[{"ID":9628,"post_author":"12","post_date":"2023-11-10 12:59:00","post_date_gmt":"2023-11-10 12:59:00","post_content":"Have you been Inspired By Fitness Training this year?\r\n\r\nOr do you have a gym bunny who'd love some fresh new gear to start their training journey?\r\n\r\nIntersport Elverys certainly has and we're committed to helping to inspire you to more with these training gift ideas Christmas 2023.\r\n\r\nWe have everything you'll need to find the perfect Christmas 2023 gifts for the gym goer and home workout-ers in your house - have a look below.\r\n\r\nBefore you do, you might be interest in our other Christmas 2023 gift guides,<\/a> where we have covered mens, womens, kids and runners.\r\n\r\n\"training\r\n

Nike Training<\/h1>\r\nThe latest drop from Nike is a must have this Christmas for all fitness fanatics.\r\n\r\nWe absolutely love the new Nike Metcon 9 Training shoe<\/a> with unbelievable comfort and support, available in both mens and womens, or the Air Max Alpha Trainer.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\nFor the males, look and feel the part in this Nike Academy Dri-Fit Global Football Tracksuit<\/a>, or this grey Nike Therma-FIT Full-Zip hoodie.<\/a>\r\n\r\nFor the ladies, this Nike Dri-Fit French Terry Hoodie<\/a> is a really cool piece of apparel, and it can be combined really well with these Nike Pro 365 Shorts.<\/a>\r\n\r\nCheck out the full Nike range below, we've only scratched the surface here.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n

Yoga<\/h1>\r\nYoga is one of the easiest and most beneficial workout you can do at home.\r\n\r\nThere are so many forms of great content online, including out Ultimate Guide to Yoga blog.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\nWe've got a great range of comfortable yoga wear from all the top brands, such as our latest products from Body Logic!<\/a>\r\n\r\nFind our full range of Yoga below.\r\n\r\n\"training<\/a>\r\n\r\n \r\n

Home Gym<\/h1>\r\nWe've all been partial to a home workout or two since 2020 began!\r\n\r\nAnd we have an incredible range of strength, cardio and home gym accessories just for you and your home gym.\r\n\r\nIf you're looking to get stronger, we've got an unbelievable selection of dumbbells, barbells, weights, kettlebells, weight stations and more.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\nMaybe you're a cardio bunny? We'll don't miss some unbeatable offers on our treadmills, exercise bikes, rowers, ellipticals and more.<\/a>\r\n\r\nOr if you need some cool accessories to complete the look, check them out HERE.\u00a0\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\n\"training<\/a>\r\n\r\n \r\n

Footwear<\/h1>\r\nNo gym or fitness training session is complete without a proper pair of trainers.\r\n\r\nThe new and previously mentioned Nike Metcon 9 Training shoe<\/a>\u00a0or the Air Max Alpha Trainer<\/a> two of the very best in the market right now.\r\n\r\nThere are also these really comfortable and sturdy adidas Dropset 2<\/a>.\r\n\r\nUnder Armour's Charged Commit 3<\/a> is also packed with performance at a really affordable price, as are these Nike MC Trainers.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\nCheck out the full list of Trainers below, with lots of other brands like Puma, Energetics and Skechers included.\r\n

\"\"<\/a><\/h1>\r\n \r\n

Conclusion<\/h1>\r\nThanks for reading and we hope you and that special gym lover in your life has a great Christmas 2022.\r\n\r\nCheck out our full training range below.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>","post_title":"Training Gift Ideas Christmas 2023","post_excerpt":"If you're looking to buy some presents for the gym bunny in your life, this Christmas 2023 Training Gift Ideas blog is all you need!","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"closed","ping_status":"closed","post_password":"","post_name":"training-gift-ideas-christmas-2023","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2023-11-13 12:48:18","post_modified_gmt":"2023-11-13 12:48:18","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/blog.elverys.ie\/?p=9628","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw","permalink":"https:\/\/blog.elverys.ie\/training-gift-ideas-christmas-2023\/","img_interchange":"[https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2022\/11\/Training-Gits-Main-Banner.png?resize=640%2C200&ssl=1, small], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2022\/11\/Training-Gits-Main-Banner.png?resize=1280%2C400&ssl=1, medium], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2022\/11\/Training-Gits-Main-Banner.png?resize=1440%2C400&ssl=1, large], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2022\/11\/Training-Gits-Main-Banner.png?resize=1920%2C400&ssl=1, xlarge]","img":"https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2022\/11\/Training-Gits-Main-Banner.png?resize=1920%2C400&ssl=1"},{"ID":62005,"post_author":"12","post_date":"2023-11-10 11:34:35","post_date_gmt":"2023-11-10 11:34:35","post_content":"Christmas is the most special time of year and it is essential to get the perfect gift for the most special person in most peoples' lives, your Mam!\r\n\r\nOur beloved mammies deserve special attention because they have always been there for us, offering support and encouragement during our triumphs, and providing solace during our moments of hardship.\r\n\r\nAt Intersport Elverys, we know that finding the ideal gift for the sporty mother who effortlessly balances her busy life, with a morning run or a calming yoga session.\r\n\r\nBelow, we have compiled a selection of Christmas gifts that will resonate with her spirit and bring an extra dose of happiness to her active routine, whether she is just a casual enjoyer of sport or a serious athlete.\r\n\r\nOur selection is dedicated to celebrating the incredible woman she is, offering the latest fitness gadgets that seamlessly sync with her daily routine and cosy athleisure wear for those much-needed relaxation days.\r\n\r\nJoin us as we explore the top Christmas gift ideas for your mum that will bring a smile to her face long after the holiday season is over.\r\n\r\n\"christmas\r\n

Christmas Gifts for the Active Mam<\/h3>\r\nFor those Moms who thrive on staying active and embracing the thrill of sports, there's no better way to spread holiday cheer than with a present that honours their passion for fitness.\r\n\r\nWhy not consider giving her a gift that complements her active lifestyle and encourages her fitness journey this season? At Intersport Elverys, we offer a wide range of choices that will surely excite any active mum who loves sports.\r\n\r\nImagine the relaxation that awaits the active mum who loves sports, as she discovers a high-quality yoga mat<\/a> that offers the ideal combination of comfort and traction for her daily sessions.\r\n\r\nFor a mum who loves sports and staying active, having the perfect fitness outfit is essential. Whether she's into Pilates or Zumba, she needs something that can keep up with her movements and provide maximum comfort.\r\n\r\nA versatile outfit that wicks away moisture is the perfect companion for her practise, so check out our full range of activewear HERE.<\/a>\r\n\r\nHowever, staying fit is not just about working out alone; it's also about being part of a community and forming connections.\r\n\r\nMaybe you plan on surprising your mother with a gym membership or some PT sessions? Make sure she is kitted out in proper training apparel and footwear first.\r\n\r\nCheck out the full range of Women's Training<\/a> below.\r\n\r\n\"christmas<\/a>\r\n

Christmas Gifts for the Mam who love the Great Outdoors<\/h3>\r\nIreland's landscape is a canvas that invites the adventurous spirit to discover its breath-taking beauty.\r\n\r\nFor those crisp morning walks, enhance her adventure gear with some Hiking Boots<\/a> or walking shoes,<\/a> renowned for their outstanding support and ability to withstand various weather conditions.\r\n\r\nProtect her from Ireland's ever-changing weather with waterproof Jackets - from the likes of The North Face, Nike, Portwest, Merrell and more.<\/a>\r\n\r\nAnd when the evenings become darker, ensure her safety and visibility with the ASICS Liteshow<\/a> or Brooks high-vis clothing<\/a>. This will help ensure visibility to others and enhance her sense of security during outdoor activities.\r\n\r\nTo keep warm and protected from the harsh Irish weather, a cool beanie and or pair of gloves<\/a> is absolutely crucial too!\r\n\r\n\"christmas<\/a>\r\n

Christmas Gifts for the Athletic & Stylish Mam<\/h3>\r\nChoosing the perfect athletic gear not only complements the active lifestyle of a sport-loving mother, but also showcases her unique sense of fashion.\r\n\r\nTo start, you can't go wrong with a pair of high-waist leggings<\/a> that combines design and comfort. Brands like Nike, Puma and adidas have a great selection allowing for freedom of movement during various activities, from yoga flows to intense workouts.\r\n\r\nComplete her outfit with an adidas Performance Tee,<\/a> a timeless and adaptable piece designed with moisture-absorbing AEROREADY technology. It's perfect for staying comfortable and stylish whether you're on the go or enjoying a more relaxed day.\r\n\r\nCheck out the Asics Gel-Kayano 30<\/a> running shoes or other ASICS range<\/a>, perfect for those who love sports and lead an active lifestyle. These shoes offer exceptional comfort with their advanced cushioning and support, making them an ideal present for moms who prioritise both comfort and protection.\r\n\r\nThey are perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, whether they're out for a run or chasing after their children, likewise the Brooks Running shoes.<\/a>\r\n\r\nNike have just dropped their latest Nike One range<\/a> which your mother will absolutely love, a perfect choice for those who appreciate both style and functionality.\r\n\r\nOr, for a a really nice variety of half-zips from the likes of The North Face, Puma, Nike, McKinley and Energetics, check them out HERE.<\/a>\r\n\r\nThe full list of running wear is worth a look below.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n

Cool Gifts for the Tech Savvy Mom<\/h3>\r\nIntersport Elverys offers a wide range of gadgets that are perfect for the tech-savvy mammy who loves to stay ahead of the curve.\r\n\r\nThese gadgets are designed to complement her active lifestyle and fuel her passion for all things sports.\r\n\r\nBegin with the Garmin Forerunner 265S<\/a>, a stylish and easy-to-use GPS running watch. It's an ideal choice for keeping tabs on her fitness objectives and measuring her progress. This smartwatch goes beyond just telling time.\r\n\r\nIt provides in-depth analytics on performance, stress levels, and sleep patterns, keeping her well-informed and motivated.\r\n\r\nNext, check out the Fitbit Sense 2<\/a>, a high-end fitness and wellness tracker that keeps tabs on heart rate, activity levels, and even skin temperature, perfect for health-conscious individuals. It's not just a gadget; it's a trusted wellness companion.\r\n\r\nUpgrade her exercise sessions with the AfterShokz earbuds and headphones<\/a>. These earbuds are waterproof and noise-canceling, providing top-notch sound quality. Now she can enjoy her favourite music while staying active.\r\n\r\nAnd we mustn't overlook the importance of recovery and relaxation.\r\n\r\nThe Theragun Massage Gun range<\/a> provide much-needed relief for muscle recovery after demanding workouts or busy days.\r\n\r\nCheck out the full list of tech gadgets below.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n

Football Jerseys for the Sports Mom<\/h3>\r\nFor the mother who thrives on team sports, Intersport Elverys has a selection of gifts and jerseys that will keep her passion alive from the sitting room to the sideline!\r\n\r\nKick-off her sporting gifts with a personalized jersey<\/a> from her favourite soccer team available through Elverys' custom printing service. She'll wear her team's colors with pride, whether she's at a match or out and about.\r\n\r\nThere's also a extensive list of rugby and GAA jerseys<\/a> to pick from, if they are her chosen sports too.\r\n\r\nWe've got Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City and more, As well as the Irish football kit.\r\n\r\nPlus, get Irish rugby, Connacht rugby and Leinster rugby<\/a> jerseys too.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n

Christmas Gifts for the Avid Swimming Mom<\/h3>\r\nIntersport Elverys has put together a collection of swimming essentials<\/a> that will enhance the aquatic adventures of any water-loving mum.\r\n\r\nIn it, we've got wetsuits, googles, swimwear and a load of accessories<\/a> that will make her swim much more enjoyable.\r\n\r\nSo whether it's a session in the pool, or a cold water swim in the ocean she is after, we have you covered on all basis.\r\n\r\nCheck out the full range below.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n

Conclusion<\/h3>\r\nWe hope you've found something in this blog to make Christmas special for your darling mam this year!\r\n\r\nWe've also got out Gifts for Dad blog<\/a> if you're struggling to find someone for him too! We know how difficult they can be to buy for!!\r\n\r\nCheck out the full Women's Christmas range below.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n ","post_title":"Christmas Gift Guide for the Special Mam in Ireland 2023","post_excerpt":"Make sure your mother is spoiled this Christmas with our Christmas Gifts for Mam Guide with everything you need for a sporty & active mother","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"closed","ping_status":"closed","post_password":"","post_name":"christmas-gifts-for-mam-ireland","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2023-11-10 11:44:26","post_modified_gmt":"2023-11-10 11:44:26","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/blog.elverys.ie\/?p=62005","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw","permalink":"https:\/\/blog.elverys.ie\/christmas-gifts-for-mam-ireland\/","img_interchange":"[https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/11\/Gifts-for-Mam-Main.png?resize=640%2C200&ssl=1, small], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/11\/Gifts-for-Mam-Main.png?resize=1280%2C400&ssl=1, medium], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/11\/Gifts-for-Mam-Main.png?resize=1440%2C400&ssl=1, large], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/11\/Gifts-for-Mam-Main.png?resize=1920%2C400&ssl=1, xlarge]","img":"https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/11\/Gifts-for-Mam-Main.png?resize=1920%2C400&ssl=1"},{"ID":61970,"post_author":"12","post_date":"2023-11-07 12:39:45","post_date_gmt":"2023-11-07 12:39:45","post_content":"This Christmas, we're celebrating the incredible dads in our lives who deserve all the recognition by giving them the Gift of Sport.\r\n\r\nThis Gift Guide for presents for Dad this Christmas 2023 in Ireland is going to make your job a lot easier too.\r\n\r\nThis Gift Guide isn't for dad, but those who have a passion for the game, the race, the great outdoors, and the excitement of sports.\r\n\r\nThose who engage in a game of rugby or football with their children on a chilly morning, who enthusiastically support from the sidelines regardless of the weather, and who inspire through their commitment to maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.\r\n\r\nThese dads are the epitome of sports-loving dads in Ireland, who never fail to inspire us and help create those memorable family moments.\r\n\r\nAt Intersport Elverys, we understand the importance of finding the ideal pair of running shoes, staying up-to-date with the latest fitness tracker technology, and supporting your favourite team with top-notch gear.\r\n\r\nWith our expert advice, shopping for presents for dad this Christmas 2023 will be a breeze.\r\n\r\nFor those who are passionate about fitness, whether it's hitting the gym, running marathons, or enjoying a casual game with the little ones, we have a wide selection of gifts that will not only complement their sporting spirit but also help them stay at the top of their game.\r\n\r\n\"\"\r\n

Best Christmas Presents for the Sport Loving Dad<\/h3>\r\nDads come in all shapes and sizes, and they have a lot of different interests in terms of sports!\r\n\r\nAt Intersport Elverys, we have a great selection.\r\n\r\nIf he's a keen runner, why not treat him to a new savvy Fitness Tracking Watch?<\/a>\r\n\r\nDoes he love golf? Check out our range of golfing presents?<\/a>\r\n\r\nMaybe he's a football fanatic? Why not treat him to a personalised jersey?<\/a>\r\n\r\nOr he is a gym lover? So new equipment for that home gym<\/a> might be worth a look?\r\n\r\n\"presents<\/a>\r\n

Christmas Presents for Dads in Ireland: Fitness Tech<\/h3>\r\nFor the dad who knows the importance of staying fit and performing at his best, giving him the latest fitness technology can make a significant impact.\r\n\r\nImagine him opening a stylish new smartwatch, crafted to monitor his every activity, heart rate, and calories burned.\r\n\r\nThese high-tech devices from popular brands such as Garmin<\/a> and Fitbit<\/a> not only track his physical statistics but also effortlessly connect with his smartphone to provide a complete overview of his well-being.\r\n\r\nThere is also a great selection of golf smart watches to make his game a bit easier, such as this Garmin S62.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\nIf he wants to listen to some music while working out, our selection of AfterShokz wireless headphones<\/a> and earbuds are good for running, swimming and gyming.\r\n\r\n\"presents<\/a>\r\n

Christmas Presents for Dads: Performance Gear<\/h3>\r\nThere's something about donning the right gear that sets the tone for any athletic adventure or activity.\r\n\r\nThis holiday season, surprise the sports enthusiast Dad in your life with high-performance gear that perfectly matches their active lifestyle and showcases their dedication to their favourite sport.\r\n\r\nWe're talking g cutting-edge moisture-wicking fabrics that ensure he stays dry even during the most intense workouts, along with innovative thermal layers that adapt to the ever-changing Irish climate to maintain optimal body temperature.\r\n\r\nThis The North Face Reaxion Quarter-Zip fleece<\/a> will keep him warm and comfortable for all outdoor adventures.\r\n\r\nThe Brooks Ghost 15 running shoe<\/a> is one of the most comfortable you will get and we guarantee you he will love them!\r\n\r\nWe've got a great selection of jackets too, from the likes of The North Face, Nike, Portwest and McKinley.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\nIf they are avid runners, we've got some ASICS compression socks\u00a0<\/a>and baselayers here.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\nCheck out a full range below, or maybe this Gift Guide for the Runner<\/a> might help you?\r\n\r\n\"presents<\/a>\r\n

Football Jerseys & Personalisation<\/h3>\r\nFor passionate football lovers, the excitement of the game is only surpassed by the sense of pride that comes from donning their team's colours.\r\n\r\nThis Christmas, give him the ultimate fan experience with a personalised jersey from his beloved team.\r\n\r\nIntersport Elverys provides a wide selection of official jerseys from popular Irish, Premier League and international teams, allowing customers to personalise them with their preferred name and number.\r\n\r\nSee more on Personalised Gifts in this blog.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\nWe've also got a great selection of Irish Rugby Jerseys, Irish football and Connacht Rugby jerseys and Leinster too.\r\n\r\nAnd we can't forget about the GAA too, which ranges from all your top counties.\r\n\r\nCheck them out HERE<\/a> or below.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n

Presents for Fitness Loving and Gym Loving Dad<\/h3>\r\nWith the holiday season just around the corner, what could be more thoughtful than assisting the devoted father in your life in creating his own personal haven for strength training and fitness within the comfort of his own home?\r\n\r\nIntersport Elverys recognises the significance of a home gym for many men.\r\n\r\nIt is not merely a place to exercise, but a sanctuary where they can prioritise their personal goals and overall well-being.\r\n\r\nBegin with the basics: top-quality, versatile dumbbells<\/a> that accommodate a wide range of exercises, ideal for any home office or garage space.\r\n\r\nEnhance your workout routine with durable kettlebells and a reliable bench<\/a>, transforming any space into a cutting-edge fitness studio.\r\n\r\nFor the dad who knows the importance of muscle recovery and flexibility, a selection of resistance bands and a high-density foam roller<\/a> are excellent choices for stocking fillers.\r\n\r\nAnd if space allows, why not explore a multi-gym station<\/a> from Elverys' thoughtfully chosen collection that brings the high-quality gym experience directly to his home?\r\n\r\nIf he's a cardio head, we have a great selection of treadmills, rowers, bikes and more<\/a>. Remember, all this can be bought using our installation payment method, humm.\r\n\r\nCheck out the full range of Home Gym below.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n

Presents for the Lover of Outdoors Dad<\/h3>\r\nFor the dad who loves exploring the beautiful outdoors of Ireland, a gift that enhances his outdoor adventures would be met with unmatched enthusiasm.\r\n\r\nFor this holiday season, trust Intersport Elverys to help you select gifts that will ensure he can continue his outdoor adventures in any weather or terrain.\r\n\r\nOutfit him with a high-quality, durable jackets that can handle the ever-changing Irish weather, keeping him dry and comfortable whether he's exploring the Wicklow trails or supporting his local GAA team. We've got the best from Nike, The North Face, McKinley, Portwest and more.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\nAdding durable, waterproof trousers or cargo pants<\/a> will give him the confidence for any weather. While high-quality, high-traction hiking boots<\/a> are an absolute must.\r\n\r\nA nice pair of UnderArmour Storm Liner gloves<\/a> are a great stocking filler, while a backpack<\/a> is essential for hikes.\r\n\r\nCheck out the full outdoor range below.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n

Christmas Presents for the Golfing Dad in Ireland<\/h3>\r\nFor those Dads who love their golf, finding the perfect present for a golf-obsessed dad is all about capturing the essence of the game and the joy it brings.\r\n\r\nExploring the latest advancements in golf technology can greatly enhance their game and overall experience on the course, and these GPS Garmins<\/a> are just that.\r\n\r\nGolf balls are always a welcome present, because any golfer will tell you how they can go missing every now and then!! We've got an unbeatable offer of Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price on all our balls, including Titleist Pro V1s and Taylormade TP5s.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\nAnd to make sure he looks the part, high-quality golf apparel<\/a> and shoes<\/a> that offers both comfort and style in any weather will make him the envy of his playing group.\r\n\r\nCheck out our full range right golf products HERE\u00a0<\/a>or below.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n

Conclusion<\/h1>\r\nSo, give the Gift of Sport to that special dad in your life this Christmas 2023 with some unforgettable presents.\r\n\r\nWe've got a huge selection outside of what we've shown you too, so if you want more, follow the link below.\r\n\r\nHappy Christmas to you all, from Intersport Elverys.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>","post_title":"Christmas Presents for Dads in Ireland 2023","post_excerpt":"Discover the ultimate Christmas presents for sporty dads in Ireland with Intersport Elverys. From tech fitness gadgets to personalised team gear, find the perfect gift to keep him active.","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"closed","ping_status":"closed","post_password":"","post_name":"christmas-presents-for-dads-in-ireland","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2023-11-21 15:28:16","post_modified_gmt":"2023-11-21 15:28:16","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/blog.elverys.ie\/?p=61970","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw","permalink":"https:\/\/blog.elverys.ie\/christmas-presents-for-dads-in-ireland\/","img_interchange":"[https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/11\/Gifts-for-Dad-Main.png?resize=640%2C200&ssl=1, small], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/11\/Gifts-for-Dad-Main.png?resize=1280%2C400&ssl=1, medium], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/11\/Gifts-for-Dad-Main.png?resize=1440%2C400&ssl=1, large], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/11\/Gifts-for-Dad-Main.png?resize=1920%2C400&ssl=1, xlarge]","img":"https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/11\/Gifts-for-Dad-Main.png?resize=1920%2C400&ssl=1"},{"ID":61904,"post_author":"12","post_date":"2023-11-06 09:35:13","post_date_gmt":"2023-11-06 09:35:13","post_content":"With Christmas approaching, it's time to change refresh that wardrobe! In Ireland right now more and more people are opting for sustainable clothes and it's something you should consider if you haven't already.\r\n\r\nWhat better time than Christmas to give someone the Gift of Sport with some eco-friendly or Impact Choice<\/a> sports clothes and fashion.\r\n\r\nIntersport Elverys appreciate the importance of making choice that promote a more sustainable way of living and we're excited to share some of our top products that have effortless style and performance, from all the leading brands, but are made with a more impactful outlook on the environment.\r\n\r\nWe've also done the same for footwear, listing out our Top 9 Impact Choice Running Shoes<\/a> this Christmas?\r\n\r\nSo keep reading to see some of our key looks.!\r\n

Understanding Sustainable Clothing this Christmas<\/h3>\r\nSustainability, and its importance, will be a growing topic for conversation in every home this Christmas.\r\n\r\nMore and more people are becoming conscious about making subtle changes to lessen their impact on the environment.\r\n\r\nIn the world of fashion, this means there is a growing desire for clothing that not only has a stylish appearance, but is also produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.\r\n\r\nBut what precisely defines a garment as sustainable?\r\n\r\nIntersport Elverys is striving to make positive an increasing positive impact on our planet, particularly in regard to the products we sell.\r\n\r\nImpact Choice is the first step in that journey and it is a criteria, devised by Intersport, which products must meet if they are to be deemed positively impact on the environment.\r\n\r\n80% of our carbon footprint comes from the production and materials used in the products we sell. That is why these areas are a key focus for Impact Choice.\r\n\r\n\"\"\r\n\r\nImpact Choice makes identification between product and planet protection much simpler.\r\n\r\nTo see more on certifications and criteria, check out\u00a0Intersport's Blog.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\nRegardless of the brand\u2019s terminology, for a product to be highlighted as Impact Choice it must meet\u00a0at least one of the two Impact Choice criteria.<\/strong>\r\n\r\n- The\u00a0entire product\u00a0<\/strong>must be certified by a recognised standard.\r\n\r\n- At least one main component\u00a0must use a minimum of 50% responsible materials or technologies.\r\n\r\nForbidden Criteria<\/strong>\r\n\r\nRegardless of the criteria above, a product will not be considered Impact Choice if it contains:\r\n\r\n- PFCs\r\n\r\n- Biocides\r\n\r\n- Wool from mulesed sheep\r\n\r\n- Down\/feathers from live-plucked or force fed birds\r\n\r\nFind a full list of approved standards, certifications, materials and technologies via the link below.\r\n\r\nINTERSPORT IMPACT PRODUCTS REQUIREMENTS<\/a>\r\n\r\nA 2020 study conducted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation revealed that transitioning to circular fashion has the potential to significantly decrease the carbon footprint of clothing worldwide, by a staggering 39%.\r\n
We take pride in leading this movement, and you can come onboard with some of these items as gifts to you, or gifts to a loved one this Christmas!<\/blockquote>\r\n

\u00a0Top Sustainable Clothing Picks for Christmas 2023<\/h3>\r\n

Sustainable Clothes for Him<\/h2>\r\nTops<\/strong>\r\n\r\nWe have some unbelievable deals on our Impact Choice clothing ahead of Christmas, so you'll get a bargain whilst also lessening your impact on the environment.\r\n\r\nWhether it's for you, or a gift for him, these looks are quality in every aspect.\r\n\r\nThis blue Under Armour Quarter-Zip<\/a> is a classic old school fleece that is light, incredibly warm and has at least 90% recycled polyester in the main fabric.\r\n\r\nOr this Canterbury Hoodie<\/a> is ideal for training or just looking good in colder or slightly warmer weather with its quarter zip.\r\n\r\nWe also love this adidas Icons 3 Stripes Hoodies<\/a> or this really cool Nike Dri-Fit Magic Hour Trail Hoodie.<\/a>\r\n\r\nAnd finally, we all know how popular The North Face is, so you have to consider this Middle Cloud Insulated jacket.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n\r\nCheck out the full range of tops HERE<\/a> or below.\r\n\r\n\"Sustainable<\/a>\r\n\r\nT-Shirts<\/strong>\r\n\r\nWe've also got some cool tees to wear if you're going running, training, lounging around even heading out in!\r\n\r\nWe've got this adidas Train Essentials Graphic T-Shirt<\/a> and this Nike Dri-Fit Strike Short-Sleeve<\/a> for all your training and running needs.\r\n\r\nOr this ASICS Race Mens Short Sleeve Top<\/a> is really popular this year, while this Berghaus Classic Logo T-Shirt<\/a> is fit for all occasions.\r\n\r\nCheck out the full range of t-shirts below.\r\n\r\n\"Sustainable<\/a>\r\n\r\nTrousers\/Pants\/Shorts<\/strong>\r\n\r\nThey are going to need some cool sweat pants, tracksuits or shorts to complete the look too.\r\n\r\nWe've got some great ideas for you below.\r\n\r\nThese Nike Dri-Fit Academy Zippered soccer pants<\/a> are great for training in, but you can also wear them everyday too.\r\n\r\nOr likewise, the adidas Game and Go Tapered Trousers<\/a> are really stylish.\r\n\r\nGrey sweats are a timeless classic and these Puma Essentials<\/a> tick all the boxes, or if you or he is a shorts guy (we all know one!) these Canterbury Woven 7 Inch shorts<\/a> are the real deal.\r\n\r\nCheck out the full range below.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n

Sustainable Clothes for Her<\/h2>\r\nTops<\/strong>\r\n\r\nWant to stand out from the crowd? Or blend in? Well we've got all the tops to help you do that and reduce your footprint too.\r\n\r\nWe love this Energetics Ornella Sweatshirt<\/a> designed to fit loose and stay in place,\u00a0 or this really cool Nike Trail Jacket in black.<\/a>\r\n\r\nFor training or loungewear, you can't go wrong with this adidas Train Essentials Cotton 3-Stripes Hoodie<\/a> or for aa more waterproof option, this pink Brooks Canopy jacket is a beauty.<\/a>\r\n\r\nCheck out the full list below.\r\n\r\n\"Sustainable<\/a>\r\n\r\nBras\/Tees<\/strong>\r\n\r\nT-shirts, bras and tank tops are a key piece of sports clothing for women.\r\n\r\nWe've got a great selection, but we've pulled out a couple of our most popular just for you.\r\n\r\nLike this Nike Swoosh Medium Support Padded bra\u00a0\u00a0<\/a>or this cool Puma Medium Support Impact Sports Bra<\/a>.\r\n\r\nFor a nice and simple long-sleeve tee, this ASICS Core Top<\/a> in red is flying off the shelves, or if you want something short sleeve, this Energetics Ogerda II<\/a> is ideal for training, yoga or loungewear.\r\n\r\nOr for something a bit more weatherproof, adidas supercool Techfit Cold Ready Long Sleeve Quarter-Zip<\/a> in black is an ideal base layer in cold temperatures.\r\n\r\nCheck out the full range below.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n\r\nLeggings\/Pants\/Shorts<\/strong>\r\n\r\nA pair of well-fitted leggings, shorts or pants are a must this year if you're planning on taking part in any sport.\r\n\r\nASICS have these amazing Nagino Run Tights<\/a> available now, or for a more conventional colour, these black Energetics Romina Leggings<\/a> are incredible value for money.\r\n\r\nNike running are among the top products on the market, and these Pro Mid-Rise Mesh-Paneled leggings<\/a> have to be considered, or if leggings aren't your thing, this Nike Power Womens Training Pants<\/a> are sure to fit the bill.\r\n\r\nIf you're looking for shorts, these ASICS Icon 4 inch running shorts<\/a> are made for performance.\r\n\r\nFollow the link below to see our full range.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n

\u00a0Top Sustainable Teamwear and Jerseys Christmas 2023<\/h3>\r\n

Kids Football Jerseys<\/h2>\r\nAll the best sporting teams in the world are becoming more and more conscious about the environment in their jerseys and gear.\r\n\r\nSo your kid can wear all their favourite teams kits whilst having a lesser impact.\r\n\r\nA win-win.\r\n\r\nWe love this Man United away<\/a> and shorts <\/a>combo and we know your boy or girl will to.\r\n\r\nThere's also the Liverpool away jersey<\/a> for 2023\/2024, and the Chelsea home jersey.<\/a>\r\n\r\nThe Tottenham third jersey<\/a> is a really cool release this year, or why not consider this Borussia Dortmund<\/a> one?\r\n\r\nCheck out the full list of jerseys below.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n

Kids Kylian Mbappe Range<\/h2>\r\nIf your kid is a football fan, then they will love Kylian Mbappe!\r\n\r\nThe French star has dropped this latest kids range of clothing and it really is a must this Christmas.\r\n\r\nYour little bundle of joy will feel like the coolest kid in the playground with this kit on.\r\n\r\nThe hoodie, shorts and trackies combo are Impact Choice too!\r\n\r\nCheck out the full range below.\r\n\r\n\"Sustainable<\/a>\r\n

Adult Football Jerseys<\/h2>\r\nOur adult jersey Impact range includes kits from all the top clubs across rugby and soccer.\r\n\r\nWe've got you covered with Liverpool, Man United, Spurs, Chelsea, City and more of the top Premier League clubs.\r\n\r\nIn Europe, we've also got PSG, Ajax, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund and more.\r\n\r\nWhile we've got a range of Irish rugby and Connacht rugby jerseys.\r\n\r\nCheck out the full range below.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n\"Sustainable<\/a>\r\n

Conclusion<\/h3>\r\nWe hope you enjoyed our range of Impact Choice clothes.\r\n\r\nOf course, that is only a drop in the ocean.\r\n\r\nCheck out the full range right HERE<\/a>.\r\n\r\nWe have something for everyone.","post_title":"Sustainable Clothes Christmas Gift Guide 2023","post_excerpt":"Deck your festive wardrobe with sustainable clothes this Christmas. Explore Intersport Elverys\u2019 eco-friendly fashion picks that are perfect for the conscious consumer in Ireland.","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"closed","ping_status":"closed","post_password":"","post_name":"sustainable-clothes-christmas-gift-guid","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2023-11-21 15:14:18","post_modified_gmt":"2023-11-21 15:14:18","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/blog.elverys.ie\/?p=61904","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw","permalink":"https:\/\/blog.elverys.ie\/sustainable-clothes-christmas-gift-guid\/","img_interchange":"[https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2022\/11\/Repair-main-banner.jpg?resize=640%2C200&ssl=1, small], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2022\/11\/Repair-main-banner.jpg?resize=1280%2C400&ssl=1, medium], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2022\/11\/Repair-main-banner.jpg?resize=1440%2C400&ssl=1, large], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2022\/11\/Repair-main-banner.jpg?resize=1920%2C400&ssl=1, xlarge]","img":"https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2022\/11\/Repair-main-banner.jpg?resize=1920%2C400&ssl=1"},{"ID":3020,"post_author":"2","post_date":"2023-11-05 16:22:36","post_date_gmt":"2023-11-05 16:22:36","post_content":"If you're looking to find the perfect Christmas gifts for the runner on your life then look no further.\r\n\r\nIntersport Elverys is Inspired By Running this Christmas 2023 and we've pulled together every runners wish list this Christmas - just for you.\u00a0<\/span>\r\n\r\nSo read on to find some of the best gifts for the runner in your life.\r\n\r\nWe've got other blogs with gift guides for the men, women and kids in your life - check them out right here.\u00a0<\/a>\r\n

Elverys Energetics Run<\/h3>\r\nThe Energetics Running range is comfortable, breathable and environmentally friendly.\r\n\r\nFor men, we've got this cool Energetics Willard Half-Zip Fleece in blue\u00a0<\/a>or this Energetics Bion Half Zip To<\/a>p that is slim fitting and comfortable for your runs.\r\n\r\nFor the men, we've got the Allen 2in1 V Mens Shorts<\/a> that gives maximum flexibility and a perfect climate while running. Or, if you need a jacket, this really cool Semenyo II Full Zip Running jacket<\/a> is for you.\r\n\r\nFor the ladies, check out the Wilona Half-Zip Fleece<\/a>, perfect for those early morning runs. You can combine it with the EVII Short Sleeve Running T-Shirt<\/a> along with these Portia 1\/1 Leggings.<\/a>\r\n\r\nOf what about this comfy and stylish gillet?<\/a>\r\n\r\nDon't forget to check out the full range below or <\/span>HERE<\/a>\r\n\r\n\"gifts<\/a>\r\n\r\n \r\n

ASICS Run<\/h3>\r\nASICS always stands out from the crowd and their 2023 collections are all proving to be a huge hit this festive season.\r\n\r\nGet out there on the road right away with this ASICS Mens Race T-Shirt\u00a0<\/a> and this ASICS Icon Long Sleeve Half Zip for me<\/a>n.\u00a0<\/span>\r\n\r\nThey've also got this amazing ASICS Core Women's Long T-Shirt in pink<\/a> that can be combined with this pretty AISCS Core Half-Zip.\u00a0<\/a><\/span>\r\n\r\nThese super comfy ASICS GT-1000 running shoes are available in Mens<\/a> and Womens.<\/a>\u00a0<\/span>\r\n\r\nDon't miss the full section of ASICS footwear HERE<\/a> - they have a huge amount of variations for all levels.\r\n\r\nThere is so much more too, so don't miss out on the full ASICS range right HERE.<\/a>\r\n\r\n\"gifts<\/a>\r\n\r\n \r\n

Wearable Tech<\/h3>\r\nFor something very special this Christmas get them the gift of motivation with a new running watch or headphones. <\/span>\r\n\r\nIt will provide them with everything they need to keep on track and motivated for the 2024 running season.\u00a0<\/span>\r\n\r\nIn terms of gifts for a runner, they are right up there with the best!\r\n\r\nCheck out the latest range in Garmin, Fitbit, Aftershokz and STAT Sports HERE.\u00a0<\/a><\/span>\r\n\r\n\"gifts<\/a>\r\n\r\n \r\n

Brooks Running<\/h3>\r\nRunning is more than just a hobby for Brooks and their top products represent that.\r\n\r\nThis year they are making sure you're as safe as possible when out on your run with the likes of the Brooks Mens Run Visible Insulated Vest<\/a>, or the same version for Women?<\/a>\r\n\r\nLadies, if you're looking for some colour this Brooks Notch Thermal Hoodie<\/a> is great for all occasions and weather! While this Brooks Crossback Run 2.0 Sports Bra<\/a> offers complete comfort on your run.\r\n\r\nCheck out the full range of Brooks Running HERE.<\/a>\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n\r\n \r\n

Accessories<\/h3>\r\nYou've checked your list twice and you've realised you've forgotten the stocking fillers!<\/span>\r\n\r\nPick up the essentials for runners such as compression socks, hats, gloves and headbands. Or other great gifts such as the Power Bands to help with their warm ups and cool-down.<\/span>\r\n\r\nCheck them out right HERE<\/a>\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n

Nike Running<\/h3>\r\nCan you even mention the word running without associating Nike in it?\r\n\r\nThe Nike Running ranges are always cool, sleek and packed with performance.\r\n\r\nThis Nike Men's Dri-Fit Element Half Zip<\/a> is just that, while you can't go wrong with this Nike Men's Dri-Fit Miler T-Shirt<\/a>.\r\n\r\nOr how about the really nice Nike Therma-Fit Swift Turtleneck Running Top<\/a> that looks great and performs even better with these classic Nike Fast Mid-Rise 7\/8 Graphic Leggings with pockets!<\/a>\r\n\r\nIf you want some running shoes, the new Nike Structure 25<\/a> is packed with performance, style and affordability too.\r\n\r\nCheck out our full Nike Running Range HERE.<\/a><\/span>\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n\r\n \r\n

Running Shoes<\/h3>\r\nProbably the most important cog in the wheel of a runner!\r\n\r\nA good pair of running shoes is so, so important and we have an incredible pick for you.\r\n\r\nThis year, we've got some amazing designs from the likes of Hoka ,\u00a0<\/a>ON Running<\/a> and Puma<\/a>.\r\n\r\nWe've also got an amazing range from the leading brands like Nike<\/a>, ASICS<\/a> and Brooks<\/a>.\r\n\r\nCheck them all out below.\r\n\r\n\"\"<\/a>\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nYou can check out our full Christmas Shop HERE<\/a>.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n ","post_title":"Christmas Gifts For a Runner | Gift Guides 2023","post_excerpt":"Is there a runner in your life that deserves a present this Christmas? We got all the gifts for the runner in your life in this blog!","post_status":"publish","comment_status":"closed","ping_status":"closed","post_password":"","post_name":"gifts-for-runner","to_ping":"","pinged":"","post_modified":"2023-11-21 15:04:35","post_modified_gmt":"2023-11-21 15:04:35","post_content_filtered":"","post_parent":0,"guid":"https:\/\/blog.elverys.ie\/?p=3020","menu_order":0,"post_type":"post","post_mime_type":"","comment_count":"0","filter":"raw","permalink":"https:\/\/blog.elverys.ie\/gifts-for-runner\/","img_interchange":"[https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/10\/Sus-Runners-Main-Banner.png?resize=640%2C200&ssl=1, small], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/10\/Sus-Runners-Main-Banner.png?resize=1280%2C400&ssl=1, medium], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/10\/Sus-Runners-Main-Banner.png?resize=1440%2C400&ssl=1, large], [https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/10\/Sus-Runners-Main-Banner.png?resize=1920%2C400&ssl=1, xlarge]","img":"https:\/\/i0.wp.com\/blog.elverys.ie\/app\/uploads\/2023\/10\/Sus-Runners-Main-Banner.png?resize=1920%2C400&ssl=1"},{"ID":61614,"post_author":"12","post_date":"2023-11-01 13:34:47","post_date_gmt":"2023-11-01 13:34:47","post_content":"With the Christmas season in full swing, there is a noticeable trend towards greater environmental awareness among shoppers, adding a touch of sustainability to the festive atmosphere. So these amazing sustainable Christmas runners will make great gifts in 2023.\r\n\r\nGive someone the Gift of Sport this year and make that one with an Impact<\/a>!\r\n\r\nIn today's world, an increasing number of sports enthusiasts and athletes, especially runners, are shifting their focus beyond mere performance. They are now striving to make a smaller impact, both figuratively and literally.\r\n
Living in a time where our choices hold immense power, opting for sustainable products goes beyond being environmentally conscious; it signifies a dedication to safeguarding the future of our planet.<\/blockquote>\r\nIntersport Elverys is committed to creating a more sustainable future and it starts with our products. Here are our Top 8Sustainable Christmas Runners Gifts for 2023, with each pair striding towards a more sustainable future.\r\n\r\nWhy are the products sustainable? Read the criteria for Impact Choice<\/a> to know.\r\n\r\nIf not, read on for more.\r\n\r\n\"Sustainable\r\n

Why Sustainable Runners make great Gifts Christmas 2023<\/h3>\r\nRunning shoes, just like any other product, have an impact on the environment. Nevertheless, the narrative is being transformed by the emergence of eco-friendly running shoes.\r\n\r\nThe Environmental Impact<\/strong>\r\n\r\nFrom the extraction of raw materials to production, and finally disposal, the lifecycle of a typical running shoe can have a significant toll on the environment.\r\n
When it comes to running shoes, the sustainable options really stand out. These shoes are made with recycled materials, produced using environmentally-friendly methods, and manufactured with ethical labour practises.<\/blockquote>\r\nAs a result, they have a much smaller impact. By selecting these options, you are not only helping the environment, but also endorsing a conscientious approach to business.\r\n\r\nPerformance Meets Sustainability<\/strong>\r\n
It's a common misconception that sustainability means sacrificing durability or effectiveness. But that statement is inaccurate.<\/blockquote>\r\nModern running shoes that prioritise sustainability offer the perfect blend of style and environmental consciousness. These products are crafted to deliver exceptional performance while staying true to their commitment to the environment.\r\n\r\nIt's impressive to see how brands have made significant investments in research and development to ensure that sustainable materials offer the same, if not better, levels of comfort, support, and durability compared to their traditional counterparts.\r\n

Ireland Embraces Sustainable Runners<\/h3>\r\nIreland has long been associated for its breath-taking landscapes, unspoiled coasts, and a deep appreciation for the natural world, something every Irish person is proud of and wants to protect.\r\n\r\nAnd that deep-rooted culture is now seeping down to their clothing and footwear.\r\n\r\nIn Ireland, there has been a noticeable shift in consumer behaviour in recent years. It seems that Irish sports enthusiasts and athletes are increasingly embracing sustainable options, whether it's due to growing awareness, global trends, or that deep connection to nature.\r\n\r\nIntersport Elverys are at the forefront of making eco-friendly sports gear more accessible, showing that sustainability is not just a passing fad, but a vision for the future.\r\n
Recent surveys and market research have shown that a growing number of Irish shoppers, particularly those in the 25-44 age group, are increasingly prioritising the environmental impact of their athletic footwear purchases.<\/blockquote>\r\nBelow, you are going to discover more about out Top 8 Sustainable Runners that would suit gifts this Christmas from all the leading brands such as Nike, Brooks, ASICS, ON Running and more.\r\n

Top 8 Sustainable Runners Gifts for Christmas 2023<\/h3>\r\n

1 Brooks Ghost 15<\/a><\/h4>\r\n\u20ac150<\/strong>\r\n\r\nBrooks have established themselves as one of the very top running shoe brands in the whole world and their newest version of the popular Ghost model is their best yet.\r\n\r\nIt is the best no-frills running shoe on the market, with a really smooth and reliable performance for long and short runs.\r\n\r\nThe upper part of the shoe is made from 57% recycled materials and 6.58 plastic bottles were diverted from landfill to make this runner.\r\n\r\nhttps:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=ystybtjKRuk&ab_channel=IntersportElverys\r\n\r\nIt's also a certified carbon neutral product, built for road running, walking or just wearing everyday because of the smooth and floaty feel it will give you underfoot, along with increased breathability in the upper.\r\n\r\nCheck out the variation of colours Brooks Ghost 15<\/a> or in the link below.\r\n\r\n\"Sustainable<\/a>\r\n

2 Hoka Clifton 9 GTX<\/a><\/h4>\r\n\u20ac170<\/strong>\r\n\r\nThe Hoka Clifton 9 GTX is built for running in all weather and carries a really low impact on the environment due to material it is made with.\r\n\r\nHoka's classic Clifton 9 running shoe has been flying off our shelves all this year, but this upgraded version with GORE-TEX invisible fit and winter-ready traction pads to keep you stuck to the ground and seen, thanks to the 360 reflective.\r\n
So if you're after a rugged, slick and powerful everyday walker, shoe for hiking, trail running or just running itself, this is for you.<\/blockquote>\r\nHoka's first every weather-ready shoe is brimming with the environment in mind too:\r\n