throw, shooters must remain within this circle. Jump balls are also played in the circle.

Free Throw Lane Lines

The lane lines that make up the “key” extend from the free throw line to the baseline.

However, FIBA (International Basketball Federation) regulation modifications in 2010 designated it as a 4.9m by 5.8m rectangle.

The shape and width might vary depending on the level of the game.

To prevent opposition players from blocking the free throw shooter, some additionally have gap marks.

Top Basketball Courts in Ireland

Ireland boasts some brilliant indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

There are a total of 65 registered courts in Dublin alone, along with excellent ones in Cork, Kerry, Galway and Mayo.

basketball court

The flagship court in Ireland is the National Indoor Basketball Arena in Tallaght which has a capacity of 2500 people and is the home of Irish Basketball.

While the Mardyke Arena in Cork (pictured) is also hugely popular.

Check out some of the rest right HERE.

The Three Point Line History

Even if you don’t know much about basketball, you have probably heard of a three-pointer or the three-point line.

A full 70 years after Dr. Naismith created the game, the three-point line made its debut in the American Basketball League in 1961.

The line was inserted to heighten the tension, but because the league disbanded after only one and a half seasons, the plan was doomed to failure.

The NBA’s subsequent rival entered the scene in 1967. The three-point line was implemented by the American Basketball Association, or ABA, from the beginning, and it was a big success.

The ABA introduced a number of fascinating innovations that improved the product for the spectators.

basketball court

But in the end, there was not enough capacity for two basketball leagues, and in 1976, the NBA and ABA amalgamated.

But the merger does not include the three-point line! The NBA’s decision-makers at the time were too obstinate to implement such a significant adjustment.

Before introducing the three-point line in the 1979–80 season, they waited three years.

It wasn’t included in the NCAA until 1986, and high school basketball courts didn’t get it until 1987.

However, the story doesn’t finish there. In the 1990s, the line was shifted closer for three seasons in an effort to increase scoring, but it was soon returned to its previous position.

The NBA even acknowledged that there had been discussions regarding a four-point line, taking the concept to its logical conclusion.

We’ll believe it when we see it.

Was a Basketball Court ever different?

Nowadays, all basketball courts have the same basic designs.

But it wasn’t always the case!

Back in 1956 when FIBA was born, the key was a trapezoidal design that had a much wider baseline.

The term “key” refers to another design of this feature.

Have you ever wondered how a square space beneath a basket obtained such an arbitrary name?

basketball court

The original space was substantially smaller for this reason, although the circle around the free throw line was the same size.

These two elements came together to form a shape that resembled an antique key. The key was first enlarged to 12 feet in 1951, and then to the current 16 feet used by the NBA and FIBA.

The phrase still exists, but its original meaning and design have been lost to time. For the record, this feature’s official name is “free throw lane,” which isn’t a term that many of us are accustomed to hearing.


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