April 17, 2020

How To Measure Shinguards | A Guide

Practice makes perfect as they say. Keeping your football skills sharp is vital. You may need new gear and if you want to get a set of shinguards that suit, we have all the information that you’ll need. Here at Intersport Elverys, we have a size guide for you, which will enable you to identify the correct fit. Check out all the information below:

The size of the shinguards will correlate with your height, but they can vary by style and brand. To measure them correctly, you need to cover 2 inch below the knee to right above the ankle. Take a look at the graphic below to see what we mean.

Once you have your measurements taken, you need to refer to the size guide below to identify the shinguard which is the best fit for you.

You should now have all the information you need to get the perfect fitting shinguards. Take a look at our range of shinguards HERE.