September 3, 2018

NFL Season About To Kick Off

The NFL season kicks off this week as reigning Superbowl Champions the Philadelphia Eagles host the Atlanta Falcons. Here at Intersport Elverys Towers we are very excited by this, apart from the late night games which will cause a few people in the office to have some very sleepy heads on them, some mornings.

Did you know that the NFL is one of the fastest growing sports in term of viewership in Ireland? A huge contributing factor to this spike in popularity is down to the NFL Red Zone on TV which makes viewing the NFL far more exciting, letting the viewers see every score and big moment live in every game opposed to having to sit through 3 plus hours of one game. In addition, the NFL Fantasy football makes it very easy to get to know all the best players, as well as keeping people interested in each game. Warning, it may also cause WhatsApp arguments between mates.

Some of the teams we are most looking forward to seeing this year are the New England Patriots, Greenbay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders. The main reason we are looking forward to seeing these teams in action is down to the fact that we love their jerseys. All of these jerseys, along with many more will be available in selected stores and online at Intersport Elverys.

Here at Intersport Elverys we have everything you need to get geared up for the NFL season including jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, beanies and footballs. We will have a full range of jersey’s in the coming months. Shop in-store or online.