January 27, 2020

Resistance Bands Strength | Resistance to suit your workout

Resistance bands are a great alternative to dumbbells and weight machines. They can prove more effective to weights as they improve strength and balance and cover a wide range of motions working muscles that can sometimes be missed with weight exercises. Resistance bands are also great for warming up and physical therapy.

What are resistance bands?

Resistance bands are rubber/elastic bands usually between 10 to 15 inches with a wide range of different resistance options to suit your workout or strength. Perfect for muscle building, strength training, recovery and physical therapy.

Types of bands

Resistance bands are portable so they can be used on the go while covering countless exercises. Their are two main types of resistance bands.

Resistance Tubes

These tubes come in a variety of different resistances and are made of a heavy duty latex rubber. Perfect for upper and lower body workouts and tend to last long as they are not subjective to wear and tear. The tubes usually have handles on the ends that make it easier to grip and attach to nearby object to get that extra resistance.

Flat Bands 

These are flat rubber bands that don’t have handles on the end of them. They are often color coordinated to represent their level of resistance. They sometimes come in packs with different strengths if their are some areas of your body that require more resistance than others.

Levels/Colors of Resistance bands

The light resistance bands are often used for smaller muscles groups or beginners and the heavier resistance bands are often used for larger muscle groups or for more advanced workouts. The color codes on the bands tend to change but usually will follow a similar color scheme to the below. Make sure to check the resistance on the bands.

Yellow – These are light and very stretchy which means little resistance and effort when pulling  against them.

Exercises: Good for Shin and Shoulder workouts where you don’t need much resistance to feel them working.

Green – These are medium and are less stretchy than yellow bands meaning more resistance.

Exercises: Good for Tricep and Bicep exercises that need slightly more tension.

Red – These are medium to heavy resistance.

Exercises: Suitable for larger muscle groups such as chest, back or legs. Individuals who have been building muscle for awhile may also use these bands where capable.

Blue – These are heavy resistance and are usually used for strong people or if you’re working out with a partner.

Exercises: Again suitable for larger muscle groups such as chest, back, legs or workouts with a partner.

Black – These are the hardest bands to use and are used for the same functions as blue.

Exercises: The same exercises that apply to blue to a higher capability/difficulty.

Once you have tested out and gotten familiar with these bands you will begin to know what works best for your muscles.

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