May 17, 2020

How To Measure Your Feet at Home

Having the perfect fit is vital for everyone, not just for people who run, train or are on their feet all day. It ensures that you have the correct fit in footwear for your day to day activities, without encountering any problems. We have all the information you need to know to measure your feet correctly below.

How To Measure Your Feet

Step 1: Standing straight with your feet firmly on the ground, heal flush to the wall and a blank piece of paper taped to the floor beneath your foot.

Step 2: Measure the largest part of your foot (heel to biggest toe) using a pencil to make your markings. Repeat this on the other foot, your left and right foot may vary in size.

Step 3: Using a ruler to measure the markings you’ve made from heel to toe.

Know Your Fit

One width doesn’t fit all, so different brands design specific styles to offer different fits.

For example Nike have designed styles like Zooms/Pegasus/Tanjun, to name a few to accommodate for the wider fit. While it’s said Adidas fits are more TRUE TO SIZE.

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When trying on footwear/football boots/rugby boots etc. we recommend that you wear socks, specific to the type of footwear you are buying, as sizes will depend on the socks your wear.

It’s best to try on shoes in the afternoon or later in the day rather than in the morning. Whatever size shoe fits you better during that time frame is the size you should be buying,

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