March 8, 2019

New look in our stores across Connacht – A Fresh Feel to your Intersport Elverys Experience

Here at Intersport Elverys we have been working to improve our customers experiences in-store, by revamping our stores across Ireland. We have currently refurbished a variety of our stores across Connacht with a fresh modern look and feel. We are looking forward to continuing our efforts by restoring all our stores nationwide.

Some of the key changes to each store include a black lasting paint finish across all of our fixtures and fittings, black cages for an improved open view of products, updated footwear sections, new wooden flooring, renovated fitting rooms and more. The black theme is to add a modernized feel to the stores as well as complimenting our Intersport Elverys logo. Check out below to see some of the improvements in more detail in stores such as Tuam, Westport, Castlebar, Claremorris, Galway Retail Park and Sligo.

Tuam, Tuam Shopping Centre. 

Our Tuam store which is located in the Tuam Shopping Centre has seen a wide range of renovations, including new wooden flooring, an improved footwear section with an eye catching bright and open shoe wall, with a new Astroturf flooring as well as black leather couches for lounging. The walls in the clothing section have been removed to let the natural sunlight shine through the store.

Westport, Bridge Street.

The Westport location on Bridge Street has also renewed their footwear section, offering a bright and open shoe wall with a vibrant Astroturf flooring and lounge couches for fitting. We have increased our fittings and made several improvements to the store, to really elevate the customer experience of locals and visiting tourists.

Castlebar, Bridge Street. 

The Castlebar store on Bridge Street has a renewed black look all throughout the store as well as new blacked out fixtures and fittings that compliment the store. More renovations include a new active footwear section, with lounge couches in addition to some renewed fittings rooms throughout the store.

Sligo, Johnston Court Shopping Centre. 

Our Sligo store in Johnston Court Shopping Centre has seen similar refreshments to the rest of the Connacht stores, most notably our new Footwear Zone extension on from the shop floor. The store has a well illuminated open floor plan, which adds to the customers shopping experience.

Claremorris, Ballindine Road. 

Our Claremorris store has a new wooden flooring, added fittings to improve view of stock and a bright, open shoe wall with a vibrant Astroturf flooring and lounge couches to add to customers experience. A new black finish look has also been added to the fixtures and fittings across the entire store.

Galway, Headford Road Retail Park.

The Galway Retail Park store on Headford Road has also been treated to a black finish across all fixtures and fittings, high standing cages to increase product capacity, improve view of products and a new footwear and boot section. It also has lounge couches for trying the perfect pair on.

Our goal is to add these renovations and create a modernized look across our Intersport Elverys stores nationwide. If you’re reading this and we haven’t got to your local store yet, we plan to get to it very soon.

Make sure to call in-store and see the changes for yourself or click below to shop our website where we have everything sports, running, training and home gym related. As always, thanks for choosing to shop with Intersport Elverys in-store and online!


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