January 14, 2020

Eoin Smyth – Intersport Elverys Running Expert Q&A

Read about our running expert Eoin Smyth insights into his running regime. Eoin has been a lover of the sport for a long time and is glad to give his advice to all runners that come in-store looking for it.

Name: Eoin Smyth

Age: 32

How and why did i get into running?

If I’m completely honest I started running in 1st year in secondary school because we always had to travel round the country to go to races and it got me out of class for a few hours, but I always had a very competitive streak so as soon I got the taste of running i was keen to learn how to train properly, build up my millage and compete competitively.

How often do i run?

During race season I like to do 5 runs a week with a mixture of long and short ones. In the off season it’s a much more relaxed 2 or 3 runs a week just to keep the cob webs off.

Where is my favourite place to run?

The Castle Park in Kilkenny is my favourite place to run. Its a very demanding route that ends with a nasty steep incline so I always found it really tough to train on but now I always have a strong finish because of it so all the pain and hard work paid off.

What keeps me motivated?

When possible I love to have a few running buddies. A bit of healthy competition always makes the runs more interesting and keeps me hungry to train harder but at the same time you actually enjoy and look forward to running with them.

Favourite post run treat?

Rice cakes with peanut butter, banana and a sprinkle of chia seeds on top.

Favourite running music?

I always try to keep in fresh and listen to whats new in the charts but Calvin Harris is my go to guy at the start of every play list.

What can I not run without?

I always have my headphones with me. Great tunes keep the mind occupied on the longer runs and they are also a very handy tool if you are tracking your runs through running apps and have your stats called back to you through the headphones.

Advice for someone starting out?

First time runners don’t try to be a hero, your first few weeks will consist of lots of walking and some running but stick with a good routine and i promise you will see your walks will soon get shorter your runs will soon get longer and well done before you no it your running.

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