January 28, 2020

Gearing up for the run -Wherever You Take Running

It’s always important to stay active and healthy and what better way to do this than going for a run! When getting started in running it is important that you have gear that protects and keeps you going in whatever weather Ireland has to offer. We have a wide range of products to suit every runners needs covering everything from footwear, technical clothing and accessories to nutrition, supports and tech, all in-store and online. Let’s quickly run you through the main features and components you should look for when buying all things running as well as the benefits they have to offer.


This is one area that we would advise to get before you start off running, as a good pair of running shoes can seriously improve your run. If it turns out you don’t run that often at least you will have a solid pair for spontaneous runs in the future. There are so many different brands, technologies and pricing options nowadays with running shoes and it can be overwhelming to know which pair to choose. A suggestion from us would be a pair of Brooks, this is a brand where running is their primary focus and are always encouraging people to #RunHappy.  Asics are another top running brand that have running shoes available for runners at all levels and try to promote a healthy and active life among-st runners.

Before you get your running shoes, it is a good idea to get your feet analysed in your local Intersport Elverys store, our running advisers provide unique techniques with the latest technologies to find out what way your feet hit the ground. They start every process by first getting to know you as a runner. Comfort is key and as a runner it is important to have this from the get go. We discuss getting the right footwear in more detail in our Get Ireland Running ‘Starting off on the right foot’  blog here.


Technical Clothing

Comfort, warmth and safety are all important aspects to consider when finding clothing to wear while you run. It is best to get some technical clothing across the whole body that cover all of these components. We have quality technical clothing from top running brands like Asics and Nike, both brands strive to enhance every runners experience and achieve their unique needs.

Key features that we recommend runners to look out for would be areas like reflective detail to improve visibility in darker or low light conditions, moisture wicking texture, lightweight material and a seamless and chafe reducing knit construction. These components should be across all your running t-shirts, tanks, jackets, hoodies, shorts and pants.

Compression/Responsive Clothing

Compression and responsive clothing is everything from your baselayer tops and shorts, sports bras, tights and leggings they are there to support you and keep you cool, warm, dry and light as well as providing easy movement as you stride. We have a wide range of compression clothing across multi-brands to suit you in whatever Irish conditions while also allowing easy movement while you run.


Running Extras

When it comes to running we know that every runner is different and everyone has unique needs when it comes to getting the best out of their training. We supply everything from accessories, technology, equipment, supports and nutrition.


Key accessories people use when running are items like hats, gloves, supports, water bottles, socks etc these are small extras that can improve a run. In the warmer months hats and gloves aren’t as necessary but you never know when you might them. Our advice is to invest in a set that quickly and easily absorbs and wicks away sweat. We would also advise to invest in supports if you ever start to feel pains or soreness when you run. If you do start to feel pains in a certain area we have supports across the body to help aid and prevent injury. Other key accessories would be a few pairs of comfortable socks, you’ll thank us later. Foam rollers like the Backballer and resistance bands are also a brilliant addition when warming up for a run or cooling down once you’ve finished.


Wearable technology is increasingly popular among runners and people being active in general. They allow you to easily measure performance as well as important information like your heart rate. These devices can be link to your phone measuring stats like pace, steps, calories and duration.  They can also be strapped across the chest, wrist and upper arm depending on the model. These are great devices for runners to invest in as they can be a great motivator and tracker for your short and long term goals. They all come in variety of different price ranges at Intersport Elverys as well as a wide range of brands. As well as these watches we have top of the range running headphones which allow more comfort and a better sound all for a low cost.


Running is great for keeping you healthy, active and feeling good , but there is another key part that goes with running and being active and that is making sure you are on top of your nutrition and diet.  At Intersport Elverys we have countless nutrition products from protein, BCAA’s branched chain amino acids, pre-fuel as well as bars, shakers and energy gels for on the go. Protein products are great for getting your protein intake which is a great supplement for building strength, getting lean and recovering from muscle soreness or injury. BCAA brand chained amino acids are an excellent source of Vitamin C which supports your immune system and reduces tiredness and fatigue.

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