August 5, 2020

Kids Clothing Size Guides

Not all brands sizing are the same, as they vary by style and manufacturers, so if you’re a bit unsure on whether to move up a size or keep your little athlete at the size they’re at, you’ll find the relevant info below.

Whether you plan to shop online or head to the shops, we’ve put together this useful guide to save you time by getting the measurements you’ll need and knowing what fits and fabrics to look out for.

At Intersport Elverys we have a wide selection of kids clothing, from all the top brands. Find the clothing size guides below from Nike, adidas and Puma.

Key Measurements To Find


Standing barefoot,  measure them from their heel to the top of their head. You can also use a wall and measure their height against the wall, you might be doing this already to track how they’re growing.


Measure around the chest and back and take the measurement with a finger in between the chest and tape where the tape meets, that is the measurement in inches that your child should go with.


Measuring just above the hips around the waistline, again take the measurement with a finger in between the tape and the body where the tape meets.

Kids Clothing Size Guides

Girls and boys clothing can be quite similar when it comes to sizes but there may be some slight variations.

Kids Clothing Size Guides

Pant & Tights | Fits and Styles


Styles can vary among skinny and tapered , tapered are narrow from knee to ankle while skinny pants are narrow all the way done and hugs the legs. Some of our pants are cuffed at the bottom which includes a folded edge at the hem while some styles will have a zip all the way down or just a normal lining to the bottom.


Tights typically tend to vary between two different lengths, full and Capri.  The full keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the legs while the Capri comes just below the knees and allows a little breathability and is versatile enough for cool and warm weather.

Common Materials

  • Fleece : This is a good material for winter clothing and is an alternative to wool. It wicks away moisture, keeps the body warm, is machine washable and dries fast.
  • Polyester :  Key components of polyester are that it is strong, cost efficient, wrinkle and tear resistant and less prone to shrinking especially when it is woven with another textile like cotton.
  • Cottom : Components here are that it does not irritate the skin, is very breathable so the body doesn’t overheat, it can cost more than synthetic materials like polyester.



  • Always check the label to learn more about the fabrics for yourself and the best way to wash each piece of clothing.
  • You’ll find some pieces of clothing are woven together with different materials, this is to get the benefits of each textiles into the final product
  • Nike is generally a more generous fit so may be slightly bigger than other brands of the same size so be mindful when considering going up a size in Nike.

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Kids Clothing Size Guides