December 5, 2022

Intersport Elverys Custom E-Gift Cards

If you want the perfect gift for a special occasion, look no further than an Intersport Elverys E-Gift Card.

After purchasing an E-Gift Card online, it will be delivered to your recipients email box within seconds and it can be used both online and in-store.

And the best thing – our custom designs and messaging will suit any occasion and the gift card NEVER expires.

Check them out HERE or below.

elverys gift card

Gift Cards – Delivered to your door!

We all love receiving something in the post so why not surprise a that person in your life with a customer gift card in their favourite team’s colours for a special occasion?

We’ve got Mayo GAA, Dublin GAA, IRFU, FAI and more custom designs for you to choose from.

Plus, they are fully sustainable and not harmful on the environment!


1)    How do I check my Gift Card balance?
For E-Gift cards please check here.
For Physical Gift cards please check here and go to manage Gift card.

2)    Where can I use my Gift Card?
Our Physical Gift cards and E-Gift cards can we used online at or in any of our stores Nationwide, please see our store locator tool here.

3)    How do I use my Gift Card for online purchases on
To use your Intersport Elverys gift card simply click on Pay with an Elverys Gift Card on the checkout payment page, enter gift card number, click on check balance.  Once you checked your balance another box will appear asking you to enter amount of order. Enter amount of order and click use this card. Finally hit on place order.
You can use multiple Intersport Elverys gift cards to place an order just follow the above steps with each card until the order value is reduced to zero. At this point the place order button can be clicked.

4)    Can I part-pay with an Intersport Elverys Gift Card and use another payment method to pay the balance?
If your purchase total is greater than the value on your Intersport Elverys gift card, you can use your gift card and then pay the outstanding balance using your debit or credit card. Remember to enter the gift card details before moving onto the other payment options to complete the purchase.

5)    Do I have to use my full Gift Card balance in one transaction?
You don’t need to spend your full gift card balance at once. You can pay using a gift card online or in store, and any remaining balance will remain available for future purchases.

6)    How long is my gift card be valid for?
There is no expiry timeframe on any of our gift cards.

7)    What is the maximum amount I can purchase?
You can purchase Gift cards amounts up to €1,000.

8)    Can I exchange/refund my Gift Card for cash? 
We do not offer refunds on Gift Cards or exchange for cash.

9)    I’ve lost my email with my Gift Card details, can this be resent to me? 
Please contact our customer service team here and they will reissue the email with your Gift Card details.

10)    I’ve sent the Gift Card to the wrong email or physical address, what should I do? 
Please contact our customer service team here and they will cancel the card and refund your order. Please note we are not liable for cost associated with cards that have been used having been sent to an unintended recipient.

elverys gift card