May 25, 2016


Journalist and Broadcaster Sinéad Desmond is a long time supporter and runner of the Women’s Mini Marathon, and here she gives her tips and insights into how best to enjoy the big day!

Hello to all you lovely VHI Women’s Mini Marathon ladies!

Whether you’re a veteran, a first timer or coming back for seconds you are guaranteed to have fun! It is such a great event and we should be very proud of the fact that it is the biggest event of it’s kind in the world, with over 40,000 women strutting their stuff through the streets of Dublin! This will be my 10th WMM and I can’t wait. The buzz is always fantastic and so much money is raised for good causes. To date a staggering €198 million has been raised for charity, so give yourself a pat on the back!

I’ve been asked to give a few words of advice to first timers, so here goes! First things first, congratulations you’ve committed to doing your first 10k! If you’ve never done a race before it’s a big deal and no small undertaking, so congrats for getting out there and training. You should be well into your training now, but if you’re not don’t worry – you can choose to walk it on the day, many do! Finishing is the goal, not time. But I would encourage you to push yourself past your comfort zone, if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you!

Good gear is essential, I see a lot of boobs bouncing everywhere at women’s events, so lock ‘em down ladies! A good sports bra will make for a far more comfortable running experience! Obviously a pair of trainers that are suitable for the event are a must, most places offer free fitting services nowadays so take advantage of that! A new addition to my kit this year is my EVB capri length running leggings. They are designed to support your core and pelvic floor, which they do, and they keep my posture prefect and protect my lower back. But my favourite thing about them is they stop everything wobbling, think Spanx for jogging! I love that they’re Irish owned and designed by an Irish woman who wanted something to run in that worked for her.

I also always run in shades and a visor too. A lot of you will train for the WMM in the evening when the sun has gone down but on the day it can be very sunny, you see a lot of burnt bodies! So remember to bring sunscreen!

I’m no expert but I’ll pass on three bits of advice that have worked for me over the years.

Do what works for you! There is a lot of information out there about running and by all means soak it up, but trust yourself too!

Change nothing on race day, if you’ve been training in certain gear wear that gear. Eat what you normally eat, run as you normally run.

Enjoy every second! Even the seconds that hurt, the sense of achievement will make it all worthwhile!

So good luck all, see you at the start line!

Xxx Sinead

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