When are kids back to school in Ireland 2023/2024

It’s coming very close to that time of year again when the questions, ‘When are the kids back to school’ is on the tip of everyone’s’ tongues.

It creeps up on you before you know it.

Not to mention how your kids probably feel too!

We absolutely love Back to School time at Intersport Elverys and in this blog we’re going to answer the big question: when are kids back to school for the 2023/2024 year.

We’ll also give you details on all the other school holidays so you can be prepared for the year ahead.

If you’re looking for some other great content on Back to School, check it out at the end of this blog.

when are kids back to school

When are kids back to school 2023/2024

Generally speaking, kids are back to school in and around the week September 1, but most are likely to start during the last week of August.

This is because school summer holidays are not standardised, meaning you should check with your respective schools to get the exact dates. Otherwise, they will likely be in touch too.

The reason for this is because of legal requirement for Post-Primary schools to be open for a minimum of 166 days and Primary level to be open for 182 days a year.

Schools have discretionary days to use during the year and that often determines the question you all want to know: when are kids back to school.

when are kids back to school

The last day of the school year or term will always take place before the June Bank Holiday weekend for Post Primary or Secondary Schools.

Or if you’re wondering when do primary schools close for summer, it will arrive at the end of June.

while the last day of primary school will arrive at the end of June.

And don’t forget, the results of the Leaving Cert are out on Friday, August 25.

School Holidays 2023/2024 in Ireland

Now you know when are schools back in Ireland for the Summer this year, below are when the rest of the school holidays fall.

Halloween Break 2023

The Halloween break or the first mid-term break for the 2023/2024 school year is taking place from Monday, October 30 – November 3, 2023.

This is the first holiday for students during the new school term and is the same for both Primary and Secondary School.

Christmas Holidays 2023

The final day of the school term before the Christmas Holidays of 2023 is Friday, December 22.

Schools will then re-open on Monday, January 8.

Mid-Term Break 2024

Kids don’t have too long to wait until the 2024 mid-term break!

This school year, the holidays start on Monday, February 12 and run for the week, finishing on February 16.

Primary schools will generally only have the Thursday and Friday for the mid-term break, unless they decide to use three discretionary days to extend this mid-term break to five days.

This is up to each school so you should check with them respectively.

School Easter Holidays 2024

In 2024 the Easter School Holidays take place from Monday, March 25 to Friday, April 5 2024.

Easter falls early in 2024 and it’s always a holiday the kids, parents and teachers alike love.

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when are kids back to school

How to Fix a Broken Backpack Strap

Backpacks go through a lot of punishment and often get damaged, so knowing to fix a broken backpack strap can save you time and money.

It will also keep another backpack out of landfill, thus have a positive impact on the environment.

Intersport Elverys is committed to a Sustainable future and this blog is the second part of a series where we will show you how to reuse and repair your products.

Why not check out how to fix a broken zipper HERE.

If not, keep reading to learn how to reattach a broken strap with a simple-to-learn backstitching sewing technique.

How to fix a broken backpack strap: Tools needed

  • Hand sewing needle
  • A scissors
  • Approx 3-4 foot of upholstery nylon thread
  • 2×5” of nylon cother
  • A broken backpack!

A step by step guide

Step 1

  • Thread the needle with the 0.7 yards of upholstery nylon thread.

Step 2

  • Align the two ends of the thread, and tie a knot
  • Trim the extra thread off

Step 3

  • Trim the frayed edges and thread off of the backpack and shoulder strap

Step 4

  • Align the 2×5 nylon cloth with the torn off backpack strap

Make sure that the nylon cloth is able to fold over the strap and align up with the other end

Step 5

Make sure that the stitch goes all the way through the Nylon as you sew

Step 6

  • The end of the stitch push the needle about halfway through
  • Take the thread, and wrap it around the sharp side of the needle
  • Pull the needle all the way through

If the stitch did not go through both sides of the nylon, repeat steps 5 and 6 over on the other side. Remember to replace the thread by repeating steps 1 and 2.

If you want extra support, repeat steps 5 and 6 on the other side. Remember to replace the thread by repeating steps 1 and 2.

Step 7

  • Cut the thread and remove the thread from the needle
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 and wit the 1 meter long thread

Step 8

  • Align the handle with the shoulder of the backpack
  • Secure the handle I place by applying pressure and then begin sewing with the backstitching sewing technique

When sewing, make sure to follow your thread and needle carefully. A misguided needle will lead to unwanted tangles

  • End the stitch by repeating step 6.

Step 9

  • Trim off any frayed edges or loose string


Learning the backstitching technique might take some time, so be patient. But once you do, you will be able to apply it to a lot of different repair jobs.

In the end, it will have a massive impact on your life and the environment – a double win!

Check out our full range of sustainable products below or HERE.

fix broken backpack strap

Ultimate Guide to School Bags for Girls

Back to school is nearly upon us and finding school bags for girls is not always the easiest job.

But don’t worry, we’ve compiled this ultimate guide to make your life that bit easier.

We will show you some of our wide ranging stock of girls school bags with price in mind, durability, and also the most stylish school bags for girls.

We’ve got something for everyone.

Check out our blog on some of the most important things to consider when buying a school bag right HERE.

School Bags for Girls: Buying Tips

Some of the most important aspects to buying the right school bag for your girl are:

Size: we know from experience that bigger is not always better in this instance. Don’t forget that bags are measured in litres too.

We recommend below 24l for primary school and above 24l for secondary.

Compartments: You want space to hold water bottles, pencil cases, a lunchbox, maybe a laptop or tablet.

So look out for these.

Material: It’s a long year and school bags will go through the works with excited girls, so you need good-quality material!

Don’t forget some comfortable straps too!

School Bags for Girls: Most compartments

For all-round versatility, you can’t beat Jansport.

They are large, have many compartments and are arguably the most stylish school bags.

These are 34l capacity, have a laptop holder and multiple pockets, which may be more suitable to girls in secondary school.

school bags for girls

School Bags for Girls: Best for Price

For a solid, stylish and budget friendly school bag, the Nike Element can’t be beaten.

A dual zipper main compartment gives loads of storage, padded shoulder straps for support and a haul hoop to carry in hand.

At 19 litres and available in a wide variety of colours at a great price, you can’t look past it.

school bags for girls

Most Durable

The Under Armour Hustle school bag is built for durability.

So for those more active girls, this water resistance and stain resistant finished school bag is really popular.

It has strong straps, plenty of pockets for valuables and a laptop and comes in many colours.

school bags for girls

Premium Option

With a 31L capacity, The North Face Sunder Backpack is a spacious, streamlined pack you can take pretty much anywhere.

At 31.5 litres it is one of the bigger options, and one of the more expensive, but you are buying serious quality.

The backpack features a padded sleeve to protect your laptop or tablet from bumps and falls and sports a stand-up design to keep items securely inside.


If none of these tickle your fancy, then check out our full range of school bags for girls below.

We’ve got brands like adidas, Puma and some Manchester United, Liverpool and Republic of Ireland schools bag for all those sports obsessed girls

Schoolbags and Size Guide for Kids | Back to School at Intersport Elverys.

Get ready, get set for Back to School at Intersport Elverys and some new schoolbags for kids.

We know Back to School shopping for schoolbags and other items for your kids can be tedious at times.

So when information on finding essentials like the right school bags are scarce, we thought we’d simplify the process.

Picking the right schoolbag for Back to School is an important choice, and the one you choose can vary depending on your child’s age and height.

Before we go through our bags on offers, we want to go through a few areas to look for when making your choice. 

Check it out.


Ensure you’re getting the right size for the purpose.

Bigger is not always better, so find the right size for what your little ones will be using/putting into the bag.

Bag size is measured in litres, but standard dimensions (height x width x depth) will be available also.

Sound good?

Please note that not all bags are designed to fit binders/folders, and trying to fit these in to bags that are not suitable will stretch the fabric and possibly cause damage.

We’d recommend below 24L for primary school and above 24L for secondary, depending on age and height.


Multiple compartments help keep your kids organised.

Look out for backpacks with padded laptop compartments, water bottle compartments and separate front pockets.

Some bags will also come with a matching pencil case.


Depending on how/where your kids plan to use your backpack.

Most backpacks are made from Polyester or a mix of standard and recycled Polyester.

Other materials used would be lightweight, tough fibres like Nylon.

Some backpacks will also have extra padding on the back for added comfort, and can have a waterproof coating for water resistance to deal with the ever changing Irish weather.


Kids will be kids, remember.

Some brands will offer a warranty on their products to ensure you get good use from your bag.  This will be clearly marked on the bag’s swing tags.

Other features:

Other features that can appear on backpacks would be padded straps for extra comfort and reflective strips for added visibility.

Top Tips

To ensure the backpack you choose is the best fit for your kids, following these simple guidelines.

  1. Before using for the first time, you should adjust the straps so that the backpack fits snugly to their upper back. It should not hang out from the back, and should not hang excessively below the waist.
  2. Distribute the weight of the bag evenly across the back, by spreading the load out – you’re putting less strain on the back.
  3. Make sure they’re using both straps. Only using one puts unnecessary strain on the back and also on the backpack itself.
  4. A full backpack should be no more than 15% of the weight of the wearer.


Check out all our backpacks HERE:

All Star Schoolbags for Kids Offers

UnderArmour Hustle 5.0 €26.25-€55 

The Under Armour Hustle 5.0 Backpack is an ideal all in one carry all, use it as a school bag, it can double up as a gear bag for football or the gym or pack it with clothes and your laptop for a business trip or a weekend away.

Check them out Here

schoolbags for kids


All Star Offer – Jansport Big Student Schoolbag- €38-€56

This Jansport Big Student Backpack is so spacious it meets all needs from student laptops to sporting gear to kids school lunchboxes.  The 4 compartments and further water bottle holder are particularly useful for keeping items separate on the go (34 Litres). 

Check them our Here

schoolbags for kids

All Star Offer – Nike Element Schoolbag- €30-€35

The Nike Element schoolbag combines all the key elements of a school bag whilst being very affordable.

It has all the style and practicality of its competitors, which make it a really popular bag.

Check them our Here

schoolbags for kids

Check out our full range of schoolbags Here 


Back to School Sale

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Kids PERFECT FIT Footwear Service In-Store – Get Ready, Get Set for Back to School

Get Ready, Get Set for Back to School. At Intersport Elverys we know that footwear for your young kids should fit perfectly all year round. Our expert staff fit children’s footwear In-store and ensure your child gets the right fit AND the right shoe.

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How We Do It

We start by understanding your child’s activity level, the sports they play at school and outside of school and any injuries they may have had. We measure the length of the foot to your longest toe. Next we measure the arch length – that’s the measurement from the heel to the ball joint of the foot. Then we do it all again with the other foot. It’s common for people to have different sized feet so that’s why we always fit for the largest foot.

We help you choose the right footwear for your child’s needs. Comfort and support with just the right amount of growing room!

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Kids Back to School Footwear Sale – Get Ready, Get Set


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