October 17, 2022

Home Gym Christmas Gifts 2022

A proper home gym setup is the ultimate goal for all gym lovers and this Home Gym Christmas Gifts Guide will help you deliver that dream to the special person in your life in 2022.

But don’t worry, we know home gym equipment can be expensive, particularly at this time of year.

That’s why we now offer a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service using Humm. Basically, this will allow you to buy our Home Gym products and pay with instalments over a chosen period of time.

And with the wide range of Home Gym products we have on offer, it can be a HUGE help.

We’ve also got our Gifts Guide for Him blog and a Gifts Guide for Her blog.

Check out some top products and amazing deals below.

Cardio Equipment Gifts Ideas


The trusty treadmill is the cornerstone of any good home gym.

The beauty of owning one in Ireland is that you don’t have to worry about the weather for getting your cardio in.

One of our most popular treadmills is the amazing NordicTrack S25i 2022 Model.

It is packed with amazing features, easily moveable and available for €40 a month with humm (€1,199 currently).

Or, you should consider this ProForm Sport 7.0 Treadmill – available for €33 per-month with humm (€1000 currently).

It has some really cool built-in professional training programs and offers a powered automatic incline adjustability.

If you’re interested in a premium treadmill, this NordicTrack C1750 offers the most innovative and premium experience – available for €95 per-month (€3000 currently).

Check out our full list of Treadmills HERE or below.

gym christmas gifts 2022

Exercise Bikes

If you don’t have the space for a treadmill, why not consider an exercise, spin bike or assault bike?

They will give a massive workout and take up much less space.

This beautifully simple RotoCycle EB-380 Upright Exercise bike is available for ONLY €249 right now and is designed for gym rats of all levels.

It is a great no frills, maintenance free cardio machine.

If spinning is his or her thing, there is currently an incredible 50% off this RotoCycle Fusion Spin Bike – available for only €300.

Check out our video on How to Buy a Spin bike Here for more information.

For a different workout, there is 28% off this ProForm 325 CSX Recumbent Bike – available for four fortnightly payments of €99 through humm.

An assault bike, or air bike, like this RotoCycle X for only €349 is a KILLER WORKOUT!

Check out our full range of bikes HERE or below.

gym christmas gifts 2022

Rowers/Cross Trainers

Rowing or cross-training are amazing for a full-body workout that will get him or her in great shape.

This RotoCycle V2 Hybrid Rower – available for €60 per-month with humm – has in-built workout programs to keep you working hard, and commercial-grade components for everyday reliability.

We’ve also got you covered with this NordicTrack SE3i Elliptical Cross-Trainer can sit in your special person’s home gym for as little as €69 per-month with humm.

One thing that makes cross-trainers stand out over other cardio equipment is how easy they are on the body and the protection it offers your joints!

Check out the full list HERE or below.

gym christmas gifts 2022

Strength Equipment/Weights Gifts

Weights Bench

Get your pump on and getting some serious strength training in with a proper weights bench.

Getting one can also prevent injury too, so they can be very important for any home gym.

This Rival Deluxe Olympic B6 Weight Bench is only €299 and offers the user a wide range of exercises.

For more functionality, this Rival Multi-Functional B9 Weights Bench is currently 37% off can can be got for €99 per-month.

It gives you all the functionalities of a bench while bringing you great storage capacity for your workout equipment.

Or, if a simple weights bench is what you’re after, look no further than this Rival B4 Flat Bench for only €149.

Check out our full list HERE.

gym christmas gifts 2022


If you’re tight on space and want to maximise the output of your home gym equipment, a multi-gym is ideal.

You can hit your whole body with these pieces of equipment.

You can hit an incredible 30 different exercises with this Rival Multi-Gym 1.0 Weight Station for only €349.

Furthermore, with its big brother, the Rival Multi-Gym 3.0 Weight Station, you can hit your lats, back, chest, legs and arms/shoulders with this machine.

You can get it for only €47 per-month too.

Space can be an issue with these multi-gyms as we know, so this Wall Mounted Pulley Station gives you all the pros of a cable machine, without needing the space.

Our full range of Multi-Gyms are available HERE or below.

gym christmas gifts 2022



The very basics of any gym or workout starts with the weights.

Dumbbells, barbells, plates, whatever – you got to have them.

Luckily we have a fantastic and large range for all shapes, sizes and levels.

This USF 20kg Dumbbell set is the perfect starting block for any beginner and they only cost €48.

If they want a barbell and plates, this 50KG USF set is yours for only €96, or this 80KG Cast Iron Weight Set is suitable for the more heavy lifter.

But there is so much more.

Check out our full list of dumbbells here, or barbells here, and don’t forget how great a workout you get with kettlebells.

Check out our full weights range HERE or below.



A few small bits can make or break a gym too, especially when they are really affordable.

Pull ups are the king of exercises, and this PTP Pull Up Pro Bar will give him or her a wide range of exercise options.

It can fit perfectly on a door at home or you can bring it on the go too.

This PTP Ab Sculpt Wheel will build an unbelievable core for any gym goer too and this Bahe Essential Yoga mat will make that a more comfortable process too.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgot about protecting your new wooden floor in your gym too. These Rival Rubber Floor Mats could save you huge money down the line.

Check out our full range of Accessories HERE or below.



Christmas 2022 is going to be the best yet and we hope you will be Inspired by Sport this year.

Home gym Christmas gifts are a great way to start the year off right and inspire that special person in your life.

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