April 25, 2019

Get Set, Run! Anthony Walsh | Running Q&A

An insightful Q&A with everyday runner Anthony Walsh who found the sport after playing GAA for years. This is part of the National Campaign to Get Ireland Running with Athletics Ireland and Intersport Elverys. Have a read through Anthony’s experiences and tips from his running journey so far.

Name :  Anthony Walsh

One liner on who you are:

A running addict who took to the sport on the back of finishing up my GAA career!

How and why did you get into running?

I finished playing GAA and decided I needed a new way to stay fit and healthy. The simplicity and accessibility of running made it the ideal fit for my lifestyle. It also allows me to continue to take part in sport competitively but at my own level.

How often do you run?

I started off just doing a couple of days a week but at the moment I’m lucky enough to get out 5 days. It’s something I really enjoy and it just becomes a habit over time.

What’s your favourite place to run?

There are so many different routes and trails available to us as runner, by my local park is somewhere that I never get tired of!

What keeps you motivated?

All the good people I train with in the club.

What’s your favourite post-run treat?


What can you not run without?

Comfortable running gear! You’ll find what suits you best as you go along. It’s very much trial and error. I find Brooks and Asics clothing suits me in that the fabric tends to be a bit more breathable and softer on the skin.

What advice can you offer someone just starting out?

Start slow take it day by day building up the pace and distance. There’s nothing wrong with starting out with a walk – jog, we all started somewhere. Most importunately enjoy it!

Watch Anthony discuss his running experiences in more detail below. There is a run in #allofus


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