November 6, 2023

Sustainable Clothes Christmas Gift Guide 2023

With Christmas approaching, it’s time to change refresh that wardrobe! In Ireland right now more and more people are opting for sustainable clothes and it’s something you should consider if you haven’t already.

What better time than Christmas to give someone the Gift of Sport with some eco-friendly or Impact Choice sports clothes and fashion.

Intersport Elverys appreciate the importance of making choice that promote a more sustainable way of living and we’re excited to share some of our top products that have effortless style and performance, from all the leading brands, but are made with a more impactful outlook on the environment.

We’ve also done the same for footwear, listing out our Top 9 Impact Choice Running Shoes this Christmas?

So keep reading to see some of our key looks.!

Understanding Sustainable Clothing this Christmas

Sustainability, and its importance, will be a growing topic for conversation in every home this Christmas.

More and more people are becoming conscious about making subtle changes to lessen their impact on the environment.

In the world of fashion, this means there is a growing desire for clothing that not only has a stylish appearance, but is also produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

But what precisely defines a garment as sustainable?

Intersport Elverys is striving to make positive an increasing positive impact on our planet, particularly in regard to the products we sell.

Impact Choice is the first step in that journey and it is a criteria, devised by Intersport, which products must meet if they are to be deemed positively impact on the environment.

80% of our carbon footprint comes from the production and materials used in the products we sell. That is why these areas are a key focus for Impact Choice.

Impact Choice makes identification between product and planet protection much simpler.

To see more on certifications and criteria, check out Intersport’s Blog. 

Regardless of the brand’s terminology, for a product to be highlighted as Impact Choice it must meet at least one of the two Impact Choice criteria.

– The entire product must be certified by a recognised standard.

– At least one main component must use a minimum of 50% responsible materials or technologies.

Forbidden Criteria

Regardless of the criteria above, a product will not be considered Impact Choice if it contains:

– PFCs

– Biocides

– Wool from mulesed sheep

– Down/feathers from live-plucked or force fed birds

Find a full list of approved standards, certifications, materials and technologies via the link below.


A 2020 study conducted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation revealed that transitioning to circular fashion has the potential to significantly decrease the carbon footprint of clothing worldwide, by a staggering 39%.

We take pride in leading this movement, and you can come onboard with some of these items as gifts to you, or gifts to a loved one this Christmas!

 Top Sustainable Clothing Picks for Christmas 2023

Sustainable Clothes for Him


We have some unbelievable deals on our Impact Choice clothing ahead of Christmas, so you’ll get a bargain whilst also lessening your impact on the environment.

Whether it’s for you, or a gift for him, these looks are quality in every aspect.

This blue Under Armour Quarter-Zip is a classic old school fleece that is light, incredibly warm and has at least 90% recycled polyester in the main fabric.

Or this Canterbury Hoodie is ideal for training or just looking good in colder or slightly warmer weather with its quarter zip.

We also love this adidas Icons 3 Stripes Hoodies or this really cool Nike Dri-Fit Magic Hour Trail Hoodie.

And finally, we all know how popular The North Face is, so you have to consider this Middle Cloud Insulated jacket. 

Check out the full range of tops HERE or below.

Sustainable Clothes Christmas


We’ve also got some cool tees to wear if you’re going running, training, lounging around even heading out in!

We’ve got this adidas Train Essentials Graphic T-Shirt and this Nike Dri-Fit Strike Short-Sleeve for all your training and running needs.

Or this ASICS Race Mens Short Sleeve Top is really popular this year, while this Berghaus Classic Logo T-Shirt is fit for all occasions.

Check out the full range of t-shirts below.

Sustainable Clothes Christmas


They are going to need some cool sweat pants, tracksuits or shorts to complete the look too.

We’ve got some great ideas for you below.

These Nike Dri-Fit Academy Zippered soccer pants are great for training in, but you can also wear them everyday too.

Or likewise, the adidas Game and Go Tapered Trousers are really stylish.

Grey sweats are a timeless classic and these Puma Essentials tick all the boxes, or if you or he is a shorts guy (we all know one!) these Canterbury Woven 7 Inch shorts are the real deal.

Check out the full range below.

Sustainable Clothes for Her


Want to stand out from the crowd? Or blend in? Well we’ve got all the tops to help you do that and reduce your footprint too.

We love this Energetics Ornella Sweatshirt designed to fit loose and stay in place,  or this really cool Nike Trail Jacket in black.

For training or loungewear, you can’t go wrong with this adidas Train Essentials Cotton 3-Stripes Hoodie or for aa more waterproof option, this pink Brooks Canopy jacket is a beauty.

Check out the full list below.

Sustainable Clothes Christmas


T-shirts, bras and tank tops are a key piece of sports clothing for women.

We’ve got a great selection, but we’ve pulled out a couple of our most popular just for you.

Like this Nike Swoosh Medium Support Padded bra  or this cool Puma Medium Support Impact Sports Bra.

For a nice and simple long-sleeve tee, this ASICS Core Top in red is flying off the shelves, or if you want something short sleeve, this Energetics Ogerda II is ideal for training, yoga or loungewear.

Or for something a bit more weatherproof, adidas supercool Techfit Cold Ready Long Sleeve Quarter-Zip in black is an ideal base layer in cold temperatures.

Check out the full range below.


A pair of well-fitted leggings, shorts or pants are a must this year if you’re planning on taking part in any sport.

ASICS have these amazing Nagino Run Tights available now, or for a more conventional colour, these black Energetics Romina Leggings are incredible value for money.

Nike running are among the top products on the market, and these Pro Mid-Rise Mesh-Paneled leggings have to be considered, or if leggings aren’t your thing, this Nike Power Womens Training Pants are sure to fit the bill.

If you’re looking for shorts, these ASICS Icon 4 inch running shorts are made for performance.

Follow the link below to see our full range.

 Top Sustainable Teamwear and Jerseys Christmas 2023

Kids Football Jerseys

All the best sporting teams in the world are becoming more and more conscious about the environment in their jerseys and gear.

So your kid can wear all their favourite teams kits whilst having a lesser impact.

A win-win.

We love this Man United away and shorts combo and we know your boy or girl will to.

There’s also the Liverpool away jersey for 2023/2024, and the Chelsea home jersey.

The Tottenham third jersey is a really cool release this year, or why not consider this Borussia Dortmund one?

Check out the full list of jerseys below.

Kids Kylian Mbappe Range

If your kid is a football fan, then they will love Kylian Mbappe!

The French star has dropped this latest kids range of clothing and it really is a must this Christmas.

Your little bundle of joy will feel like the coolest kid in the playground with this kit on.

The hoodie, shorts and trackies combo are Impact Choice too!

Check out the full range below.

Sustainable Clothes Christmas

Adult Football Jerseys

Our adult jersey Impact range includes kits from all the top clubs across rugby and soccer.

We’ve got you covered with Liverpool, Man United, Spurs, Chelsea, City and more of the top Premier League clubs.

In Europe, we’ve also got PSG, Ajax, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund and more.

While we’ve got a range of Irish rugby and Connacht rugby jerseys.

Check out the full range below.


Sustainable Clothes Christmas


We hope you enjoyed our range of Impact Choice clothes.

Of course, that is only a drop in the ocean.

Check out the full range right HERE.

We have something for everyone.