June 7, 2018

Loyalties Divide…….Where Passions Unite

Loyalties divide…

 …where passions unite.

At Intersport Elverys, we are part of the fabric of GAA in every county. Through our support at club level, our retail partnerships and our county sponsorship’s, we share the passions of fans and players alike. Like you, we look forward to every minute of the championship. As it builds this summer, we are creating 4 unique pieces of film. Each one is a window into side of GAA that will resonate with fans everywhere, regardless of county allegiance. That’s because, although in All-Ireland’s county is everything; life doesn’t stand still.

We move, we marry, we have sons and daughters. While the depth of feeling that the All-Ireland’s stir unites us all, loyalties to county divide. They spark competition, conversation and captivation. They are what make the championships. It’s a beautiful contradiction and one that each of our films will celebrate differently.

All Ireland legends who go on to train their greatest adversaries, family but intercounty rivals, friends yet fierce competitors. These are stories that capture the essence of GAA, told with energy, commitment and absolute passion.

Watch and share them. And this summer, like those we feature, wherever you’re from and whichever county you support, wear your loyalties with pride.

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