May 3, 2019

Get Set, Run! Adrienne Atkins | Running Q&A

Read about everyday runner Adrienne Atkins who rediscovered her love for running later in life. This is part of the National Campaign to Get Ireland Running with Athletics Ireland and Intersport Elverys. Have a read through what gets Adrienne going and what she loves about the sport and being apart of a club

Name: Adrienne Atkins

One liner on who you are:

53 years old, Mom of 3, Special Needs Assistant.

How and why did you get into running?

Ran as a child, got into coaching in my children’s athletic club and then decided to join them!

How often do you run?

I run 5 times a week. The beauty of running is that it’s outside your doorstep so you don’t need much time in the day to pop out for a quick jog. I love nothing better than meeting up with a few friends and heading out for an evening jog.

What’s your favourite place to run?

My favourite place to run is along the seafront or our local St. Anne’s park.

What keeps you motivated?

What keeps me motivated is trying new distances and competing in Master’s events. There’s a level for everyone and surrounding yourself in a supportive club environment will keep you motivated to achieve whatever your own running goal might be.

What’s your favourite post-run treat?

Favourite post-run treat is coffee and a scone, especially after parkrun on a Saturday morning.

What can you not run without?

I can’t run without my super group of running buddies!

What advice can you offer someone just starting out?

Try and join a running club as it’s so much easier to run with someone. You get great advice and coaching. I didn’t get into running again until I was 51 so you can start at any age! Your local parkrun is another option, great support and you can improve your running very quickly.

Watch Adrienne discuss her experiences in more detail below. There is a run in #allofus.

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