October 16, 2023

Personalised Christmas Gifts: Make it Special with Intersport Elverys 2023

There’s no better feeling that seeing a loved one’s face when they unwrap really nice, personalised Christmas gifts.

A personalised gift adds that little touch with that extra bit of care and thought.

This Christmas 2023, personalised gifts are on the rise.

Personalised sportswear add prestige and style to a gift and they become keepsakes.

Plus, kids absolutely love to see their names on items, or else their favourite footballer’s name on the back of their jersey.

At Intersport Elverys, we can do all that with our Customer Embroidery Service and our Jersey Print.

The Rise of Personalised Christmas Gifts

In an era where mass production rules, the charm of something bespoke has only grown stronger.

People today are increasingly drawn towards personalised gifts; they’re seen as thoughtful, special, and a direct reflection of the giver’s understanding and affection for the recipient.

What’s more, a customised gift often stands out amidst the usual line-up of generic presents.

personalised Christmas gifts

Why Sports Gear Makes for Great Personalised Gifts

For many, sports aren’t just a pastime. They’re memories, passions, and sometimes, even legacies.

By gifting someone a piece of sportswear or equipment that’s been customised just for them, you’re not just giving an item. You’re gifting a piece of sentiment.

Perhaps it’s a jersey with their favourite number and their surname, echoing memories of backyard games or weekend matches.

Maybe it’s a pair of trainers embroidered with a significant date. In such gifts, functionality meets fondness.

Intersport Elverys Custom Embroidery Service

Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship: Our seasoned Embroidery Team collaborates with sports enthusiasts from football, rugby, golf, to GAA, as well as corporate moguls from various sectors.

From the vibrant rugby fields to the sturdy construction sites, our custom embroidery breathes life into uniforms and gear.

Our Process

Translating your vision to tangible artistry is a two-fold procedure at Intersport Elverys.

Beginning with a detailed discussion with our team, we morph your JPEG logo into a digitised format compatible with our advanced embroidery machines.

Ensuring pristine quality is paramount, which might slightly extend production times. Leveraging sophisticated technology, we stitch your dream design onto your preferred garment, echoing brand fidelity.

What’s even better? There’s no limit on order size, meaning every order is welcomed, be it big or small.

Brands That Speak for Themselves

Our edge lies in our versatility.

From sporting giants like Nike, Puma, Adidas, and O’Neills to the elegant Druids Golf apparel line, we’ve got all bases covered.

For the corporate juggernauts, our association with the renowned Portwest range promises distinguished embroidered workwear.

With two industrial-sized machines, we’re equipped to handle voluminous orders effortlessly.

Prices may vary depending on complexity of design and number of stiches, check out more HERE.

Jersey Print at Intersport Elverys

Dreaming of sporting your favourite football player’s name and number? At Intersport Elverys, we turn that dream into a reality.

Offering this service both in selected stores and online, we specialize in Premier League jersey printing.

Dive into our expansive collection of Football Jerseys HERE.

Jersey Personalisation: Where & How

In Stores: Intersport Elverys provides jersey print personalisation in select stores. Here’s what we offer:

Teamwear: Enlist the expertise of our graphic design and printing team to craft the football team jerseys of your dreams.

Opt from a myriad of designs for team names, numbers, player names, and mascots (maximum 10 characters for names and 2 digits for numbers).

Personal Wear: Flaunt your allegiance! Get your jersey adorned with your favourite player’s name and number, or even your own!

Novelty Tee Printing: If you have a unique request, we’re ready to deliver.

For details, visit us in-store or reach out to our Printwear department at +353 (0)94 9020317.

Participating Stores for Irish Rugby Jersey Print: Galway Retail Park, Dublin’s Suffolk St, Henry St, and Dundrum.

Stores Equipped with Printers: Available across multiple locations including Dublin (Fonthill, Swords, Dundrum, Suffolk Street, Henry Street), Athlone, Mullingar, Arklow, Galway, Thurles, Sligo, Castlebar, Limerick, Kilkenny, and Cork.

Online: Wish to personalise your jersey from the comfort of your home? Here’s how:

– Go to the Intersport Elverys website HERE.

– Head to the football section and select the jersey you want personalised.

– First, select your jersey size.

– Then select the button that says “PERSONALISE THIS PRODUCT”.

– A pop up will appear. This is where you enter the name you want on the jersey (max 10 characters) and the number (max 6 digits).

– When finished, select “Confirm and add cost to total”.

– You will then need to checkout and pay for your purchase.

– Finally, enjoy!

**Important – You must be purchasing a new jersey, to avail of online personalisation.

personalised Christmas gifts

The Perks of Starting Early

With the festive season approaching, demand for unique gifts is set to surge. Starting your personalised gift hunt early ensures:

  1. Better Choices: Early birds get a wider selection, ensuring that you find the perfect item for personalisation.
  2. Avoiding the Rush: Eliminate the stress of last-minute decisions and potential delivery delays.
  3. Quality Assurance: Giving our team ample time ensures meticulous attention to detail for each custom order.

Sustainability and Personalisation

At Intersport Elverys, we believe in quality that lasts.

Personalised gifts, by virtue of their emotional significance, are less likely to be discarded or replaced.

This makes them not just a gift of love, but also a sustainable choice. Choose gifts that stand the test of time, both in durability and sentiment.


Ready to leave a memorable mark this Christmas?

Step into the world of bespoke and personalised gifts this Christmas with Intersport Elverys.

From brainstorming the perfect personalisation to wrapping up the final product with care, we’re with you at every step. Discover our range, use our easy personalisation service, and let’s make this festive season truly one-of-a-kind.

Personalised christmas gifts