April 14, 2020

Running Gear Review By Irish Runner’s Killian Byrne

At Intersport Elverys we understand what is truly happening in the beating heart of sport and running continues to grow as one of those sports. We thought it would be good to share Killian Byrne’s of Irish Runner’s review of some of our latest running product which featured in the latest Irish Runner Magazine. These are some great products across some new and top running brands giving you the runner some insight into how they performed when put into action.

Read about his experiences below.

Nike React Infinity

When you’re looking for a shoe, particularly if you’re embarking on an exercise program for the first time in a while, three requirements generally stand out – brand, comfort and price. You will hear friends and colleagues talking about fit, pronation, foam midsole this and % drop that. None of this is important until you satisfy what should be your No1 requirement – are these shoes comfortable?

With the Nike React shoe you get footwear that is good for both running and day to day wear, they’re light, very comfortable and will see you through any training program. The knit upper will be too light for some and it does allow room for more movement than other more supportive brands but that allows for excellent breathability and the aforementioned levels of comfort.

The foam sole does allow for a lovely ‘bounce’ when out on the road and it grips well in wet conditions but if you’re used to ‘traditional’ solid shoes with many different layers and firm uppers then the React will feel like you’re wearing a very technical sock. One drawback – they’re not cheap but they’re absolutely worth the outlay.

Brooks Womens Transcend 7

The Transcend 7 isn’t one of the more recognisable lines amongst the Brooks Running stable but having a male and female version makes it a valuable addition to today’s reviews. Womens shoes tend to be a narrower in standard fit. Outside of that, there’s little difference between male and female versions and I know many women that find small mens much more comfortable than a standard fit womens shoe.

Built with Brooks now seemingly ubiquitous guide rails technology the Transcend will suit a wide range of runners. Full of cushioning, the shoe offers a very comfortable and stable ride and will suit both the over and under pronators out there. Its not a light shoe but the thick heel absorbs a lot of impact and the tiny bit of extra weight will offer the runner a little more little swing and increase responsiveness.

You can run however long or far as you want in these trainers and they will perform admirably, but we think these will prove their worth for someone looking to go that little further than 5k. There is a super grippy sole, the ortholite sock offers a plush feel and the cushioning will happily carry you along as the miles tick away and that can only be a good thing. This may not be a shoe that you will find on the shop wall but you should ask for them and certainly give them a try.

What did you think of Killian’s product reviews? Have you tested any of these for yourself? Keep an eye out for more reviews from Killian Byrne.

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