December 20, 2023

On Track through the Holidays: Sarah Quinn’s Training Insights

In the world of athletics, where discipline and dedication are paramount, Irish Sprint Hurdler Sarah Quinn stands out not just for her remarkable speed but for her ability to maintain peak performance even during the festive season.

As a celebrated brand ambassador if Intersport Elverys and a beacon of inspiration, Sarah’s approach to training, particularly during the challenging Christmas period, offers invaluable insights for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. I

n this exclusive interview, Sarah opens up about her training regimen, her sources of motivation, and how she balances intense workouts with the joys of the holiday season.

Whether you’re a budding athlete or a seasoned pro, Sarah’s reflections are bound to inspire and guide you in your fitness journey.

Irish Sprint Hurdler Sarah Quinn Interview

Q: How does your training look at Christmas?

A: During the Christmas period, the same work needs to get done despite the extra celebrations. It’s all about nailing sleep, nutrition, and hydration. We re-jig our days around the festivities. Christmas Day is usually our rest day, and we structure the rest of the week to hit the big sessions and recover well.

Q: What motivates you during Christmas?

A: What motivates me during Christmas is the same as throughout the year: knowing that the hard work is up to me. With indoor competitions around the corner, there’s excitement to get back on track. But the biggest motivation is the understanding that no one else can do the work for me.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you face over the Christmas Period?

A: The biggest challenge is fitting everything in. With friends home for Christmas and family time, I prioritise activities that fit around my training schedule. Anything extra is a bonus. It’s about going with the flow and adjusting to the recovery needs.

Q: What is your main source of motivation?

A: My main source of inspiration is our training group. We have a diverse group of talented athletes from different backgrounds and disciplines, including master athletes. They all inspire me in their unique ways, reminding me that you are who you spend your time with.

Q: What is your training like in January?

A: In the New Year, our routine doesn’t change much, but it becomes more specific to competitions. We taper our training during weeks with competitions. It’s about adapting to the flow, depending on whether we’re competing or not.

Q: Any advice for getting back into training in January?

A: If you’re just getting back into it after a break, start small. Pick achievable goals and build momentum. January is a great time to start a new training diary. Writing down your training and feedback is motivational and helps track progress.

Q: What’s the best sporting gift you’ve ever received?

A: The best sporting gift I ever received was my first pair of track and field spikes, given by my granny when I started with a club. They hold sentimental value and remind me of where my journey began.

Sarah Quinn’s journey is a testament to the power of self-motivation, disciplined training, and the importance of a supportive community.

Her approach to balancing the demands of high-level athletics with the warmth of the festive season is a lesson in perseverance and joy.

As Sarah continues to hurdle over challenges on and off the track, she leaves behind a trail of inspiration for us all to follow.