March 18, 2020

Sport at Home – Staying Active

Here at Intersport Elverys, we are going to give you some tips on doing sport at home (both in-door and outdoor), to help keep your children entertained for hours, while also ensuring that they keep improving their sporting skills. We have selection of balls, goals, nets and much more sporting equipment available online if you need it, with free home delivery on everything. Take a look below for all the details.

Indoor Games

Everyone may not have the room to play outside, so here are some ideas to keep entertainment value high within the household.

1 Why not use some cones in the hallway or other rooms to create an indoor obstacle course (of course, only if it’s safe)? Get the stop-watch out and make a competition out of it.

2 Tennis balls can also be excellent for indoor games. A simple game of catch can provide hours of fun (especially if you think about that Friends Episode). Tennis balls can also be used, with 10 paper/plastic cups as pins for 10-pin bowling.

3 A game of hand tennis can also be a way of keeping entertainment high in the hallway. Put a barrier in the middle of the hall and use your hand to hit the ball back and forward (warning, this one will definitely get competitive).

4 If you have chalk in the house, why not draw a circle on a door and use it as target practice. See how many you can get in a row.

If you have any other indoor game ideas, let us know through our social media channels and we’ll add to our list of recommendations.

Gaelic Football

If you have a ball at home, every aspiring footballer should use it to improve their pickups, soloing, kicking and hand passing. All they need is a wall, a garden or driveway. Practice makes perfect. If you are looking for more, we have a 10-foot Super Sports goal is perfect for anyone with some room around their house and is ideal for sports such as Gaelic Football, Hurling and Soccer.

Hurling and Camogie

For every young hurler and camogie players, practice is key in terms of pucking and catching. Lots of the best players down the years have credited their skills to hitting a ball up against a wall for hours on end. As they say, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  If you don’t want the wall to be used, we do have the Reydon Hurley Master which is a purpose designed frame with a net and target area for training and practicing your skills.


Basketball is a sport that has always garnered interest in Ireland. Most garages seem to have a basketball hoop on them, outside homes across the country. If you have one of these hoops, go out and start shooting into it and try and beat your personal best.


Almost everyone in Ireland has a football, which they can go out and kick against a wall for hours on end. Setting up a bin as a target and kick the ball into the bin will endlessly improve passing and shooting skills.

If you have any other outdoor game ideas, let us know through our social media channels and we’ll add to our list of recommendations.

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