April 8, 2016


Hayley Coleman is one of the most best known make-up artists in the country and will this year be running the VHI WMM for the first time. Elverysblog.com will be following her progress as she gears up the run on Monday June 6th.

It hasn’t been ideal training weather in the last couple of weeks but Elverys ambassador Hayley has still kept up the hard work ahead of the VHI Women’s Mini-Marathon as she explains.

“Because the weather is just so bad recently I really didn’t want to go outside! I did a 6k run on Sunday last but I have been doing more in the gym, strength & conditioning and that – it’s keeping me on my toes. I’ll try and get a run in over the weekend, but it is so horrible with the storms and wind… With the evenings getting a bit brighter though it will be a help, but overall training hasn’t been too bad, I’m getting on ok.”

She points out that despite the less than desirable conditions doesn’t mean that you need to shelf the training.

“Exactly. I was doing a lot of treadmill work and trying to get out on the road but the weather put paid to that. Having said that the weather has improved a bit and hopefully I’ll get a half an hour run in over the next couple of days to keep up my fitness. When the weather is that bad I try and push myself a bit more in the gym because it helps with the overall fitness really and that’s as important as anything. I feel myself getting fitter though when I do get out to run as well.”

With the knowledge that the better prepared you are for any event the better, Hayley has been wearing the Shock Absorber Max Sports bra and EVB Sports Leggings and she is delighted with how much protection and support they have provided in her runs.

“The Shock Absorber are amazing, very, very good. Some girls don’t wear sports bras when running and I think that is just ridiculous because they are so helpful. The EVB are great, they give you so much support in your core, they keep everything in – you’re not wobbling around,” she laughed, “but it really does help mentally as well when you know you have the right gear, it helps you when you’re getting out there to run.”

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“The great thing as well is that you wouldn’t notice them, they are not intrusive at all. I’ve worn them for running and they really do help support your posture. The EVB are so great for that, and the Shock Absorber gives you such support as well. I’ve had people with back issues ask me about the EVB and I have to say I’d have no problem recommending them at all.”

“They’re black as well, you can’t go wrong – they are fashionable, and when they’re fashionable that’s also important ha!”

While the weeks are counting down to the big day, Hayley is not getting worried focusing on the event just yet.

“I’m not even thinking about it [June 6th] to be honest. I’m just looking to get fitter and starting to enjoy running more. It’s coming much easier, it’s not a chore any more, I’m enjoying it now, maybe it’s because I am getting better at it. When I miss a day I feel like I want to get out there and do something more. Running for me was difficult and I still do find it tough – it doesn’t come easy to me. Everything else isn’t too hard, but running is tough, but I feel as if I am getting better at it and that’s a great feeling.”

There’s still time to get involved with the 2016 VHI Women’s Mini Marathon – register now and keep up to date for tips and informaton on Elverysblog.com http://bit.ly/21z6LWo

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