March 29, 2020

Ideas On Choosing Hockey Gear

Hockey is a sport which is on the rise in Ireland, helped in no end by the Women’s team making it to the World Cup final in 2018. If you are looking for hockey gear or tips on how to pick the correct gear for you, Intersport Elverys have you covered. Get all the details below.

Picking the correct hockey stick

There are 4 important things to consider when buys your hockey stick – all pending the position you play.

The weight you play with: This will all depend on the position you play.

The material of the stick: Made from wood or fiberglass so pending your experience you might have a preference.

The length of stick: Reference size chart

The toe: (The bottom of the stick, part of the stick were you strike the ball) The shape of the toe varies and suits different playing type.

The Weight You Should Play With

The material of the stick

Field hockey stick are mostly made from wood, however there are also sticks available made from fibreglass.

What’s the difference?

Sticks made from wood absorb shock better, ideal for beginners as the wood is more flexible. Sticks made from fibreglass are more stiffer ideal for more advanced players as they tend to last longer.

The toe

Hockey shoes

Types pf shoe you wear depends on the type of ground you play on.

Natural grass: Boots are recommend as the studs are longer and this will gives you better grip to allow quicker cuts and faster transitions.

Astro turf: Astro turf shoes are better designed with there multi grip surface.

Hockey shin guards

Hockey gum shields

Mouth guards are compulsory in hockey, the main function is to protect against concussion when coming into contact with another player or the ball.

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