March 18, 2020

Running Gear Review By Irish Runner’s Killian Byrne

At Intersport Elverys we understand what is truly happening in the beating heart of sport and running continues to grow as one of those sports. We thought it would be good to share Killian Byrne’s of Irish Runner’s review of some of our latest running product which featured in the latest Irish Runner Magazine. These are some great products across some new and top running brands giving you the runner some insight into how they performed when put into action.

Read about his experiences below.

Hoka Speedgoat 4

We reviewed the Hoka Speedgoat 3 last year and it was one of our first jumps into the world of trail and mountain running. These shoes need to be light, stiff, water resistant and stop you slipping, tripping and falling and HOKA are getting a really good name in the trail world for making the best of everything that’s required.

The 4 has a wider fit compared to the Speedgoat 3 and it makes a difference in comfort and performance but where this shoe announces itself is in its Vibram Megagrip outsole. With 5mm lugs designed to add traction on wet ground there is no slipping anywhere in these shoes. The tight mesh protects well and maintains a very good barrier to the dirt and moisture leak that the Irish trails will inevitably bring.

Because these are Hoka shoes you’ll get the unmistakable Hoka rocker sole and while it’s slightly less pronounced on the Speedgoat it provides the cushioning and comfort the brand is famous for. I’m going to break with tradition a little and do something I rarely do – if you don’t trail run (or run at all) then these would be very decent walking shoes; either for the hills or just a walk in the park. They’re comfortable, look good and will wear well. Search them out.

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Aftershokz Trekz Air Headphones

At Irish Runner we have always advised against zoning out with music while road running. But when bone conducting technology used by the US Army was mentioned it piqued our interest and a test was needed to see if these really did perform as everyone raves about.

For those not familiar with the technology, the ‘speakers’ on the headset sit in front of the ear, not on them and use the bones in the head to conduct your music to the ears. Not actually covering the ears means the user remains aware of ambient sound and any possible dangers that may occur.

First – the sound. The music quality was excellent, you wouldn’t compare it to a live orchestra but for the purposes designed the Trekz Air are 10/10. Crisp, Clear and loud if required.

Second – the safety. Could I hear ambient noise? Yes. Was I distracted by the music playing? Yes. If you’re listening to music, you will be distracted by music, but you are certainly more aware of what’s going on around you. In this environment of practically silent electric vehicles only the beep of a horn will alert you.

The Aftershokz Trekz Air are a great pair of headphones, the Bluetooth connection to your player is very good and I wholeheartedly recommend them – just be careful out there.

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Asics Cumulus 21 Knit

The beginning of the year sees the big brands launch and relaunch shoes on a constant basis. Sometimes a new shoe brings with it considerable changes, sometimes the changes are minor but still make a difference and it’s the latter category we find ourselves with the 21st version of the mainstay Cumulus from Asics.

This shoe contains ALL the technology. Flitefoam midsole, gel cushioning in the heel, rubber and ‘durasponge’ in the sole, a dual layer mesh and a sockliner. There now, stuffed to the brim with all the best that Asics can offer and it all makes a difference. You don’t bring out 21 versions of a shoe unless its popular and its not hard to see why the Cumulus is back again – for those that want to know, it’s a neutral shoe, it looks great and it performs beyond expectations. This is not a middle of the road shoe; this is a shoe that will let you perform to your best whatever your distance.

Did I mention that its comfortable? Because it is. A newly designed collar on the heel protects the achilles and locks the foot in, the sock design limits slipping and is solid. The Cumulus isn’t the lightest trainer on the market but let’s not argue over a few oz – there is plenty of stiffness, lots of grip and will provide the casual runner with a good seasons worth of decent mileage. This is a real workhorse of a shoe.

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What did you think of Killian’s product reviews? Have you tested any of these for yourself? Keep an eye out for more reviews from Killian Byrne.

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